Monday, October 28, 2013


Yesss... I've found rekindled love in a certain console.

Here's the emulator link.

Despite the ridiculous name for a program, it's works fine, is stable and is pretty much foolproof.
I mean, there' JPCSP which is claimed to be the best PSP Emulator out there, but well, sadly for
me, I never had the chance to experience such greatness since I couldn't as much as load the
program even after following all the installation instructions.

So to my frustration, I sought an alternative, and in there, I found PPSPP.

I mean seriously, playing P3P and Tales of the World this nice. I can pretty much die happy man.

In the next half-century or so haha.

Anyways, today I'm grateful that:
1. I've been ulcer-free for 3 weeks.
2. I got to play Tales of the World.
3. last night was such a good night to sleep in.

28-10-2013 I'm Grateful 028

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