Saturday, November 30, 2013

Fun Day

Rhane Camelia Garland for Brave Horizon.

And to Facebook, I want to thank you for your kind encouragement to artists like me:

Thanks you for letting me know that my painting resembles a real person close enough
for me to need to tag someone who resembles my painting the closest.

I also had an awesome 4 hour alone-time with the Hi-Definition Surround Sound system
with a Plasma Screen TV. Man... to think that I could have such amazing eargasms without
ever needing to blow my eardrums raw with killer headphones.

Ah, and yes.

A happy disaster. Made some rice but had too much water in the pot, so it came out
soggy even after cooking it thrice. So I decided to fry the rice in attempt to dry it up
a little bit.

Brown poo-colour awesomeness is courtesy of Lee Kum Kee Oyster Sauce.
Also contains traces of tomatoes, onions, garlic, cauliflowers and eggs.

And besides that, I'm telling you...

er.. the link's on the image.

Marina Tempura nuggets are fucking awesome. It's so damned good, I'd rather
have this over McNuggets given any damned time.

And for all you chicks out there who are phobic of exercising in fear of developing
muscle, here's me telling you to go suck it. All you whiney princesses. Go do some
goddamned squats for a change instead of worrying about being fat.

Man, today was so awesome, I don't think I even need to make a Grateful list to
be grateful haha.


Today I'm grateful that:
1. Finished a painting.
2. Cooked some fine food for me self.
3. I had 4 hours of glorious eargasms
4. I had Marina Tempura Nuggets. 

30-11-2013 I'm Grateful 51

Friday, November 29, 2013

Revenge Porn

  1. revenge porn
    Web definitions
    1. Revenge porn is sexually explicit media that is distributed online,
      without consent of the pictured individual, for the purpose of humiliation.
      Revenge porn is usually uploaded by former lovers or hackers to pornographic
      websites. ...
Believe it or not, shit like this happens. And this could've been you
had you not been careful with who you trust. I do know however
that 2 individuals paid a heavy price for such a trust broken, namely
Dr. Holly Jacobs and her ex, Ryan Seay.

You can find the article where this image came
from here.

If you wish to learn further regarding the topic, just search up "Dr. Holly Jacobs,"
and you should find plenty of relevant materials revolving her case.

I on the other hand, simply don't know what to believe after much digging
into the case because I'm just another guy coming across this story by
chance on Thought Catalogue. I have no clue nor access to what really
transpired and I'm definitely not the first account witness to the entire
shenanigan as well, so really, who am I to say what to believe has happened? 

Ryan Seay may have been the person who had the only access to Holly's
private photos, but if he was really hacked by someone else, and that same
person was the one who distributed the photos and not him, then what Seay
is accusing Holly of will become truth, because if Seay wasn't the perpetrator,
Holly's just been bullying him out of his own life without proper grounds.

And the worst part would be that the perpetrator will still be out there,
cyberhacking someone else's life and creating another Holly poster out
of another poor lass while Holly diverts all her attention to her gut feeling
against her unsightly ex, innocent or not. That'd make that asshole a genius
in some way, because he's completely getting away with it while all the dirt
tracks lead to poorguy Ryan.

One could understand the torment of humiliation Holly was made put through
when her privacy was breached and the world looked at her like a piece of
scum. Any of us normal people would have been appalled by such a gross
disrespect to our right to individual secrecy. 

However it may be, I wouldn't say her actions of pressing charges on her ex
was the right thing to do. Because clearly, if you put someone through a
humiliation that bears similar resemblance to what you've gone through as
payback, I highly doubt one's judgment is completely unclouded by personal
bias for vendetta. But thanks to the existence of law, I guess there's a legal
way to do so. Not trying to be sarcastic, but it's a fact we all have to deal
with these days.

Nonetheless, Dr. Holly is making good advances from her trauma, and she's
pushing for a law to protect people from the act of revenge porn. You may
check out Cyber Civil Rights and End Revenge Porn at your own leisure to
see the good that has come from the strength Dr. Holly has found within
herself to fight against such injustice. Whether Seay was right to have been
the catalyst to such a movement though is another story entirely. Because
Dr. Holly pressed charges on her ex alright. But Seay was later freed on
the ground of lack of evidence and nothing to point him to the alleged
crime of sharing out her private images and videos.

But hey, Seay's life is a huge publicity mess now thanks to Dr. Holly, so I
hope she got what she wanted from what she did to him, and she'd be at
least in perfect peace with herself if not happy after everything that has happened.

Regardless, despite me saying all these, I still haven't found a reason to rule
out the possibility that Ryan's just trying to garner sympathetic ears to his
side of the story now to minimize the damage done to his reputation. After
all, he's but a simple sound engineer who probably wants to make an honest
living out of his own talents.Whether he really did that to garner sympathy or
if it was the real deal though, that still remains to be seen, and I guess we will
never really know but Ryan Seay himself.

So you guys can pick a side from the story. It doesn't really matter what you
believed has happened, because they have already happened, and we don't
know the true story behind all the news publicity aside from the people involved
themselves. So if you're looking for something to believe in, I'd suggest you to
not even bother advocate either sides of the story and just focus on the act of
suppressing the growing culture of revenge porn in itself and what it does to people.

Because really, it doesn't make you a better person or saint to fight for either sides.
So let Dr. Holly and Seay work it out for themselves. We've all got bigger fish to fry.

