Sunday, November 17, 2013

Rules Are Meant To Be Broken

Some rules. Not all of them.

And yes, generally by default, we are not required to follow rules.
We still have the freedom of choice do whatever we wanna do.
Whether or not it goes against or goes by the laws is another
matter entirely.

That's where a lot of people go wrong. Some people just bend
rules because they think it's fun, and some people think they
should follow rules because the thought of them doing so makes
them feel like they are better people.

There's no point in breaking or following rules if you don't even
understand why the rules were put there in the first place. If you
were still 5-years-old or someone who can't think on your own,
then you probably wouldn't have the conscience to think of
such things and it'd be excusable since someone else with a
mature mind would have to do that thinking for you.

But when you're an adult, and you still don't know how to discern
whether a rule is garbage or worth following, then... I donno. I feel
kinda bad for you.

And well, this is the part about rules most people tend to leave out
in their mind.

The fact that every action has a consequence.

So if you're going to break a rule or law somewhere, and you're not
having a certain degree of anticipation for what might happen after
you do what you feel like doing, then you're kinda doing it wrong.

If you wanna go against a red light, then be prepared for a ticket
or your life flying into the sky. If you wanna smoke in no-smoking
areas, then be prepared for a fine or someone attacking you for
defiling their good air. If you wanna park somewhere where it's
illegal to park, then be prepared for some happy clamping and
the possibility of being compounded for a generous amount of cash.

Sometimes, it's an honest mistake that you didn't see the signs displayed
or you're just really that oblivious to everything. But when you're doing it
while being fully aware of the rules that are made available for you, it might
be best for you to stop thinking that you can get away all the time.

Because the thrill of being phantom and untouchable is very real.
It boosts your invulnerability ego and is pretty addictive. Once you become
a serial offender, there's really no helping anymore until you get admitted into
a rehab facility against your wishes after getting caught.

Well, yeah, if you get caught right?

I wouldn't have to worry about such things. Things will happen as they
should be sooner or later. It's not really karma or anything. But one fine
day, you'll be careless. Your guard will be down and your luck might
not have been at its best then.

It's just how we are as humans. We're never completely guarded by ourselves
all the time.

So keep breaking rules by all means. Just remember to when you do,
you have to bear the consequences that may come. This doesn't just
apply to just road laws, premise rules, or codes of morals.

It also applies to the very rules of physics, scientific laws and everything
else that are meant to be followed the way they are, but you still choose
to go against them.

After all, there's no real right or wrong in this world. What matters most
is whether you'll always be responsible for you actions or not. We humans
are curious creatures after all. There's no telling what we won't want to do
if there was no consequences involved in anything we do.

So today, I'm grateful that:
1. I've blindly followed stupid school rules until I was 17.
2. I'm still a law abiding citizen to date.
3. I've broken a fair share of rules AFTER I left school.
4. I realize rules aren't made to be feared, but to be pondered on logically.
5. I know what it means to bear a burden of guilt for doing something against the rules.
6. I know that some rules out there are just utter rubbish.
7. the world is governed by laws. Even if there a bad ones, there are still good ones,
and it's still a whole lot better than not having any in the first place. Civilization happened.
We're no longer allowed to run rampant like a savage as we please.

17-11-2013 I'm Grateful 048

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