Wednesday, December 25, 2013


My little brother is a genius. Jesus, I'm 22 while he's 18 and I didn't
even think of using my exercise board this way. Ugh, I'm a failure as
a an older brother.

Either way, doesn't matter. Now my back doesn't have to suffer anymore
when I do my situps, crunches and leg raises.

Also, there's been this nagging issue I've been wanting to raise from some
time now, but I don't quite know how exactly to go about it.

Well, I guess I could always start with the facts. You know, if you begin
working in the service industry, you just can't help but notice that the
foreign labour workers are so used to always doing cleaning work and
people are also so used to seeing them do cleaning work, they are
immediately lumped with the responsibility to clean more even when
they are as able as any other people like us.

And the saddest part isn't exactly the perception of others who look at
the foreign workers, but the mentality of the foreign workers themselves.
I don't really know what's worse, the existence of such a stigma or the
fact that the foreign workers actually think they deserve to do such
kinds of work.

I find it really saddening when I know the foreign workers could do as
well as each and any one of us ever could but inhibited by their own
embeded perception that they were destined for cleaning, mechanical
labour and menial chores.

But well, not much I can do about it. So.. yeah.

Either way, today I'm grateful that:
1. Only 6 days left to go before Project Grateful is over!
2. I had Dark Chocolate ice cream. You have no idea how good
this thing is until you try it yourself.
3. Ah yes, I finally made my first waffle.
4. My Whatsapp is finally back on again after 4 days of douchebaggery.
5. Managed to reply an important friend in time.
6. My younger bro fetched me back from work today.
7. We bullshit about the same crap we hate wakakaka.

Christmas 2013 I'm Grateful 076

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