Saturday, October 12, 2013

Mana Weaving

Manaweft Sliver by Trevor Clexton.

Well, some of you know I play MTG.

For those of you who don't. Well, now you do.

So anyways, there's this term called mana-weaving in magic.
It's basically a deck arrangement technique that allows you to
draw better hands with the appropriate amount of lands.

I didn't know the term until recently, a player pointed out to me
what it was when I thought of showing him how to unscrew his
screwed up hands. 

And of course I was offended when he said I was cheating.

But if there's anything you have to know, I didn't weave at any
time before that match, just at that time after we both finished,
and he already lost 2-0.

I didn't weave neither with my previous opponent. He was my
second opponent.

And no, I didn't 3-0 that night. I lost so bad to my 3rd opponent haha.
But looking back on the other times I've played with MTG, I did
mana weave before. But for some reason I was never caught. Maybe
it's because I always did it face down or something, so they look like
normal pile shuffles.

Anyways, I consulted a trustworthy judge about the issue. He'd shun
anyone from doing any sort of mana-weaving whatsoever. But he did
tell me that mana-weaves are usually done in a system where it can 
always be undone. 

So I came up with the argument that for as long as it cannot be reverted,
then it's randomized enough and not qualified for a penalty or disqualification.

And it occured to me that when I did mana-weave, I never left the deck
as if after the mana-weave. I'd shuffle numerous times with overhands, do
multiple cuts, and shuffle again. And I still offered my deck to the opponent
to just cut.

Well, that's just my getaway excuse for having mana-weft before. But 
it's good to know I still tried my best to uphold my own end of fair-game
by just not going with a pure mana-weaved deck and making sure I shuffle 
enough right after.

But I rest my case. I'm retiring from mana-weaving, and I won't do it anymore.

If you wanna read more about mana-weaves and the math ratios of 
good shufflings and whatnot, just google up mana weaving mtg.

Well, first thing's first, I gotta find that person and apologize to him.

Now, today I'm grateful that:
1. I met some good old friends online.
2. someone decided to show up and talk to me after 3 weeks of hiatus.
3. I clarified with the judge what the conditions are for proper shuffling.
4. I thought of another system to just shuffle my deck instead of my usual
mana-weave into shuffle. It takes a longer time, but hey, whatever it takes
for fair game right?
5. I sold some cardboards for cash! Hehe.
6. yesterday's storm has quelled.

I'm Grateful012 12-10-2013

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