Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Avril x Chad

Seems like their marriage was a good decision and their recent song,
Let Me Go is a good proof of it. I couldn't help but think that it sounded
as if it was written to be sung by Chad and his Nickelback band when I
gave it a listen, but Avril managed to pull it off really nicely. A lot of her
slower songs sounded great anyways. Too bad there weren't that many
of them.

In fact, this probably one of her only songs that I could really relate to
and get nice goosebumps with to date.

Well, it's also good to know my hunch was right about the song being
the result of 2 musically creative people in to create good music, because
it was really written together by the two, including David Hodges.

This could be a small guess, but I think this was the couple's way of
reconciling their previous relationship histories together. I'm sure they've
both had their own share of pain from their pasts, particularly Avril
considering her divorce. But if you look at Chad's love songs... they're
also pretty damn heartbreaking. So God bless these two for finding each
other really.

It's understandable that it came out around October since both of them
have been very busy with their own career schedules, particularly Chad
who was touring.

Well, if you need to know, they got married on July 1st, Canada Day and
althought they may be rockstars, they are also infallible normal people. So
to make sure they could get by better, they both made marriage rules for
themselves to avoid any form of unnecessary insecurities.

It probably doesn't make much of a difference to you, but the release of that
statement and them actually following their code just makes me respect them
both as individuals.

Now, the only shame I could think of for them would be not being able to sing
Let Me Go out openly together for their wedding ceremony. Well, the inspiration
only came 4 months after the marriage, so there's really no helping it eh?

Well, in the very least, maybe they could put it into consideration for their
following wedding anniversary. Looks like Canada Day's gonna be more
popular than ever.

Rules are really hard to follow in a relationship, but if these 2 can pull it off, I'm
sure it'd set a good example for the current modern generation of couples.

Hopefully more people would find it acceptable to impose a reasonable set of
rules to their relationships to avoid uncontrolled disasters and outbreaks when it
comes to a shattered romance. Because really, it's not even about avoiding the
shattered romance, it's about strengthening the relationship.

Rules set by two committed individuals who are in love with one another is a
beautiful concept when it comes down to relationships. Because those rules
are no different than the individuals involved or the relationship as a separate
entity, they are one and the same as it all leads to one, and one thing only:


So for those of you people who're having a hard time for whatever reason it
may be, just believe that you're not alone and there's always someone who shares
your pain. Nobody can care for everyone, and it's perfectly normal to encounter
a certain degree of ignorance in them.

But just because they're oblivious to your existence doesn't mean they don't care.

Try Lullaby. The writer might not have written it for anyone in specific, but you
can certainly sense that he, and the artist himself care for those who can relate
to the song.

Cheers for reading.

Today I'm grateful that:
1. It's been rainy cool all day
2. Some people care about me.
3. There's a great relationship role-models like Avril and Chad
out there. I'm sure there's more, but hey, I'm biased with the
2 of them.

03-12-2013 I'm Grateful 054

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