Thursday, November 21, 2013

What is Beautiful?

I've told someone this before, and I thought I should share
it because, when I think back about it, it still makes a lot of
sense, and well, I must admit that most of the time, the things
I think about don't really make any sense at all sad to say.

So this is the dictionary definition:
  1. 1.
    pleasing the senses or mind aesthetically.
    "beautiful poetry"

And this is what I think is something that constitutes a beautiful
person or object:

Something beautiful doesn't mean that something has to be perfect.
I just means that something lacks in many forms of imperfection.

I'm pretty weird when it comes to appreciating beauty. When I
see something perfect, I adore it at first sight, and after a while,
I just kinda get irritated by it. Because it's already perfect, what
else is there to see?

But when I see things that aren't as beautiful at first, the longer
I observe them, the more I appreciate them. That's when I realize
that I'm just observing the fact that the object in questions lacks
in relative imperfection.

Meaning to say, when something average is put against another average
item, you'd learn to appreciate it's special individual traits that stand out
from one another.

But once you put in something that looks better than the average item
together with the item in question, average traits are suddenly considered
flaws and imperfect; or better than average traits become the ideal.

I guess the same kinda goes for people. Sometimes you just can't help
but wonder how some pretty guys and handsome girls pretty girls and
handsome guys can go after partners who are not in their league.

And by not in their league, I mean the person with an ideal/model face or figure,
going out with someone who looks completely plain or ordinary to most people.

And I actually understand why they'd wanna do that.

We humans are very tied in with the society and community. We always
wanna flock with the birds of the same feather or.. I donno, we'll socially
suffocate or something.

Then sooner or later, we kinda get tired with all the people who're
just so alike to us, and we just can't stand them anymore. It's not
like just because they look or act a certain way similar to us automatically
makes them good partners or buddies.

Because we tend to look for people we can relate to. Whether we completely
agree with the culture and lifestyle exposed to us however is a completely
different matter. Being able to relate to something and agreeing to something
are two completely different things.

Just like how one's sex is predetermined, but one's gender is objective to
the individual's preference. We live in an age where sex-change is out
there anyways.

But homosexuals are different. They still want to be the sex they are born
with and still be attracted to and accepted by those who are of the same sex.
So when you actually look at it that way, people who go for sex-change
aren't actually homosexuals. They are really heterosexuals born into the
wrong kinda physical state.

It's a very different matter to want to be seen like a guy and want to attract
other guys, as opposed to wanting to be seen like a girl and want to attract
other guys.

Another non-gender related example, like culture would be how one can grow
in the farm and hate anything to do with farming, but still kinda have a lot of friends
with people who have something to do with or have backgrounds with farming.

The same applies to a metropolitan kid who grows up in a city, people
who grow up with similar family issues, people who come from the same
nationality and etc. instances.

So going back to the people who go out with those who aren't in their league;
after countless disappointments within the same hunting grounds, people just
begin to scour through alternative options.

I guess it just happens. Not everyone goes through this phase, but it happens.

Well, I guess the next time you look at something not-so-beautiful,
maybe you could give it a second look and reevaluate your initial
perception about it. Who knows, you might even be surprised by
what you can find when you observe carefully.

Today I'm grateful that:
1. I've finally understood something very important.
2. That something important is the fact that I'm not handsome.
3. That something important is also the fact that I'm not ugly.
4. If I'm not ugly, then some people will think I'm handsome because I'm not ugly enough to be ugly.
5. If I'm not handsome, then some people will think I'm ugly just because I'm not handsome enough to be handsome.
6. I actually don't really care about that something important.
7. knowing such a trivia in my life changes nothing in my life, yet it's fun to know.
8. I don't own any physical aspect whatsoever that could be considered a deformity.
9. Even after surviving 3 accidents, there's nothing visibly apparent for anyone to relate the accidents to.
10. I'm still pretty much healthy.
11. I've never gotten sick for almost 3 years now.
12. my slipped disc in my vertebrae never came back to haunt me

21-11-2013 I'm Grateful 042

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