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Post-SPM - Super Panic Mode

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If you've got a problem choosing what you wanna do with your life,
then sorry, I'm not a career counselor. But I do have some experience
to share to those of you who're choosing to enroll into the limelights of
tertiary education, be it college or university, private or local.

First of all, no matter what you choose to do, be it medicine, or biotech,
or hospitality, or engineering, or arts or etc. whatever it is,

1. don't rush it.

This is reality man. A lot of people somehow end up studying the things
they are either not completely proficient in and end up feeling like a
complete failure in life or they study something they really don't even
fucking enjoy.

Nobody has the right to rush you to do the things you want to do.
Even your parents. If there's a time for you to start speaking up, this
is where you should start. Don't let anyone decide things for you. You're
responsible for your life, so make sure only you are held accountable for
your decisions and not someone else.

Trust me when I tell you that you really don't want to be blaming others
for your screw ups in life. Especially your parents and friends.

After SPM/final exams, take some time off from studying and do the things
you've been dying to do ever since you left school. It could be part-time
work, getting involved in more clubs and societies, going for a backpacking
trip.Whatever man, just do it to your heart's content.

When you wanna start focusing into your tertiary studies, don't allow yourself
to be distracted by what you didn't do anymore. You probably can't do everything
you want in between your vacation period. But you can definitely finish up some
of them. So take whatever you can get and squeeze them out dry.

Start with the ones with highest priority to those with less. Then as you continue
on into tertiary, it'd be less stressful for you, and you'd feel like you didn't actually
sell your soul to be a student in some whoopass institute.

And honestly speaking, if you donno what fuck you wanna do or what subject
you should be studying for, when you finish up those things you already planned
to do, you should at least find out something you can do or enjoy doing. So if
you're lost, close Facebook, get out of the face of your computer and start to
really experience life. Your life.

Secondly, before you even think about going into college/university,

2. prep yourself up mentally

I won't lie to you. You'll never be truly ready for something. But once you're
set to get into college or university, you've gotta let some things go. Or at least
learn to. It's ok to be greedy for as long as you manage your expectations in life.
You don't live a full 24 hours a day and you can fall sick.

Because once you're in college or university, if you don't give your 120% there,
I'm telling you here and now:


ALREADY. or you can rot in some distant corner of the planet

You're not studying there for a 3 months intensive course and magically graduate
y'know. You're gonna be spending 3+ years learning to be a better person with
your subject of choice. If you're not gonna put in any effort then why are you
even there?

If you work for 3 years, you'd already be ahead of all your other peers in terms
of experience. 3 years worth of them. You'd also have savings and actually be
able to stop relying on the finances from your parents. You don't lose anything if
you work first. The best part is, if you actually enjoy your work, you can use
your own money and finance your own education to pursue a greater career path
that is related to your work!

Fuck those people who's gonna judge you for beginning your foundation in whatever
when you're 21. Who cares? You're practically already self-made. You found a job
you like and you want to study all aspects of things related to your job so you can
go further and make it a career. Who has the right to talk down to you? Nobody
can. They haven't done things the way you did.

Thirdly, before you enroll anywhere please

3. do your fucking research

Oh, I got a pamphlet and all the info seems accurate. OMG Look at those 
pictures. The campus looks amazing. That's it, I'm gonna enroll here!

Wow. Seriously, Malaysian education sucks so bad that it's literally creating
bimbos upon completion of secondary education.

Before you get into a college/university, please at least do these 3 things:
1. Call them up for a full info.
2. Set appointment to visit the campus/Just walk in
3. Talk to the students studying there.

A word of advice here: don't ever be daunted by their remarks. They are
not the ones deciding to study. You are. So walk in like a customer looking
to be potentially buy something. Because those motherfuckers in there are ruthless
when it comes to marketing the campus to you. They'll give you dreams and
aspirations that are so awesome, it'd make you feel like a you're walking Jesus
just to sell you a spot in the campus.

So don't buy it. Always start with I'm interested to find out more about the
college before I enroll. Can you help me? and after your awesome conversation,
please try to be peaceful, even if you're already irritated by their constant effort
to solicitate sales from you by saying thank you for your time, but I think I'll take
a look around alone now. Do you have a contact I can call when I want to 
confirm my application here? Thanks. then just walk away.

Please, don't rely on a fucking pamphlet. That's not the entire info. They
don't tell you important things like whether the lecturers are actually going to
give a damn about what you want or not or if they are just assholes waiting
to lay waste to your precious lives in the entire amalgam of tertiary education.