And by bigger fish to fry, I mean to say that we need to focus on how to curb
revenge porn's effects to people to a minimum. So, with that being said, I'd like
to now advocate my standing regarding the issue.

I personally think that revenge porn is very childish and immature of either side
of the couple. This hurt you inflict on others isn't necessary, and although it might
relieve you of withdrawal from breakup temporarily, that relief won't last, and
sooner or later, the act will come to haunt you should you still possess any shred
of moral conscience. Because if you don't have any, I don't see why you're even
wasting time on your ex. Go rob a bank already! At least that makes you richer.

If anything, committing revenge porn only goes to say how right your ex was to
dump you in the first place. Good going mate, looks like you probably don't
deserve your ex after all.

Anyway, as a fellow man, I think if a girl has sent something of that sort to you
before as a token of trust and maybe a booming sense of sexual expectations,
you as a person, should  hold on to that earnest token respectfully and with dignity.
If things don't work out, then you by right, shouldn't even be keeping any of those
private materials in my opinion. I mean, if you're really trying to move on, why keep
such things that will make your heart bleed even more as you continue to dwell in them?

All you needed to do was select all of them, and Shift + Delete. You don't even
have to go through the trouble of emptying your Recycle Bin. I've given you a
shortcut. So if you're a person who'd been graced with such an opportunity
before because of certain circumstances, don't give yourself a chance to be
like Ryan Seay. Really, it's not worth it. You really donwanna be blamed for
it should things go wrong.

Either way, if you wanna move on, then move on already. If you're suffering
from withdrawal, that's a good thing. That's you telling yourself that your relationship
meant something deep to you. But making someone you thought you loved before
suffer for your pain? Why even bother? If you wanted revenge, there are many
other more productive ways to make use of your welled up discontent, and one
popular acceptable way, would be to strive to be a better person and make the
person who left you regret that very decision of leaving.

In the very least, there's still honour in self-improvement and it isn't destructive in
nature. It's not too hard what I'm asking isn't it? I'm not even asking you to be a
mature person, because honestly, it sucks to be the one who has to do certain
things because you have to. So I'm not.

All I'm asking, is for you to show a little kindness. Is that really so difficult? I mean,
if you really loved that person, I'm sure this wouldn't be too hard a matter to do.

And to all you girls out there who come across this post; I understand its a
modern world out there now, and sex is becoming less of a taboo as time
continues to pass. As appreciative as some of us men are with your intent
to grant us men certain sexual fantasies for whatever reasons it may be,
not all of us need them. And quite frankly, we won't if we looked at you,
and treated you with the respect you deserve. So if you're gonna share
your private innuendos to someone, then please do bear in mind the 
possible consequences that may fall upon you. I know there's an
unwritten law between couples to an oath of secrecy, but really, you'll
never know what people are capable of doing sometimes.

So yeah, as a fellow man, I'm just begging you to not trust men that much.
I'm a man aren't I? Then don't trust me. Why the hell would I even deserve
naked pictures of you? Just to let myself get screwed if your photos get leaked
somehow? Great way to strengthen a relationship.

It's not myth when you hear that trust is a very rare commodity these days,
and I really have to quote out this irony that has come to light after much reading:
People used to say that you'll never really know who to trust until you try and trust them. But at this point of time, it'd be more accurate to know that you'll never know who you're trusting until you break up with that person.
Put that in a context range from casual friendships to serious relationships and
it'll still give you the same answer. Because you'll never know who you're really
trusting until you decide to screw with them aka break their hearts.

*sigh* what a world we live in. Just when we think love should be celebrated
and relationships would make us happier better people. I guess this is what
makes us humans such insecure creatures these days. We are just constantly
living in fear of this fucked-up little thing called heartbreak.

And last but not least, I share this video about an interview between this host
and a revenge porn webmaster for you to judge who really is to blame for the
entire culture an existence of revenge porn itself.

Is it really the girls' fault for sharing their nudity? 
Is it really the girls' fault for breaking their men's hearts? 
Is it really the men's fault for not respecting the unspoken vow to secrecy?
Is it the the webmasters' fault for creating a hub for all these materials to centralize? 
Is it the general populace's fault for craving revenge porn as acceptable fap material?

Well, if you ask me, my answer is simple. If nobody shared anything, and all
men were mature and nobody wanted to take advantage of the income opportunity
that comes from hosting a revenge porn website, then, none of these would have
been likely to happen. But what can I say? Nobody's perfect.

Ultimately though, this all happened because of the action of sharing nudity in itself.
It's definitely unjust if you were recorded or had your picture taken against your free
will. Sue someone's ass to your heart's content if that's really the case. You deserve
your own fair share of justice. But if you willingly do so, then it bears repeating: 

Just be reminded of the consequences that may befall you should you decide to do it, be it man or woman.

With that, I rest my case, and I bid you a good day. Thanks for reading.

Today I'm grateful that
1. after 2 days bumming around with this stupid post, I finally found the right words for it.
2. I've got nothing of that sort to be embarrassed about.
3. Agents of SHIELD Ep09 came out.
4. I downloaded it.
5. I finished watching it too.

29-11-2013 I'm Grateful 50

Thursday, November 28, 2013

I'm Grateful 049

Today I'm grateful that:
1. Marvel Avengers finished downloading.
2. Had some long lost popiah awesomeness
3. Solved an online banking issue.
4. Someone surprised me today.
5. I got invited to something.

