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Penang Property Market Trends

Nice, I've got a new blogging job today, and it's a good
item to review too, since my sister just kinda migrated to
Penang for her new employment opportunity. It's pretty rare
to have your interests aligning with a job by chance anyways.

So if you're not a stranger to the real-estates scene, you should
know that Penang property is becoming increasingly valuable as
a rising and developing port state, second to Kuala Lumpur with
Johor Bharu and Negeri Sembilan next in line.

Anyways, this isn't about KL, JB or N9. I've covered KL and JB before
in others posts so I'll leave them out on this one. As for N9, that can wait
till I get a request or something hehe.

Let's focus on Propwall Penang instead.

First thing's first, how is this site different from the other Propwall state sites?

Well, for one, you've got this really super nifty sidebar that's exclusive to
all the areas in Penang:

and the list still goes on and on...

And as you can see, all available properties for purchase/rent are also
conveniently annotated on the right of each area's respective links. So
be rest assured that if you're looking for a place to stay or simply surveying
the area for your own interests, you can do so without much of a hassle.

I also like this new update Info part with all these Propwall sites.

I mean, it can never hurt to know a little background story about a place
you might want to consider moving to or investing in right? And hey, it's
Penang we're talking about here, not just another state. They even
throw in local delight options just to see if you'll settle there just so
that you can have your favourite Penang dish in within walking distance.

I kinda wished it was a joke but hey, I can't say I'm not glad it wasn't.
What better way to contemplate on your real-estate investments then
to tie them down to one of life's greatest necessities: FOOD!

*I do need to remind you that not all Info has got like a specialty dish within
the area, but there's quite a handful of them. So I'll leave that exploration to
yourself hoho.

Anyways, I digress from leading you astray with food. But what can I
say? It's Penang!

Now, onto some even more convenient niches in the site:
Incorporated Google Map

Man, remember the good ol'days where we used to explore
new places with a map in hand? I guess those days are kinda
scarce now when Google is doing such a good job connecting
everywhere together with such precision in topography and
geographical translation.

Also, all you pricks having Data Service with Smartphones and
relying on GPSes really isn't helping the paper map industry.

Either way, if you're looking for a place to stay that's reasonable
to commute to and fro a certain place, this is where you can check
out if the place you're interested in is worth the trouble of moving in to.

Graph Chart's for Property Price Fluctuations

Ok... Air Itam is a bit sad. (It literally means Black Water after all so..)
Lemme use the one from the main page to better illustrate the graph's functionality.

So as you can see, the Graph is indeed a pretty valuable investment
tool when you're looking to invest in a property in the near future. With
some good market tips and a good sense for timing, hey, you might just
be able to get a good buy for yourself when used well.

Price Fluctuation Chart
Here ye here ye, looks like even if you are graph blind, you wouldn't have
to worry too much, because the chart version is provided too.

Net Change - dollar by dollar increase.
% change  - margine of increase from previous value, in percentage.

No worries if Google Satellite isn't being helpful enough in painting a
clearer picture to the place you're falling in love with. Nice people have
already done you the honour of posting images of the said properties for 
you own viewing pleasure. So just stalk to your heart's content.

Also, if you already own a property/looking for one, and you want to 
save yourself the advertising expenses of putting them up on newspapers 
and such, not to worry, that's what a Dashboard is for, regardless of which 
state of Propwall you're actually coming from.

Just hit the Dashboard, and move to Classified or simply hit the Post a new post.
Then it should turn out like this:

Then just hit the Post button at the bottom, and voila, you've made your
first classified ad.

Don't even worry too much about making mistakes with your ad lol. Propwall
even had the decency to put up a super-obvious disclaimer down below, just
in case if you're having doubts.

Oh, and lookie here. They gave the home loan calculator a huge upgrade.

This time, it even comes with the banks' interest rates themselves. Now that's
pretty swell I'd say. It's like free advertising for the respecting banking brands.

Hmm, and looks like once you post an ad, even if you don't have an image, they
put in one for you by default.

Anyways, now you know how a successful ad looks like.

Ah, and there it is. Your magical sidebar of awesomeness.

Edit, delete, do whatever you want with your ad here. As for I,
I'm just gonna go ahead and hit delete now since it was a dummy
post anyways. Not exactly a good idea to unintentionally coax 
innocent newbies to Propwall.

And if your removal/edit was successful, then something like this should appear:

Ok, so with that, all the site's functions are pretty much covered and
now's the time for a simple overall review of the site.

From what I can see, Propwall doesn't disappoint when it comes to an
alternative property sales directory site. The layout design is still as easy
on the eyes as before, and I like all the new upgraded functions introduced
in their latest version. So much has changed since the first release of Propwall
a few years back.

And I'm glad that all the changes I see so far are all positive. The graphs
and charts especially, aside from the quality boost in beautiful stock images
for the appropriate areas. Seems like the talent level for good real-estate
photography within members has been given a huge boost too.

With Propwall, you definitely can avoid paying for newspaper advertising
in search of potential new tenants or properties, but hey, you still gotta know
that Classifieds on newspapers are still popular for a reason. So don't dump
all your chips in Propwall and expect it to cover as much as the local paper
does, because as modern as it is in Malaysia, you'll never really know the
amount of people out there who's got stuff to sell or things they are looking for, 
but still don't have the access to internet.

But it still does cover enough, and you can definitely reach out to a certain
mass of audience through it. So if you don't mind the wait from a certain
degree of non-exposure, Propwall is definitely the way to go for your real-
estate classified needs.

And with that, I end my post. Thanks for reading and have a good time
real-estate hunting.

P/S: Today I'm grateful that:
1. I got this blogging job.
2. I've finished it.
3. I got to reintroduce myself with Propwall.
4. Now I'll be more mindful of the property prices in Penang.

Oh, and about my exam today...

Sorry that I can't really divulge more info than that. There's a rule for
my regulatory body that prohibits me from ever mentioning certain 
keywords if I am to be a part of this... thing.

So if you wanna know, gimme a ping and I'll inform you in person. 
Aside from that, well, since I can't advertise it, nothing really much 
I can do about that. So there's that. Oh and

5. I passed my exam. Duh.

23-11-2013 I'm Grateful 044

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