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Revenge Porn

  1. revenge porn
    Web definitions
    1. Revenge porn is sexually explicit media that is distributed online,
      without consent of the pictured individual, for the purpose of humiliation.
      Revenge porn is usually uploaded by former lovers or hackers to pornographic
      websites. ...
Believe it or not, shit like this happens. And this could've been you
had you not been careful with who you trust. I do know however
that 2 individuals paid a heavy price for such a trust broken, namely
Dr. Holly Jacobs and her ex, Ryan Seay.

You can find the article where this image came
from here.

If you wish to learn further regarding the topic, just search up "Dr. Holly Jacobs,"
and you should find plenty of relevant materials revolving her case.

I on the other hand, simply don't know what to believe after much digging
into the case because I'm just another guy coming across this story by
chance on Thought Catalogue. I have no clue nor access to what really
transpired and I'm definitely not the first account witness to the entire
shenanigan as well, so really, who am I to say what to believe has happened? 

Ryan Seay may have been the person who had the only access to Holly's
private photos, but if he was really hacked by someone else, and that same
person was the one who distributed the photos and not him, then what Seay
is accusing Holly of will become truth, because if Seay wasn't the perpetrator,
Holly's just been bullying him out of his own life without proper grounds.

And the worst part would be that the perpetrator will still be out there,
cyberhacking someone else's life and creating another Holly poster out
of another poor lass while Holly diverts all her attention to her gut feeling
against her unsightly ex, innocent or not. That'd make that asshole a genius
in some way, because he's completely getting away with it while all the dirt
tracks lead to poorguy Ryan.

One could understand the torment of humiliation Holly was made put through
when her privacy was breached and the world looked at her like a piece of
scum. Any of us normal people would have been appalled by such a gross
disrespect to our right to individual secrecy. 

However it may be, I wouldn't say her actions of pressing charges on her ex
was the right thing to do. Because clearly, if you put someone through a
humiliation that bears similar resemblance to what you've gone through as
payback, I highly doubt one's judgment is completely unclouded by personal
bias for vendetta. But thanks to the existence of law, I guess there's a legal
way to do so. Not trying to be sarcastic, but it's a fact we all have to deal
with these days.

Nonetheless, Dr. Holly is making good advances from her trauma, and she's
pushing for a law to protect people from the act of revenge porn. You may
check out Cyber Civil Rights and End Revenge Porn at your own leisure to
see the good that has come from the strength Dr. Holly has found within
herself to fight against such injustice. Whether Seay was right to have been
the catalyst to such a movement though is another story entirely. Because
Dr. Holly pressed charges on her ex alright. But Seay was later freed on
the ground of lack of evidence and nothing to point him to the alleged
crime of sharing out her private images and videos.

But hey, Seay's life is a huge publicity mess now thanks to Dr. Holly, so I
hope she got what she wanted from what she did to him, and she'd be at
least in perfect peace with herself if not happy after everything that has happened.

Regardless, despite me saying all these, I still haven't found a reason to rule
out the possibility that Ryan's just trying to garner sympathetic ears to his
side of the story now to minimize the damage done to his reputation. After
all, he's but a simple sound engineer who probably wants to make an honest
living out of his own talents.Whether he really did that to garner sympathy or
if it was the real deal though, that still remains to be seen, and I guess we will
never really know but Ryan Seay himself.

So you guys can pick a side from the story. It doesn't really matter what you
believed has happened, because they have already happened, and we don't
know the true story behind all the news publicity aside from the people involved
themselves. So if you're looking for something to believe in, I'd suggest you to
not even bother advocate either sides of the story and just focus on the act of
suppressing the growing culture of revenge porn in itself and what it does to people.

Because really, it doesn't make you a better person or saint to fight for either sides.
So let Dr. Holly and Seay work it out for themselves. We've all got bigger fish to fry.

And by bigger fish to fry, I mean to say that we need to focus on how to curb
revenge porn's effects to people to a minimum. So, with that being said, I'd like
to now advocate my standing regarding the issue.

I personally think that revenge porn is very childish and immature of either side
of the couple. This hurt you inflict on others isn't necessary, and although it might
relieve you of withdrawal from breakup temporarily, that relief won't last, and
sooner or later, the act will come to haunt you should you still possess any shred
of moral conscience. Because if you don't have any, I don't see why you're even
wasting time on your ex. Go rob a bank already! At least that makes you richer.

If anything, committing revenge porn only goes to say how right your ex was to
dump you in the first place. Good going mate, looks like you probably don't
deserve your ex after all.