28-11-2013 I'm Grateful 049

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

I'm Grateful 048

Rain rain, why do you always come when I have the itch
to just go out and run? *sigh*

But hey, at least it's cooling. And I get to sleep in with
newly clean sheets! Seriously, nothing beats sleeping in
a cozy bed with new clean sheets. It feels freakin' amazing.

Anyways, today I'm grateful that:
1. I finished downloading Vikings Season 1.
2. I finished watching Viking Season 1.
3. I'm only one episode short from Marvel's Agents of SHIELD.
4. I woke up in a bed with clean sheets!
5. I was gonna post something else, but I realized how ridiculous it was
and I stopped pursuing the idea hehe.

27-11-2013 I'm Grateful 048

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Your Measure of Wealth

Is guided by one thing and one thing only:

How much can you afford to save?

This question surfaced to me during a conversation with someone
fairly recently, and I realized I've been doing just that all this while
with whatever money I had left.

Some people would call it being stingy, being so guarded about
the cash you have all the time. But I don't think that's really the point.
If you can earn RM1200 and still save RM1000, that's a lot of savings,
wow, you should really be feeling proud of yourself.

But if you're earning RM10,000, but only saving RM2000, whatever
happened to your other RM8000?

Well, some of us want to live a certain lifestyle, so certain expenses
are always going to be there. It could be the petrol, the food we eat,
our premium gym membership, the house loan, car loan, rent, premium
luxuries, you name it. 

I mean, RM2000 is still a lot of money. So if you did use RM8000
for whatever it is, and you treat that RM2000 like how you did for
you RM1200, maybe it won't be so bad after all.

Also, here's a little something for those of you who are new to Fixed
Deposits. When there's an interest rate of lets say 5% per annum, note
and highlight the word annum meaning year. So if you're investing for
a tenure period no exceeding 12 months, you actually need to divide
the interest rate by 12 months, then multiply it by the number of actual
months you're tenuring it for.

So lets say you're depositing it for 3 months.

Then it's actually supposed to be 5%/12 x 3. That's your true
interest rate. If you invested RM5000, and your true interest rate
is 1.25% then your dividend received would be a total of RM62.50
after 3 months after your maturity period.

Some people still make the mistake of not dividing the months first,
so perhaps after reading this, you'll know that you need to.

Also, I've been made aware of a new form of risk. It's probably been
around for quite some time already with all the phishing scams happening
lately, but I had a brief conversation with my dad earlier, and I agreed
with his point of view.

Having too much money in one place is a risk. Same goes to having
too much physical cash with you and etc. I mean, my house has been
robbed twice, my dad was mugged in his taxi twice, some friends of
mine are survivors of snatch thefts, and one of them even lost RM5k
in one fell swoop.

Sometimes, it really doesn't matter how well-guarded you are with your
banking accounts and such. If somebody is really keen on siphoning the
living money out of you dry, I'm pretty sure there's nothing much you can
do to stop it besides moving all the money elsewhere.

I mean, isn't that the whole reason as to why we even diversify our assets
into other forms of tangible equities in the first place? Like stocks, bonds,
properties, investments, money markets and etc.

But let's also raise another issue since we're talking about this. What if
you already diversified all your assets, but they all ultimately still linked
to the same username and password across all accounts?

So if you're having multiple accounts in different banks, but if your
username and passwords/pin # are ultimately the same, you're just
asking for easy access by nasty perpetrators should they attack.

As much of a hassle as it may be, you really donwanna accumulate
RM500k within 30 years and put RM50k into 10 different accounts
just to know then when you got scammed with one account, that person
managed to hack all your other 9 accounts as well, because you kept
the same alias and security level with all your accounts.

With that being said, it'd be a pretty good idea to really have different
usernames and passwords for different accounts. Because if you aren't
doing that when you diversify, you're not making much of a point trying
to shield yourself from potential threats.

Well, unless if you're just using different banks for financial convenience
because its easier to pay certain merchants under that bank or etc and
you actually don't own much money in the first place.

So to speak, if your account is pretty much dry by default, then... by
all means, just continue doing whatever you're doing. Because even
if you got scammed, it's just a free few hundreds to thousands to that
asshole. It might just take a few minutes of the perpetrator's time to do
it, but hey, it's his loss for not looking for a bigger fish to fry in the first
place right?

Look at the bright side, at least you delayed the scamming of someone
much wealthier than you, even if it's just by a few mere minutes. You
may have lost a certain degree of your assets, but at least you did your
part of being a meatshield to the richer people out there haha. Hopefully
good karma will reimburse your wealth in other forms or something lol.

Oh, and one last thing. If you happen to be hitting a brickwall with your
so-called phrase for your Maybank2u account, you may try the example
given below just to make life a little more fun.

the username's fictional. But I really do know someone who uses
the phrase Dwayne Johnson Rocks lol. I suggested that as a passing
joke but he actually did it because he liked it so much XD


Now, today I'm grateful that:
1. I've learned a great deal of financial lingo now.
2. I can explain to someone better now because I actually understand the terms used while explaining.
3. Dwayne Johnson really does Rock. I mean, have you guys seen his transformation over the past few years?
4. My blog is doing better than it's ever did  a few years back.

