Friday, October 25, 2013

Paper Butterfly

Such a nostalic picture.
This butterfly...

It meant something to me when I was still in Foundation. It's for an assignment too.
Design class. The lecturer was a thrill to be around and I really loved the assignment.

We were told to create a package for our very own imaginary business.

And may imaginary business was a hobby shop that carried toys, trading cards, models, and art's and craft.
It isn't exactly a business. The prospect of having the place wasn't for the sake of earning anyways.

It was for the sake of sharing.

It'd be a place where geeks and nerds alike could gather and share their passion for the things they like
together in a free space free of social stigma. A place without borders.

The butterfly was supposed to be a promotional item handed out to people during the
grand opening. It comes in a small leaflet, that also duals as a mini envelope, and if you
open it up, there'd be instructions on how to fold the paper itself into a butterfly.

When you finish up the butterfly, a part of the butterfly should still have a visible text
stating my premise information, along with contact details. My prototyped was a working
prototype. I made one exactly the way I wanted it to be if I really created that business.

The marks I got wasn't as stellar as my other friends who had better ideas and such.
But it's odd how I don't feel threatened by their achievements. I felt peaceful, despite
not being on the 1st-class of tiers in academical aspects.

That little butterfly I made reminded me how I was capable of dreaming, and it was
my first dream that was turned into reality. Nobody has ever folded a butterfly with
no die cuts before without even the need for pasting.

And I manage to do it.

I forgot how the folds were though. But I'm glad I still have the physical project
somewhere in my stash. I was proud of it, so I personally requested to my
lecturer for me to have it back.

Maybe I'll post it sometime. Till then, I'm grateful for a few things:
1. Everywhere we go, there are always good people out there.
2. Something made me go back top my old dusty posts in my blog.
3. I found back a fragment of my many dreams.
4. I finished a personal mission today.

25-10-2013 I'm Grateful 025

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