Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Networked Blogs

Networked Blogs has been surprisingly efficient lately. I
don't really remember how I got into registering into it, I
just knew I was invited or something, and I just left everything
as is on default settings.

It was a sore disappointment back then. It's basically like an
app for you to share blog posts on Facebook. I don't really
find that all that much a spectacular function when you already
have a fully-functional Follower base on Blogger.

But oh well, it was free. I wasn't deliberately trying to promote
my blog, but I also didn't really care if people read them or not.
I mean, really, who gives a shit about another random guy right?

Anyways, I donno what happened, but my posts never used to get
linked immediately and appear a few seconds right after I post my
post on Blogger.

It used to be slow as hell, and it normally takes about 12 hours
or so just for my posts to actually get a proper ping. But I guess
that started to change for the past... 3 months or so.

I guess something good happened to the app after somebody had
a eureka about making it faster. Well, it's not like the developer had
a choice. They are now competing with Pinterest, Tumblr and so
many other Social Media sites where their main purpose is to share
away whatever it is people wanna share.

And this poor people are stuck with it's complete dependency towards
the Facebook-Blogger relationship. So they just have to make do.

Anyways, I'm not particularly fascinated by how fast it is now.
Well, what can I say. I kinda got used to the app being pretty much
hopeless. And suddenly it's actually doing a reliable job doing what it's
supposed to do.

But whatever the case is, cheers to the developers for a job well done.
They deserve a good huge chunk of chocolate chip cookie.

Today, I'm grateful that:
1. I had an awesome fan-whoring session about a particular game
2. My most recent ulcers in my mouth are all healed.
3. I talked to some good friends today.
4. I've had weird dreams there were good. I think.
5. Once I post this, it'd appear on my wall.

19-11-2013 I'm Grateful 050

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