26-11-2013 I'm Grateful 047

Monday, November 25, 2013

Leaving Because You Care

I'm sure you've seen such instances in dramas and soap operas
across many different language settings, but hey, lets just not put
this out of the entire equation of possibilities. What can I say,
sometimes things just happen. With my mom breaking her arm
to the house getting robbed and my dad getting mugged in a taxi,
everything seems pretty much possible to me now.

Besides, if you can't completely prove or disprove it, then the
only way is to be skeptical about it right?

There may be times when you just begin to realize that things aren't
working in your relationship, even when the two of you are so madly
in love with each other.

I've once asked myself a question before:
"How can two people love each other so much but can't stay together?"

Well, now that I've had the chance to think it through more thoroughly
objectively, I guess you could say that there are many variables as to
how things could lead into such a frustrating end.

And it definitely isn't because the lack of the substance we call love.
You can love someone to death and be happy with that person
indefinitely until you come to a vantage point where your perspective
is suddenly challenged by this superseding authority of consciousness
telling you that you're not good enough for that person.

Because it dawned on you that you were akin to an iron ball shackle
to that person, and for as long as you're with that person, that person
can never grow into his or her full potential.

Boy, talk about clipping the wings of winged-beings.

And as heart-aching as it may be sometimes, some of us might feel
that it'd be best to let go. Some of us are a little more selfish, and we
probably would disregard the notion for as long as we feel fulfilled
with what we have. But if we were always stuck in this selfless form
of mutual self-sacrificing relationship that is born from a mutual sense
of great respect between partners, things could turn from magical to
disastrous in a split second.

Lets take this for example:

What if you're both happily married together for 5 years, and one of
you just begin to wander off to the what if's, perhaps's, and maybe's.

At first, it seemed like just a passing thought. But after the idea hatched
in your head, you suddenly become more aware of all the things happening
between the two of you. It's as if the epiphany taught your mind and body
to help locate the signs for how wrong you were for that person, and after
a while, you just can't quite seem to keep it in any longer without showing
any signs of hyper-anxiety.

Maybe before you met, your partner was a star athlete, a valedictorian, a
fearless fighter for the equality of human rights or maybe a registered volunteer
with NGO body's who's had direct experience helping out in 3rd world countries
to name a few.

You already knew this background of your partner when you started to get to
know each other, and you're pretty sure that if he or she pushed a little harder,
the sky's definitely the limit.

So to speak, with or without you in your partner's lives, him or her was already
sort of destined for this version of greatness that you yourself could never dream
of grazing. And it hit you that you were the cause for his or her hold back from
true self actualization.

But you two still met, clicked, and decided to settle down and just because of the
part where your partner settled for your relationship, he or is she isn't where he or
she is supposed to be at your current timeline.

Things could've been really different for your partner had you not appeared in his
or her life. Despite how the two of you are living in a comfortable and cozy state of
life, you begin to feel like you should do what was best for your partner.

How far would you go for the sake of love?

What are you willing to sacrifice for "what's best?"

True, a relationship is a like a company of individuals. It requires
teamwork, and if you don't work things out like a team or make
group decisions together, it isn't going to work.

That's how couples discuss things together to solve problems together
in the first place. But what if it was something that you couldn't bring up
at all, and if you did, it'd seem downright disrespectful for you partner?

I have to say to heck with being disrespectful. You're already planning to
leave your partner already. What more greater betrayal can him or her have
then a final ultimatum to whatever good you both have had? So just spit it
all out lol.

But hey, if you couldn't get past such an anxiety and end up making one of
the stupidest decisions in your entire love history, then well, I guess things that
are supposed to happen will run it's course.

Because if you really thought that way for someone you love so much, perhaps
you might not be right for that person after all. True, you're not giving up. You
still love your partner. But in his or her eyes, without the truth, he or she won't know
it. And your partner finally grows to hate you, or get involved in self-hurting and myriads
of other dreadful things.

All he or she wanted was to just love you and stay happy. Nobody asked anyone
to ruin that delicate balance of happiness. But hey, if it happened, it happened.

Anyways, not like I did this before. My mind is far too simple for such
level of complexity methinks *shrugs.* Just a passing thought anyways.

But my question is, what would you do if you found out that your partner
left you not because he or she didn't love you, but because he or she wanted
to do what was best for you?

Will you respond by remaining silent, or will you do something about it?

Even more so if you knew that your partner would go all out to get into a
serious relationship with someone else, just to make sure that you're rid of
any signs of remaining hope for the relationship whatsoever?

Haha, sounds so drama doesn't it?

Well, it may seem dramatic to outsiders, but to the persons involved with such
dilemmas, their emotional pain is especially real and dreadful. I can't help but
really sympathize for such people when I chance upon them. No kind words
could console their bleeding hearts, and I definitely don't want to know what
it's like to be in their shoes.

Enduring so much pain just because his or her love for the partner was just
way too strong and perfect to let go, but one side decided to let loose, and the
entire relationship slipped right through their fingers.

*sigh* It sure seems like a huge risk everytime we show our vulnerability to
someone else. We always get hurt in the process too. If only relationships
were a lot easier and we didn't have to be so conscious of the pain we
feel from all the let downs.

But I guess that's what makes finding the one you'll finally settle down with
so worthwhile doesn't it? And just when you think that settling down was the
end of everything bad and a time to embrace new humble beginnings. I guess
there's always a risk somewhere for everything in anything we do everyday.
No such thing as a guarantee eh?

