Saturday, December 21, 2013

I Respect...

...people with open profile pages on Facebook. I guess when
they have such public privacy settings, it makes me feel like they
are more honest with the whole world in regards to who they are
and.. yeah, I think it's a good thing. I suppose it is.

Wait, it is, right?

Regardless, for everyone else who has much stricter privacy settings,
it's ok. I'm not saying it's not right to have private profiles only exclusive
to your good friends though. By all means, continue to do so. You'd
get to enjoy the luxury of not being bothered by unnecessary people
anyways, so it's cool.

I just kinda enjoy having an open life (semi-open actually) more than
a completely secluded one. But it's not like I'm famous or anything too.
So it's just more of a personal preference than anything else. And self-
respect doesn't really count I think so lets rule that out.

Speaking of being open, well, I guess I should announce that the
shop I'm working in would be having a grand opening tomorrow. So
if you're around Bangsar, feel free to stop by and you can sample some
free ice-creams. (and probably buy some if you want)

I make coffee too haha. I'll try my best to personally serve you if I can,
and this job I have now, it's a full-time long-term engagement.

I mean, I still have my dreams to achieve as a budding artists, but for now,
I'm just taking someone's advice with a pinch of salt and learning to settle
down with something first. My future immediate plans are currently pretty
much empty aside from paying up my damned loan.

And yes, I'll definitely do my best to have fun! (already am actually)

So yeah, drop by anytime in Bangsar tomorrow. And here's a link to a mini
event for what's happening tomorrow at my workplace. All you gotta know
is that you haveta wear something red and something good will happen to you
if you do it right ohohoho..

Even if you don't know what you'd be getting, I'll remind if you if I see you
haha, so no worries.

How long will we be open? Hmmm...... I guess just be sure to drop by from
12pm - 10pm haha.

So anyways, today I'm grateful that:
1. I ended work earlier than usual today.
2. I accepted a ride home.
3. I had a ride home.
4. I discovered long black.
5. I had iced latte

21-12-2013 I'm Grateful 072

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Mr Lonely said...

thanks for your sharing, i think i shall include the things that i'm grateful in order to feel more happy...