Saturday, October 26, 2013

Slipped A Disc

Ah, found this while I was looking for my blood donor card. I didn't find it, and I'm still wondering if I even had a blood donor card to begin with.

This card marked the end of my physiotherapy from my past history with a slipped-disc. And the reason I had that problem in my back in the first place would make most people laugh haha.

It was because I continuously picked up rubbish during recess in high school, 15-20 minutes a day without taking proper care of my back posture. When I was 16, it just raged on me one fine day when my Sports House was having selections for the running events.

I ran as hard as I could that day, and I just dropped to the ground about 30 seconds after. The people there saw what happened to me, rushed to my scene and carried me away while peppering me with questions. I couldn't answer most of them because... well, it was really REALLY painful.

When I ran, I felt like my back was separating away from my body. If I didn't walk straight, it feels like my upper body would slip off my waist. When I sat, if my body wasn't at 90 degrees, I won't be able to get up later due to the shrieking pain similar to having someone stabbing a cold hard knife right down your spine.

Then I couldn't pick things up too. Ah, it was a horrible experience.

But I made it anyways, and I recovered. After 8 good months of physio, I outbeat my condition.

Working out post-recovery had always meant something more to me. Especially jogging. Sometimes, I'd just put my shoes on, go on pacing myself, floating and gliding everywhere I go. And sometimes, my tears will start rolling down because of the tremendous sense of happiness and gratefulness I feel for just being able to just that that very day.

So, I would just want to really point out that it's not an overstatement when I say that you probably don't appreciate physical activities the way I do. Haha.

So today, I'm grateful that:
1. Slip-disc is history
2. I used to have ankle problems too. And I don't anymore.
3. I know my capacity to keeping going in a marathon is completely related to my will to finish the distance.
4. I rarely get stomach cramps and aches when I jog
5. I picked up basketball.

26-10-2013 I'm Grateful 026

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