Anyways, today, i'm grateful that:
1. I did some sprinting
2. I read something to interesting that could be added up into my usual training repertoire.
3. Did some catching up with a good friend.
4. Prepared a new casual MTG deck.
5. Had a good trade.
6. Had french fries.
7. Found something as awesome as this.
8. I figured out how to pump my short-valved tyre properly now.

25-11-2013 I'm Grateful 046

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sorted It Out

I've had my own bedroom ever since my eldest brother left,
but I didn't really do anything to really make it mine. It's
already nearing the end of the year and everything, so I
thought why not. It's been close to 6 months already anyways.

Right now, I'm only having reserves on whether I should bring in
my desktop from the dining hall or not. The desktop is beginning
to become a community object for many activities so.. it might not
be such a great idea.

But hey, in the end, it's my computer so, I guess I have the right to
do whatever I want with it right? It's not like I don't want to be
considerate of others. Sometimes, I just need to put myself first
before others right?

Kinda stumbled upon a certain article so. Yeah.

By the way, Thought Catalog is a good place to waste time in-between
your breaks. They've got a good list of intelligent materials there anyways.
So if you're gonna be wasting time anyways, at least learn something right?

Well, anyways, today I'm grateful that:
1. I've rearranged my room.
2. I'm already thinking about what I'll do with my huge-ass double decker bed.
3. I got more clothes so I don't have to worry about changing often.
4. I sorted out all my clothes so I don't have to leave a mess whenever I search for something in my wardrobe anymore.
5. I vacuumed my room for the first time in a very long while.

24-11-2013 I'm Grateful 045

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Penang Property Market Trends

Nice, I've got a new blogging job today, and it's a good
item to review too, since my sister just kinda migrated to
Penang for her new employment opportunity. It's pretty rare
to have your interests aligning with a job by chance anyways.

So if you're not a stranger to the real-estates scene, you should
know that Penang property is becoming increasingly valuable as
a rising and developing port state, second to Kuala Lumpur with
Johor Bharu and Negeri Sembilan next in line.

Anyways, this isn't about KL, JB or N9. I've covered KL and JB before
in others posts so I'll leave them out on this one. As for N9, that can wait
till I get a request or something hehe.

Let's focus on Propwall Penang instead.

First thing's first, how is this site different from the other Propwall state sites?

Well, for one, you've got this really super nifty sidebar that's exclusive to
all the areas in Penang:

and the list still goes on and on...

And as you can see, all available properties for purchase/rent are also
conveniently annotated on the right of each area's respective links. So
be rest assured that if you're looking for a place to stay or simply surveying
the area for your own interests, you can do so without much of a hassle.

I also like this new update Info part with all these Propwall sites.

I mean, it can never hurt to know a little background story about a place
you might want to consider moving to or investing in right? And hey, it's
Penang we're talking about here, not just another state. They even
throw in local delight options just to see if you'll settle there just so
that you can have your favourite Penang dish in within walking distance.

I kinda wished it was a joke but hey, I can't say I'm not glad it wasn't.
What better way to contemplate on your real-estate investments then
to tie them down to one of life's greatest necessities: FOOD!

*I do need to remind you that not all Info has got like a specialty dish within
the area, but there's quite a handful of them. So I'll leave that exploration to
yourself hoho.

Anyways, I digress from leading you astray with food. But what can I
say? It's Penang!

Now, onto some even more convenient niches in the site:
Incorporated Google Map

Man, remember the good ol'days where we used to explore
new places with a map in hand? I guess those days are kinda
scarce now when Google is doing such a good job connecting
everywhere together with such precision in topography and
geographical translation.

Also, all you pricks having Data Service with Smartphones and
relying on GPSes really isn't helping the paper map industry.

Either way, if you're looking for a place to stay that's reasonable
to commute to and fro a certain place, this is where you can check
out if the place you're interested in is worth the trouble of moving in to.

Graph Chart's for Property Price Fluctuations

Ok... Air Itam is a bit sad. (It literally means Black Water after all so..)
Lemme use the one from the main page to better illustrate the graph's functionality.

So as you can see, the Graph is indeed a pretty valuable investment
tool when you're looking to invest in a property in the near future. With
some good market tips and a good sense for timing, hey, you might just
be able to get a good buy for yourself when used well.

Price Fluctuation Chart
Here ye here ye, looks like even if you are graph blind, you wouldn't have
to worry too much, because the chart version is provided too.

Net Change - dollar by dollar increase.
% change  - margine of increase from previous value, in percentage.

No worries if Google Satellite isn't being helpful enough in painting a
clearer picture to the place you're falling in love with. Nice people have
already done you the honour of posting images of the said properties for 
you own viewing pleasure. So just stalk to your heart's content.

Also, if you already own a property/looking for one, and you want to 
save yourself the advertising expenses of putting them up on newspapers 
and such, not to worry, that's what a Dashboard is for, regardless of which 
state of Propwall you're actually coming from.

Just hit the Dashboard, and move to Classified or simply hit the Post a new post.
Then it should turn out like this:

Then just hit the Post button at the bottom, and voila, you've made your
first classified ad.

Don't even worry too much about making mistakes with your ad lol. Propwall
even had the decency to put up a super-obvious disclaimer down below, just
in case if you're having doubts.

Oh, and lookie here. They gave the home loan calculator a huge upgrade.

This time, it even comes with the banks' interest rates themselves. Now that's
pretty swell I'd say. It's like free advertising for the respecting banking brands.

