Saturday, November 16, 2013


Have you ever been the recipient of a nice comment about you
from someone on a very random part of the day before?

You don't anticipate it at all, because we're all kinda wired with
the fact that life is actually kinda dull as is until something awesome
happens for some peculiar reason.

But when we hear stuff like that, our mood suddenly brightens up
and we feel like we can take on any kinda challenges the day has
in store for us.

This feeling called happiness.

Such a weird emotion. We don't need it to live, and it's definitely
not a necessity in one's life, but it sure knows its way of making us
feel fulfilled about having such an emotion.

How can something be not a necessity but yet we crave so desperately
for it as fellow humans? When it's around, we celebrate life, but when
we don't, everything becomes indifferent again.

I mean, it's not even oxygen, water, or food. Oh wait, what am I
talking about, those are all physical necessities of the human body.

Happiness is the necessity that is psychological. It definitely wouldn't
kill us to not have it at any given moment of time but I guess it creates
a sense of apathy when it's absent for too long.

Apathy is basically the nonexistence of an individual within and individual
when you think about it. The lack of emotion, lack of feeling, lack of everything
that makes a human a human and not a robot.

Then now maybe we can diverge this topic towards something that converges
in both physical and psychological necessities.


We don't require relationships to live as well. We don't really need
someone around us who understands us and loves us for who we
really are to be alive.

But it sure makes us feel good inside knowing that someone does
out there. And better yet when we actually get the chance to
reciprocate it. We feel happy.

Knowing that you have someone to care for, and someone cares for you
is the psychological essence of it. Being able to care for and make someone
feel better physically is the physical aspect of it.

Lets face it, which of us doesn't want to please that special someone that
completely entrances us just by being who they are? Having the ability
to conjure a smile on that person's face is priceless and makes all the
effort worthwhile doesn't it?

Well, I'm writing this today because I've had one of the best dreams I've
ever had when I woke up today. And the best part is that I can
actually remember it all. It not being a huge nightmare is a damned
good bonus too.

I've had flashes of alternate realities before, and a lot of them seem
pretty odd and out of place. If it wasn't those kinda dreams, then I'd
have some random vision of someone's very bad memory, dying in
the midst of something very dark and evil.

And at times, I get to witness death up close, and there's nothing I
could do but watch in those dreams. It was as if I was there to watch,
but was never visible to all the denizens within.

Worst is when I felt the pain the unfortunate victims were inflicted with.
You probably don't wanna know what it feels like to be skewered with
something sharp from left to right through your skull very slowly while
still being conscious enough to know that liquid is oozing out from the
point of entry and that you feel and incredible sense of pain that makes
you whole body want to rattle like a cockroach blasted with 1000 Megavolts
of electricity.

But somehow, it's just a lot worse when your body cannot react to such
an involuntary reflex for pain, but remain still and motionless throughout the
entire ordeal. It's like the frustration of not being able to sneeze when you
know your body wants to. As out of place the analogy may seem for the
scenario, I just couldn't think of a better example. So that'll have to do.

ANYWAY, bottomline is, I enjoyed today's dream. And I'd keep dreaming
about it whenever I can. It's really rare to have a form of happiness
only you can give yourself if you want to without having someone to feed
you with it.

And mine is that really pleasant dream. If it becomes reality, I'd probably
die of over-complacency. So if it doesn't happen, I guess being able to
dream about it whenever I want to seems just fine the way it is.

So today, I'm grateful that:
1. I didn't have a nightmare.
2. I had a good dream.
3. I slept very very well.
4. I woke up feeling great.

16-11-2013 I'm Grateful 047

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