Thursday, December 26, 2013

Are Situps Bad For Your Back?

Interesting question.

I started really thinking about it when a friend of my pointed it out in
one a Facebook comment.

Either way, I already did my reading. If you want to do your own research,
feel free to enter the search queries are + sit + ups + bad + for + your+ back.

And my answer?

I honestly have no idea.

I'm not sure why the research says what is says, but from my knowledge, situps
are only bad for your back when you do it wrong. And this is coming from someone
with a slipped disc before in my vertebrae so you can bet that I take into heavy
consideration what I do in regards to the health of my spine.

Anyways, I recovered from my slipped disc after 9 months of intensive physiotherapy.
And trust me when I tell you that I'd never ever want to be in that state ever again.
I'll leave the possibility of physiotherapy just in case I get into an accident or something
Other than that, I do my best to keep my back out of physio's way, because really, doing
physio sucks donkey balls.

And I'm glad to inform you that I've never had a recurring issue with my back ever since I
started doing situps and jogging religiously.

Also, I think there's something that really bears proper clarification. When people mention
pain for the back, there's always 3 types:
1. the layer of skin scraping bare against the ground
2. the cocyx grinding against the ground.
3. you just lazy. stfu and stop giving excuses. There actually is no 3rd type of back pain,
unless if your back muscles have a cramp or torn tendons or something, which is highly
unlikely unless if you work at constructions sites and stuff.

No. 1 happens especially when you're doing high repetition counts per cycle. Like maybe
300+ situps. Doing 20's and 60's don't count. When you do it enough to sweat like a pig,
collect uric salts around your skin and still continue, that's painful. Its the friction that hurts
when pressed against the body weight. It's definitely not my spine acting up at all. And I
do this with my exercise mat on with cushions below too.

No. 2 happens when you do it flat on ground thinking you're superman and without a
proper support. Chances are, you'd have been trying too hard to do it, and you even
end up not being able to root yourself to your original position ever since you started
doing your situps. Every single time your body hops up and cheats your way through
the proper arcing form of the situps, that's when you really hurt your spine. So stop
fucking cheating it. Do it properly.

Anyhow, for those of you who agree with the health theory that situps are bad for your
back, it's fine. And if you tell me it's bad for my back, thank you for your concern!

But I'm perfectly fine doing my situps and you can stay healthy your way while I do mine.
I hope that's ok with you.

Because I've seen real results with situps in both myself and other people (my little brother),
so when that article pointed out that it doesn't work at all, I'm feeling a certain level of biasness
in the article already, because situps do work, when done right.

Maybe that guy has a thing against situps and is always trying to do something else, anything
for as long as it isn't situps while still trying to divert people into alternative exercises, which is
perfectly fine. But situps work, and I don't just think it does, I know it does.

So if anything, I feel like articles that say situps are bad are largely done by people who
dislike situps, period. I mean, if they can prove that it doesn't do any good, they can
have a convenient excuse to tell themselves not to do situps, which is great for sloths.

Another thing to consider is if you have any physical disabilities. If you do then, maybe
avoiding direct situps might be the best way for you. Other than that, I see no harm in
you doing it properly.

But I think there's definitely a point here worth pondering on. True, recent research may
have proven that situps are bad for your back, but you must also think about the fact that
the ab-work out culture doesn't just spring out from nothing. It comes from a source, and
if it did, it means there's credibility in it. There's a good reason why people still do it today
and people still get washboard abs till date.

Well, whatever you choose to believe, just stay healthy. Really man. Nothing else matters.

Today I'm grateful that:
1. I hung onto a car while cycling for more than 2 seconds. Definitely dangerous, but worth
every awesome second.
2. I made a... err. friend.
3. I had the day off till 6pm today. Made all the difference to me.
4. I noticed that I screwed up the Grateful ### sequence.
5. I corrected the sequence already haha.

26-12-2013 I'm Grateful 077

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