Hmm, and looks like once you post an ad, even if you don't have an image, they
put in one for you by default.

Anyways, now you know how a successful ad looks like.

Ah, and there it is. Your magical sidebar of awesomeness.

Edit, delete, do whatever you want with your ad here. As for I,
I'm just gonna go ahead and hit delete now since it was a dummy
post anyways. Not exactly a good idea to unintentionally coax 
innocent newbies to Propwall.

And if your removal/edit was successful, then something like this should appear:

Ok, so with that, all the site's functions are pretty much covered and
now's the time for a simple overall review of the site.

From what I can see, Propwall doesn't disappoint when it comes to an
alternative property sales directory site. The layout design is still as easy
on the eyes as before, and I like all the new upgraded functions introduced
in their latest version. So much has changed since the first release of Propwall
a few years back.

And I'm glad that all the changes I see so far are all positive. The graphs
and charts especially, aside from the quality boost in beautiful stock images
for the appropriate areas. Seems like the talent level for good real-estate
photography within members has been given a huge boost too.

With Propwall, you definitely can avoid paying for newspaper advertising
in search of potential new tenants or properties, but hey, you still gotta know
that Classifieds on newspapers are still popular for a reason. So don't dump
all your chips in Propwall and expect it to cover as much as the local paper
does, because as modern as it is in Malaysia, you'll never really know the
amount of people out there who's got stuff to sell or things they are looking for, 
but still don't have the access to internet.

But it still does cover enough, and you can definitely reach out to a certain
mass of audience through it. So if you don't mind the wait from a certain
degree of non-exposure, Propwall is definitely the way to go for your real-
estate classified needs.

And with that, I end my post. Thanks for reading and have a good time
real-estate hunting.

P/S: Today I'm grateful that:
1. I got this blogging job.
2. I've finished it.
3. I got to reintroduce myself with Propwall.
4. Now I'll be more mindful of the property prices in Penang.

Oh, and about my exam today...

Sorry that I can't really divulge more info than that. There's a rule for
my regulatory body that prohibits me from ever mentioning certain 
keywords if I am to be a part of this... thing.

So if you wanna know, gimme a ping and I'll inform you in person. 
Aside from that, well, since I can't advertise it, nothing really much 
I can do about that. So there's that. Oh and

5. I passed my exam. Duh.

23-11-2013 I'm Grateful 044

Friday, November 22, 2013

Sitting For Exam Tomorrow

Yeah. I'll post up what it really is once I aced the exam.
I'm supposedly able to find out the result the minute I submit
it anyways hehe.

So today, I'm just grateful that:
1. I managed to cover my material
2. There's nothing wrong with being more prepared.
3. I feel pretty confident with tomorrow's exam.
4. I'm still going through extra stuff while I can haha.

Damned formulas.

22-11-2013 I'm Grateful 043

Thursday, November 21, 2013

What is Beautiful?

I've told someone this before, and I thought I should share
it because, when I think back about it, it still makes a lot of
sense, and well, I must admit that most of the time, the things
I think about don't really make any sense at all sad to say.

So this is the dictionary definition:
  1. 1.
    pleasing the senses or mind aesthetically.
    "beautiful poetry"

And this is what I think is something that constitutes a beautiful
person or object:

Something beautiful doesn't mean that something has to be perfect.
I just means that something lacks in many forms of imperfection.

I'm pretty weird when it comes to appreciating beauty. When I
see something perfect, I adore it at first sight, and after a while,
I just kinda get irritated by it. Because it's already perfect, what
else is there to see?

But when I see things that aren't as beautiful at first, the longer
I observe them, the more I appreciate them. That's when I realize
that I'm just observing the fact that the object in questions lacks
in relative imperfection.

Meaning to say, when something average is put against another average
item, you'd learn to appreciate it's special individual traits that stand out
from one another.

But once you put in something that looks better than the average item
together with the item in question, average traits are suddenly considered
flaws and imperfect; or better than average traits become the ideal.

I guess the same kinda goes for people. Sometimes you just can't help
but wonder how some pretty guys and handsome girls pretty girls and
handsome guys can go after partners who are not in their league.

And by not in their league, I mean the person with an ideal/model face or figure,
going out with someone who looks completely plain or ordinary to most people.

And I actually understand why they'd wanna do that.

We humans are very tied in with the society and community. We always
wanna flock with the birds of the same feather or.. I donno, we'll socially
suffocate or something.

Then sooner or later, we kinda get tired with all the people who're
just so alike to us, and we just can't stand them anymore. It's not
like just because they look or act a certain way similar to us automatically
makes them good partners or buddies.

Because we tend to look for people we can relate to. Whether we completely
agree with the culture and lifestyle exposed to us however is a completely
different matter. Being able to relate to something and agreeing to something
are two completely different things.

Just like how one's sex is predetermined, but one's gender is objective to
the individual's preference. We live in an age where sex-change is out
there anyways.

But homosexuals are different. They still want to be the sex they are born
with and still be attracted to and accepted by those who are of the same sex.
So when you actually look at it that way, people who go for sex-change
aren't actually homosexuals. They are really heterosexuals born into the
wrong kinda physical state.

It's a very different matter to want to be seen like a guy and want to attract
other guys, as opposed to wanting to be seen like a girl and want to attract
other guys.

Another non-gender related example, like culture would be how one can grow
in the farm and hate anything to do with farming, but still kinda have a lot of friends
with people who have something to do with or have backgrounds with farming.