Anyway, as a fellow man, I think if a girl has sent something of that sort to you
before as a token of trust and maybe a booming sense of sexual expectations,
you as a person, should  hold on to that earnest token respectfully and with dignity.
If things don't work out, then you by right, shouldn't even be keeping any of those
private materials in my opinion. I mean, if you're really trying to move on, why keep
such things that will make your heart bleed even more as you continue to dwell in them?

All you needed to do was select all of them, and Shift + Delete. You don't even
have to go through the trouble of emptying your Recycle Bin. I've given you a
shortcut. So if you're a person who'd been graced with such an opportunity
before because of certain circumstances, don't give yourself a chance to be
like Ryan Seay. Really, it's not worth it. You really donwanna be blamed for
it should things go wrong.

Either way, if you wanna move on, then move on already. If you're suffering
from withdrawal, that's a good thing. That's you telling yourself that your relationship
meant something deep to you. But making someone you thought you loved before
suffer for your pain? Why even bother? If you wanted revenge, there are many
other more productive ways to make use of your welled up discontent, and one
popular acceptable way, would be to strive to be a better person and make the
person who left you regret that very decision of leaving.

In the very least, there's still honour in self-improvement and it isn't destructive in
nature. It's not too hard what I'm asking isn't it? I'm not even asking you to be a
mature person, because honestly, it sucks to be the one who has to do certain
things because you have to. So I'm not.

All I'm asking, is for you to show a little kindness. Is that really so difficult? I mean,
if you really loved that person, I'm sure this wouldn't be too hard a matter to do.

And to all you girls out there who come across this post; I understand its a
modern world out there now, and sex is becoming less of a taboo as time
continues to pass. As appreciative as some of us men are with your intent
to grant us men certain sexual fantasies for whatever reasons it may be,
not all of us need them. And quite frankly, we won't if we looked at you,
and treated you with the respect you deserve. So if you're gonna share
your private innuendos to someone, then please do bear in mind the 
possible consequences that may fall upon you. I know there's an
unwritten law between couples to an oath of secrecy, but really, you'll
never know what people are capable of doing sometimes.

So yeah, as a fellow man, I'm just begging you to not trust men that much.
I'm a man aren't I? Then don't trust me. Why the hell would I even deserve
naked pictures of you? Just to let myself get screwed if your photos get leaked
somehow? Great way to strengthen a relationship.

It's not myth when you hear that trust is a very rare commodity these days,
and I really have to quote out this irony that has come to light after much reading:
People used to say that you'll never really know who to trust until you try and trust them. But at this point of time, it'd be more accurate to know that you'll never know who you're trusting until you break up with that person.
Put that in a context range from casual friendships to serious relationships and
it'll still give you the same answer. Because you'll never know who you're really
trusting until you decide to screw with them aka break their hearts.

*sigh* what a world we live in. Just when we think love should be celebrated
and relationships would make us happier better people. I guess this is what
makes us humans such insecure creatures these days. We are just constantly
living in fear of this fucked-up little thing called heartbreak.

And last but not least, I share this video about an interview between this host
and a revenge porn webmaster for you to judge who really is to blame for the
entire culture an existence of revenge porn itself.

Is it really the girls' fault for sharing their nudity? 
Is it really the girls' fault for breaking their men's hearts? 
Is it really the men's fault for not respecting the unspoken vow to secrecy?
Is it the the webmasters' fault for creating a hub for all these materials to centralize? 
Is it the general populace's fault for craving revenge porn as acceptable fap material?

Well, if you ask me, my answer is simple. If nobody shared anything, and all
men were mature and nobody wanted to take advantage of the income opportunity
that comes from hosting a revenge porn website, then, none of these would have
been likely to happen. But what can I say? Nobody's perfect.

Ultimately though, this all happened because of the action of sharing nudity in itself.
It's definitely unjust if you were recorded or had your picture taken against your free
will. Sue someone's ass to your heart's content if that's really the case. You deserve
your own fair share of justice. But if you willingly do so, then it bears repeating: 

Just be reminded of the consequences that may befall you should you decide to do it, be it man or woman.

With that, I rest my case, and I bid you a good day. Thanks for reading.

Today I'm grateful that
1. after 2 days bumming around with this stupid post, I finally found the right words for it.
2. I've got nothing of that sort to be embarrassed about.
3. Agents of SHIELD Ep09 came out.
4. I downloaded it.
5. I finished watching it too.

29-11-2013 I'm Grateful 50

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