Monday, December 16, 2013


Seriously, why must everybody be so goddamned sibuk (nosy) with other people's life and religion.
Jesus. Just let her be man. What's wrong with her wanting to wear that headdress?

Oh right, she's some sort of celebrity. I guess that gives the public a free pass to be
openly critical towards her huh.

All the Muslim and non-Muslim retards are overpopulating I'm telling you. You'll understand
if you start reading her Facebook or her blog.

Look man. Luckily Malaysia has Malaysians like Nori.

And some other honorary mentions

Telling you man, I really feel like elbowing all those people who're trying to throw Allah
material at her (like this Lookman prick). What's even more surprising is how some more
educated Malays actually understand that concept of religious-freedom and supporting
Felixia's own journey to spiritual growth, compared to the appalling non-Muslims (particularly
Chinese) who took offense in her public display of personal change and outright criticized
her for being two-faced hypocrite.

Hold on hold on, lemme just show you the kinda person who deserves an elbow. I think
I saw one in the comments. Hmm... but then I could be caught for public defamation huh...
(but then, I still displayed Lookman's one. So.. *ahem*)

Ah, I'll just copy the excerpt then. You can go find it yourself in the blog if you want to.

Dear Felixia,

Would you be my makmum.. my wife, my half soul, my part of rib bones as i hope to be your imam and husband for eternity. amin..

we've met few years before if your remember. :)

This type of people makes me speechless. They're in a whole league of their own that's
so amazing, they feel like magical unicorns with the head of a troll.

Then the newspaper. Really nothing else better to do. Every single time there's something
related to Islam, they'd just slap it like it's a goddamned headline of the year. Isn't it getting
old already? The last time, there was non-muslim children forced to eat in toilets during
fasting month. Then there was that stupid issue regarding females who are asking to get
raped by wearing shorts or anything skin-revealing. If it wasn't that, then there was the
bullshit story of how polygamy gives a better life. Don't even get me started on the story
about how male armpit odour attracts women.


Was I wrong to think we were way beyond racial and religious disputes
already? Man, to think that news of one popular model could bring Malaysians'
mentality backwards is just tragic.

Just leave her alone man. I'm not even a true fan of hers, (I only known her like...
4 days back and that was before this simple story of paradigm shifts was blown
to epic proportions) but I feel really bad for her having to go through all this social
media crap. But I guess this is just something she has to face for going public with
a reputation like hers.

Attention for someone of her stature is inevitable. But I'm pretty certain she knows that
already, and I applaud her for having both strength and courage to be true to the world.
And for now, she seems to be handling the attention fairly well. Perks of being a sought
after model I suppose, but hey, if she's learned something good from her experience
modelling, it'd only make sense to apply it right?

Anyways, social media always have some other good pieces worth sharing.
Here are a few.

The other stuff you can all read them at your own pace I guess.
I'm not so free as to post slanders on each and every person who's
been making fun of her. Why spread the bad when there's so much
good to share?

To all the other pricks out there, nothing to say to you lol. Not worth
my time. For those of you who made fun of her thinking it'd be ok just
because she's a public figure, you'll see soon how karma works in its
own mysterious set of ways. I'm certain what goes around comes around.
When that day comes, you better not whine though, or you'd be a bigger
hypocrite then Felixia ever was.

Nobody gets away from hypocrisy. Even Felixia. But at least she's opening
up and being truthful to herself and the world. To how much the extent of her
hypocrisy escapes me, because I don't personally know her. But just from
her posts alone, I can tell she's already not as big a hypocrite as the influx
of haters spouting unnecessary junk in her pages.

Well, there's that. I'll leave you to judge the situation on your own accord.
Which side you'll be taking or not taking is completely none of my concern.
All I know is I have respect for Felixia, and that's all that matters.

Today I'm grateful that:
1. I'm no celebrity.
2. I gave some useful tips to someone about something.
3. I woke up at 5am.
4. I bought some new clothes
5. I've printed some stuff I've been dying to print for the past few weeks.

16-12-2013 I'm Grateful 067

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