The same applies to a metropolitan kid who grows up in a city, people
who grow up with similar family issues, people who come from the same
nationality and etc. instances.

So going back to the people who go out with those who aren't in their league;
after countless disappointments within the same hunting grounds, people just
begin to scour through alternative options.

I guess it just happens. Not everyone goes through this phase, but it happens.

Well, I guess the next time you look at something not-so-beautiful,
maybe you could give it a second look and reevaluate your initial
perception about it. Who knows, you might even be surprised by
what you can find when you observe carefully.

Today I'm grateful that:
1. I've finally understood something very important.
2. That something important is the fact that I'm not handsome.
3. That something important is also the fact that I'm not ugly.
4. If I'm not ugly, then some people will think I'm handsome because I'm not ugly enough to be ugly.
5. If I'm not handsome, then some people will think I'm ugly just because I'm not handsome enough to be handsome.
6. I actually don't really care about that something important.
7. knowing such a trivia in my life changes nothing in my life, yet it's fun to know.
8. I don't own any physical aspect whatsoever that could be considered a deformity.
9. Even after surviving 3 accidents, there's nothing visibly apparent for anyone to relate the accidents to.
10. I'm still pretty much healthy.
11. I've never gotten sick for almost 3 years now.
12. my slipped disc in my vertebrae never came back to haunt me

21-11-2013 I'm Grateful 042

Wednesday, November 20, 2013


  1. 1.
    an exchange of diverging or opposite views, typically a heated or angry one.
    "I've had an argument with my father"
  2. 2.
    a reason or set of reasons given with the aim of persuading others that an action or idea is right or wrong.
    "there is a strong argument for submitting a formal appeal"
    synonyms:reasoningjustificationexplanation, rationalization; More

Most of the time, it's #1. But lets just say I've had enough of #1, so lets talk about
#2 instead.

I really really get very irritated when people refer to the word argue when someone
is merely expressing their opinions in a very sensible way. And what do they get
from that? They get tossed into this bubble reality that arguments are always heated,
and they only happen to people who feel offended by something.

Whatever happened to healthy arguments? Like debates.

  1. 1.
    a formal discussion on a particular topic in a public meeting or legislative assembly, in which opposing arguments are put forward.
  1. 1.
    argue about (a subject), esp. in a formal manner.
    "the board debated his proposal"
    synonyms:discuss, talk over/through, talk about, thrash out, hash out, argue,disputeMore

The definition above literally calls to a formal part of debates. But there are also
non-formal debates, and that's what I'd consider a healthy argument. Ideas are
pointed out like a mini-forum of sorts, like a regular discussion and people will
just express their views about a particular topic with thoughts bouncing back
and forth.

An exchange of opinion. Nothing else.

Listen people, when you point out an argument, and you're arguing with someone,
that doesn't mean you're saying things to someone to attack someone about anything
or expect things to get all hot and tense to the point of conflicts.

Arguing basically just means an exchange in opinions.

Like for instance with:
I argued with a friend about the benefits of carpooling, and to my amaze, he agreed 
and decided to jump into the car pool gang after I pointed out my facts!

as opposed to:
I had a fight with my girlfriend about seeing this other guy I didn't know about. I
don't particularly mind her seeing anyone for that matter, but the fact that she just
tried to be all defensive about it should mean something. I even just mentioned the
topic as is but she took it the wrong way. What happened from a casual question 
turned into a freak relationship nightmare. Ugh, what's the point of caring in a
relationship if we aren't even supposed to care?

I simply can't wrap around why can't the majority of people just move away from the
stigma that arguments are always bad. Maybe it's just an Asian thing. We're all kinda
taught from young to always avoid conflict whenever possible, so when things like
arguments surface, a lot of people tend to get the wrong idea.

Are arguments really something to be afraid of?

Heck, even my English exams back in secondary school and college had questions
that specifically said:
Please argue your points about the above statement.

Please, for Pete's sake, stop treating argument like it's a bad child and start acknowledging
it for what it really is; the exchange of opinion.

You argue about something when there's a difference in opinion. Why must so many
people visualize a verbal coliseum whenever the word argue is involved? It's really
not like that. I really just don't get why people can't see that. Maybe they just haven't
had a proper civilized argument before? I donno man.

Let's try an example everyone can relate to:
My parents wanted to send me to medical school, but I didn't want to do medicine
because I wanted to do something else aside from medicine. Maybe hospitality?
I pointed out that I always struggled with my studies, and I already kept my end
of the bargain by putting up a stellar certificate for my school-leaver's cert, and I've
endured enough intensive book-reading for 5 years. Isn't it about time I fight for 
what I wanted this time?

So I told them that although science is very fascinating and I was actively involved 
with First Aid and Medic activities in uniform bodies, my interests truly lied in people. 
I like being around people, making them happy, serving others, doing things others 
can't or don't feel humbled enough doing.

They claim how that is any different from helping people through medicine. So then
I asked them if medicine was the only way to help people. Because medicine is there
to help something that cannot be prevented. I want to be part of that something that 
comes before medicine; the people aspect of the community. The bridge between
all things bad before they could ever lead someone into distress at all and fall ill.

That can happen if I can give others happiness and a peace of mind. And I strongly
believed that it doesn't lie with the end methods like curing someone, but begins
with something like a normal day-to-day conversation and how we make others
feel through how we treat them. After all, the words "prevention is better than cure"
are there for a very good reason.

