Friday, December 27, 2013

Rediscovering English Music

For those of you who knew me long enough, you probably
know enough that I don't listen to a lot of English music.

The past few days, I've been scouring through my memory
for good English music, and I'm surprised to see the amount of
songs I actually both remember and liked.

Them actually fitting the setting of a little cafe makes them 10 times
more awesome haha.

I must admit I still prefer my Japanese music, but hey, having some
good music is always better than none when you're at trying to be
at work for more than 8 hours*shrugs*

I'm just glad there's a working player that can play my songs of choice
when needed.

I'll upload my playlist one day. Till then, I'll just leave you with my
favourite all-time song ever since I've first heard of it after a good
friend of mine happened to share the album to me.

It's not English by the way. And it's called a-frame. If you want to
know why I love this song so much, just listen to it twice. The first
time, just enjoy the music. The second time, listen to it as you read
the translation. The third time would probably be you trying to synch
your head together with the song and try to actually really make sense
of what the song actually means.

If you're listening it for the 4th time, then, I guess you probably
understand. If you don't then it's fine. Everyone's taste in music
is different after all.

But if I could be really honest, no matter when I listen to this song,
goosebumps always come, my senses will sharpen, and I feel like I
have a burst of energy waiting to explode inside me. And I still remember
the day I cried so hard because the meaning of the song suddenly became
so real to me.

It's a very bittersweet thing no doubt. Mostly more bitter than sweet, but..
I guess this song is just too good for me to let go. So I just learn to deal with
the memories that come along with the music.

Maybe it makes me stronger, maybe it doesn't. I just know that good music
with layers and layers of meaning that can be transfixed into so many different
types of contexts that appear in life is pretty damned awesome.

And metaphors are really just so beautiful when applied right. I donno if it's just
me, but I find that a lot of the Japanese songs I know and like have a very poetic
feel to it. It's not as direct as English and it's hard to describe.

Anyways, there's that. If you listened to it, I thank you on behalf of Kawada Mami
for even giving the song a consideration. If you didn't, it's fine, thanks for reading
this post anyways.

Today, I'm grateful that:
1. I remembered that I walked a blind man across the street.
2. Oh oh, I met one of my juniors at work.
3. Solved a coffee issue.
4. I take lrt to work. One day I'll make a post about why I'm even saying this.
5. I'm more English-song literate now. Lol.
6. that a-frame will always be apart of my memory. All lyrics, melody, and instrumental sounds.
7. I actually kinda love my job.

27-12-2013 I'm Grateful 078

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