Saturday, November 30, 2013

Fun Day

Rhane Camelia Garland for Brave Horizon.

And to Facebook, I want to thank you for your kind encouragement to artists like me:

Thanks you for letting me know that my painting resembles a real person close enough
for me to need to tag someone who resembles my painting the closest.

I also had an awesome 4 hour alone-time with the Hi-Definition Surround Sound system
with a Plasma Screen TV. Man... to think that I could have such amazing eargasms without
ever needing to blow my eardrums raw with killer headphones.

Ah, and yes.

A happy disaster. Made some rice but had too much water in the pot, so it came out
soggy even after cooking it thrice. So I decided to fry the rice in attempt to dry it up
a little bit.

Brown poo-colour awesomeness is courtesy of Lee Kum Kee Oyster Sauce.
Also contains traces of tomatoes, onions, garlic, cauliflowers and eggs.

And besides that, I'm telling you...

er.. the link's on the image.

Marina Tempura nuggets are fucking awesome. It's so damned good, I'd rather
have this over McNuggets given any damned time.

And for all you chicks out there who are phobic of exercising in fear of developing
muscle, here's me telling you to go suck it. All you whiney princesses. Go do some
goddamned squats for a change instead of worrying about being fat.

Man, today was so awesome, I don't think I even need to make a Grateful list to
be grateful haha.


Today I'm grateful that:
1. Finished a painting.
2. Cooked some fine food for me self.
3. I had 4 hours of glorious eargasms
4. I had Marina Tempura Nuggets. 

30-11-2013 I'm Grateful 51

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