My parents were so perplexed by my conviction towards the topic that they fell
silent and asked me to leave the room for them to discuss. And the following
morning, they embarrassingly told me how sorry they were for trying to force
me into something I didn't want to do and asked me to let them know when I
made up my mind on what college or university to go to when I've decided.

Looks like I didn't waste my time arguing with them for 2 whole hours after all!
Ah, I'm so glad my parents were understanding about it. It sure was worth all
the hardwork I put up for them in secondary school haha. But it'd have definitely
sucked if it spiraled all out into a full-fledged conflict.

See, that's an example of a healthy argument.

So what exactly is an argument? To put it simply, let's just say it's like two different families
exchanging custody of their children for one day. And at the end of the day, they get
to decide whether they want to do it again or stop altogether.

The key word there is decide. Arguments usually have an end-goal, and that's usually
to bring about change into someone's mindset. It's never an easy thing to do.

But there's this separate part for this entire gist of things called commenting and giving

  1. 1.
    a verbal or written remark expressing an opinion or reaction.
    "you asked for comments on the new proposals"

  1. 1.
    express (an opinion or reaction).
    "the review commented that the book was agreeably written"
    synonyms:remark on, speak about, talk about, discussmention More

  1. 1.
    say something as a comment; mention.
    "“Tom's looking peaked,” she remarked"
  2. 2.
    regard with attention; notice.
    "he remarked the man's inflamed eyelids"
    synonyms:notenoticeobserve, take note of, perceivediscern More
  1. 1.
    a written or spoken comment.
    "I decided to ignore his rude remarks"

When someone gives you a comment or remark, they are just informing you what
they think about something they feel you should know. They do not however, expect
you to completely agree or take them in blindly without first letting it go through your
own personal filter. In the end, it's your decision to agree, disagree or remain indifferent
about it.

Or maybe I'm wrong and only I do that. *shrugs*

Because when I make comments or remarks about people, they come from honesty
and the need to address something so that someone is made aware of something.
It could be a compliment, or I might just be telling that person the zipper's open
somewhere or something, or their lipsticks are smudged or they look like they just
went through a storm.

In the end, whether they want to believe what I told them or not is another
thing entirely. Because that doesn't matter. What matters was that I already
pointed it out, and that's all there is to it.

But I must admit that I always attract unwanted attention for just trying to
make people aware of certain things. Maybe it'd be best if I just kept my
trap shut tight.

And since I'm on the topic of arguments, I might as well cover this thing about
my relationship status too.

For all you busybodies who think that relationships are beautiful and that I deserve
to be in one and be as happy as you are, I thank you for you kind thoughts, but
I don't think being in a relationship is the epitome of what makes me a happy person.

If anything, I AM in a relationship. Just not with anyone else. But I'm in a relationship
with myself. How is that even a relationship? I donno, I guess there's no restriction to
how you can love yourself. It's not like I'm being caught up with narcissism. Learning
to appreciate oneself is very different from being a narcissist in my opinion.

And why can't I do that instead of depending on one random girl who happens to like
me and wants to stay by my side forever? Even if that happens, there's still the issue
about how we're gonna adapt to one another, deal with our differences, etc.

Right. And I'm not even a girl. If I was, at least I could find a Prince Charming 
somewhere and marry into wealth or something should all else fail, then he could
take care of me and I'd remain in the zone of happily ever after.

Also, if I recall correctly, there's this certain occupation called a private nurse.
So hey, maybe I don't need someone who likes me to take care of me after all.
I just need to be able to afford that service don't I?

Well, so much for a retirement plan. If I needed to hire a private nurse to take care
of myself, I might as well just end my life and donate my wealth to charity or
someone needy.

And if anything, really, it's not your problem whether I've let go of my ex or not.
That bodes the same with whether or not I'm ready to meet someone else or not.

You can be ready to meet someone, and still not let go.
You can also let go, and still not be ready for someone.
I'm neither, and I don't care what you think lol.

To tie the two of them like they are both perfect reagents to one another
really baffles me. I can't even comprehend the significance of it.
Here's my attempt of an algebraic expression to the theory above:
a + b is not equal to c
c + b is not equal to a
a + c is not equal to b

If a is ready, b is meet someone, and c is let go and no other factors
are involved, tell me which is true or false lolz.

Here here, let me translate the gibberish:
Ready to meet someone doesn't mean you've let go (a+b=/c)
Letting go and meeting someone doesn't mean you're ready (c+b=/a)
Ready to let go doesn't mean you're meeting someone (a+c=/b)

Therefore I can mathematically deduce that
1.You don't have to let go to be ready to meet someone.
2. You don't have to be ready to let go and meet someone.
3. You don't have to meet someone when you're ready to let go.

They are all just different unique instances to one another.

Anyways, bottomline is that people oughtta stop thinking that arguments are all bad.
Because arguments aren't bad. It's the people who're involved in the arguments that
make arguments look bad. There are definitely good and healthy arguments out there.
You just need to really experience it for you to know it yourself.

Today, I'm grateful that:
1. I remembered to run an errand my dad left me.
2. I lost something that I thought was important and went into a rage fit, but after I
cooled off and found an alternative solution to the problem, all is well again.
3. I didn't slam the door too hard when I was throwing a tantrum.
4. I'm wearing my favourite shirt!

20-11-2013 I'm Grateful 041