Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Figuring Out Something 001

For my juniors. 

Seems like the ribbons used for uniform decor are

getting relatively expensive these days, so I tried
approaching an idea some of my juniors expected
so that they can save costs and maybe have something
reusable that can be passed to down to other incoming
members before they leave.

Stick with Double-Sided Tape. Leave some parts of the
edge to fold inwards and to be used as the binding area
between the stripes and the real uniform.

just a wider view.

Using as little tape as I can afford to use. First square.




in the end, I had to add more to hold everything in place.
Total around 6?

Hokae... flatten flatten *irons*

ta-da! MAGIC.

Fuck magic. Sewn non-stop for 3 hours. -_-

Use two different stitches as you can see, just to see
which is more effective*

The stitch techniques used.

Man, aren't I glad I'm not into Fashion Design. Those
pricks of needles are bloody painful. Of course, there are
sewing machines but... nevermind.

Anyways, now I'm conflicted with a pressing issue...
Those ribbons I used. They are kinda notorious for losing
it's dye and leaking it onto whatever damned fabric it
manages to shit on, so if those decor that I've spent so much
time doing for gets dirty, and I can't wash it, then.. what's
the point??


Today I'm grateful that:
1. I sewn my torn shirt.
2. I sewn my torn pants
3. I sewn... stuff.
4. Got to know 2 really nice people.
5. My Whatsapp is back online. Yay. I guess.

11-12-2013 I'm Grateful 061

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