Thursday, December 19, 2013

Good Things

"Sometimes, when you are given the gift of kindness, it is only sensible to respond in kind."

I used to be what you'd consider a buzzkill. Always turning
things down, saying no, hiding away from people, not
reciprocating kind gestures and responding with a cold
shoulder and etc. Best kinda party pooper available. 

I guess you could say I didn't have the need to feel associated
to anyone. I wanted to be left alone. The possibility of being
connected to anyone unnecessarily turns into this heavy burden
that weighs onto my conscience like some sorta parasite. Whether
I choose to care or not, it still drains my energy away.

Maybe it's because I already got too familiar with the disappointment
that follows from every blunder of friendships, and I was at the point where
I was too tired to even think about being self-destructive anymore. So I
decided to detach myself from the world and begin my psychological
hibernation from the society.

Why crave for attention only to be ignored?
Why strive to be noticed only to be unnoticed?
Why struggle to prove yourself when everyone is oblivious to your efforts?

I donno, we all have our own reasons to do what we do. But I can tell
you one thing for certain now:

If you raise your hand against me, I'll do my best and five your palm and
show you the biggest smile I can afford to muster.

Because I truly feel that this is the way things should really be for me.
And I think that's how you'd want me to react anyways. 

Today, I'm grateful that:
1. I ate good mamak food.
2. I had Ramlee burgers.
3. I've experienced 10mb unifi awesomeness
4. I've overcome and important obstacle.

19-12-2013 I'm Grateful 070

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