Thursday, October 03, 2013

Nietzsche Awesomeness

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"He who has a why to live can bear with almost any how." - Nietzsche

It's no wonder sometimes we just can't bear with the thought of living through another day.
If we don't have a reason to, it's just a plain chore to do so.

I've been really lost the past few days, and a good friend of mine has been helping me out with
my inner dilemmas. I'm glad I found back my "why" again.

My road back to normal acceptable sanity was triggered when I read a book my good friend
recommended, and goodness, I'm telling you, it's the best 178 pages of writing I've ever gone
through my entire life.

I've shared it before in my previous post like a ninja, so here, I'm gonna do so not-so-ninja.

The book's name is called Man's Search For Meaning. If you want to download it, you're
gonna need a 4shared account. Just sign up for it if you haven't already. It's not like they
charge you anything for registration.

As quirky as the title may have sounded, it's not a self-help book. So don't worry about feeling
vulnerable. But wait, even if you do, what do you have to lose? Will I come to know about it
if you did download it? Would anyone else know besides you?

There's no shame in the pursuit for self-betterman. And in the next few post, I'm gonna
post up some of my favourite excerpts from the book. It's just so damned good that
I have to share it out. It created multiple paradigm shifts for me in 6 hours, which was the
time it took for me to finish the entire book, so I'm hoping it I could share the wonderful
6 hours with you too.

That's assuming you read at the same pace I do haha. But just for the record, it's a memoir.

Anyways, I started feeling like I should share stuff again because I read this other post the other day.
It doesn't matter what it's for. It's just that the last line of that post really resonated with me.

"If you have social media and you're not sharing anything, you're doing it wrong." 
- Robert Chew

It hit me that I was worrying about being an attention whore for nothing. Because fishing
attention isn't my primary concern anyways, it's sharing the good stuff in the world that
really counts. So kudos to Mr. Robert.

And speaking of attention, I have no idea how my previous post about despair in a non-
negative perspective could've even gotten 150 hits, but it did so lets just leave it at that.
Anyways, it's never increased since, so I'll just assume that it was a one hit wonder I did
by accident.

Or maybe someone was crazy enough to read the same shit over and over and over again.
I donno, I'll never know, and I don't care if I'll ever know. Stuff happens. But that's the only
plausible explanation I can think of for it stopping after so many hits. If it's really a popular-ish
sought after article with proper SEO, (which isn't likely since it's not a topic about anything related
to news, product or anything tangible) hits should keep coming back to it somewhat. But it just
stopped midway like that, so yeah.

Anyhow, you might have seen me posting those weirdass I'm Grateful thingamajingies for nuts right?
I'm doing it because I made a promise to my good friend to list at least 3 things I'm grateful about
every day till next year. I've been having a blogging anxiety lately, coupled up with my demotivating
streak of living life purposeless like a zombie, so I thought why not.

It's hard being an ambivert with no sense of belonging to any proper cause while dealing with identity
crisis at the same time. But hey, being vulnerable isn't all bad. I'll put up another post about vulnerability
some other time, but till then, I've got homework for my friend.

I'm grateful
1. for making this post
2. that someone important came back into my life
3. I figured out something really complicated in art.
4. that I'm finally putting vulnerability into my personal dictionary

3-10-2013 I'm Grateful 003

And yes, I'm under therapy.

Thanks for stopping by.

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