It also doesn't give you a full overview of your entire course fee structures
and you still won't know how the campus really looks like or whether it'd be
conducive for your studies or not.

But talking to the students there will in the very least paint a clearer picture of
what you'd expect to encounter during your journey there as a student. Of
course, try to look for students who're in the course you're interested in.
When all else fails, then any student would do. Or you can just daydream.

Here are some things you should find out about your campus:
1. Your course fee for your course of choice.
2. Facilities and amenities provided.
3. Student benefits.
4. Deferment options.
5. Financial aid.
6. Competency of Lecturers/Tutors
7. Available recreation, clubs and societies.

I highlighted deferment options because I'm pretty sure most of you
don't even know what a deferment option is.

Here's a web definition of it's root word:
verb: defer; 3rd person present: defers; past tense: deferred; past participle: deferred; gerund or present participle: deferring
  1. 1.
    put off (an action or event) to a later time; postpone.
    "they deferred the decision until February"
    synonyms:postpone, put off, delay, hold over, hold off (on), put back; More
    • historical
      postpone the conscription of (someone).
      "he was no longer deferred from the draft"

Yes. To postpone. The availability of deferring your studies is a
very powerful tool many tertiary students aren't educated about
because almost all, if not all colleges and universities do not
condone the idea of stalling.

Even our parents don't like the idea, and we're all just kinda juxtaposed
in the culture where once you start something, it's only right and sensible
if you go all the way out to finish it without ever looking back.

While that's true for some, it doesn't hold that much truth value when it
comes to pursuing the path of your choice. There are something things
you can rush, like relationships. Your studies and career are definitely
within the same class of unrushables.

But I must add that it isn't exactly our fault we grow up in a culture where
we're led to believe that the faster we graduate then the sooner we can get
a job a net a steady income.

I mean, what if you aren't blessed with a family that can fully finance your
education? What then? Beg for your life?

So if you need to fund your own studies, you can actually do so with a
deferment plan. Because, well, lets face the facts. How can you ever
make RM8k in 4 months? Sure, if you sell drugs. I'm sure there's a possible
way somewhere, but with you needing to focus on your studies and the current
work scene in Malaysia... highly unlikely.

Now with all that in mind and you've already got a realistic view of what
to expect in the education scene, lets look at a certain option you can
also take into consideration:

4. Getting a scholarship/grant

Usually people who go for scholarships already set their targets even before
SPM. But if you've got a grade point of at least 6A's and above, just give it
a shot. What's stopping you? Studies aren't everything for a scholarship anyways.

Speaking of which, I was actually eligible for one too, but I didn't take it
because it was in a college that didn't offer me the subject I wanted to study.
HELP Achievers award or something. My curricular marks back then were pretty
decent. But the past is past and in the end, I still didn't take it. So whatever already
since scholarships are only open to applicants with the maximum age of 21. I was
21 last year so... oh well.

Anyways, sure, you'll earn extra merit in the eyes of your interviewers, with
a stellar certificate of education, but it still doesn't negate the fact that you need
to sweet talk your way into the interviewers' interests to success.

So don't worry too much about competition. The other students with full straight
A's might have a great paper to show, but if you're better when it comes to the
talk, you can definitely win it if you're better than them at it.

And if you lose one interview, don't worry lol, keep trying. There's more than
one scholarship out there anyways. If the ones you opt for fails, you can always
go for another and seek alternatives.

Nobody said you can't choose what you're studying based on the scholarships
offered. But hey, if you're completely clueless on what to do, the scholarship
areas are a good place to start. If you're good at adapting, you're probably
able to pickup any kinda skillsets thrown at you, and you still study for free.

Not a bad trade in my opinion.

But if you're dead set on doing a specific type of course, then forget about
scholarships. You could try looking for sponsors instead though from within
your network of family and friends. And well, there's still always PTPTN.

And regarding PTPTN, there's a rumor going around that says that if you
get First Class Honours, you qualify as a top scorer and your entire loan
repayment is waivered, so it automatically converts into a scholarship after
having several procedures taken care of.

I say rumor because there are those who qualify but never received the
benefit where there are also those who did. So if you wanna try your
luck with PTPN, then by all means, go ahead.

Well yeah, there's that. Good luck and don't fuck up too much.

Today, I'm grateful that
1. I had the best chapfan ever
2. I'm not studying in college again.
3. able to take bathe with water today.

17-12-2013 I'm grateful 068

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