Friday, December 20, 2013

Rough Starts

Waking up on the wrong side of the bed, your eyes swollen from
sleep deprivation, your throat feels as hoarse as a coat of sugar
paper and you were freezing the night before.

As you prepared breakfast, you slammed your toe into a flat stub
somewhere. Then some hot water spilled onto you hand. While using
your razor, you cut one of your fingers, and your face starts to bleed
somewhere too.

Then as you were eating, you bit hard into the flesh of your lip and
you scorn in pain. Thinking that would be the last, you bit into it
once more, this time with a mightier force. And this time, your
mouth was filled with a tremendous amount of red.

You felt like you needed to make a trip down the toilet, but you couldn't
as those series of mishaps had thrown your entire sense of timing off. So
you skipped the visit and went all the way to work.

And the next thing you know, you still managed to work a full 14 hours
without displaying any hints of stress from the series of unfortunate events
that has transpired around you during your waking hours.

I guess sometimes, when you know you've went through so much shit
but still able to pretend that you're ok is no small feat. You definitely
have every right to feel proud of yourself.

Because that day happened to me today. It sucks, but hey, life happens.
And we just adapt accordingly.

Today, I'm grateful that:
1. I've had a good duck.
2. I've had awesome waffles.
3. I was still punctual
4. Learned a great deal of other things today.

20-12-2013 I'm Grateful 071

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