Friday, November 08, 2013

Less is More

... Not all the time.

Well, there shouldn't be a reason as to why my posts
are lacking content or whatnot. It's just as is.

Just because I did something earlier today, yesterday or
the days before doesn't make it necessary for me to post
it to the world to know...


Some things are better left hidden anyways.
Like something involving maggots and rubbish. Nasty stuff.

Either I'm still grateful that:
1. I was frustrated about one part of the game I was playing, but I figured it out eventually.
2. I've had effective sleep earlier. Just around 5-6 hours. And I'm wide awake. Awesome stuff.
3. I'm not as annoyed with my dad as I was yesterday. Doesn't make him any less irritating though...
4. My house will be louder than usual. Fact: Home Theater System Installed. So..
5. I can has blueray awesomesauce nao, despite only having DVD awesomesauce.
6. I can kill my ears along with everyone else's within 100m radius if I turn the system up to max volume.
7. I figured out How-To-Tell-My-Dad-How-To-Use-Bluray-Player-For-Dummies.

8-11-2013 I'm Grateful 039

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