Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Took A Wrong Turn

So today, I decided that I should go explore the Bangsar Village mall area on my bicycle.
Been planning this trip for some time and... well, I finally got into doing it.

My landmark was Hospital Universiti, and I move from there.

But I still took a buncha wrong turns, particularly in University Malaya since... I didn't
expect to be cycling up and down 5 different hills. Seriously, Universiti Malaya is like
a huge mini Genting in itself. Moving around with a bicycle with that many hills is just
killer to the body. Great thing they have some sorta feeder bus system though. Whether
or not that is free or a paid service is another matter entirely.

By nature, I'm pretty adventurous, and I don't find it daunting to discover uncharted territory,
in which I did. So wherever the road I took led, I just pressed on, hoping to find an exit.

I did. Only half an hour later though. And by then, I was just dead tired. But I kept going,
thinking that if I already stopped at Midvalley, it'd make sense to just go all the way to
Bangsar, and trust me, I really tried, but something about the road then at 12pm just
seemed relentless. I couldn't even cross the road without waiting 15 minutes on it.

I started cycling around 11.10am, and it was already 12.30pm. It wasn't a scorching
hot day, but I was still drained nontheless. So I decided to turn around and follow
the damned road sign saying PJ and be a nice guy and not go against the flow of
motorcycles with my bicycle using the same route I went there with. (I tried, and
although people seemed to not mind, I think I could get killed one day doing it, so
I refrained myself from doing so)

That... was when I got stuck in between 2 4-lane roads for half an hour. I couldn't
believe it. It was only 12.30pm, it wasn't even a rush hour of sorts. The traffic wasn't
supposed to be that relentless. I could usually find an window of opening to jump
through into the motorcycle lane on the other side. But I guess this just wasn't one
of those days.

Getting increasingly frustrated of getting stuck, I decided to cross to the rightmost
side of the road instead and started cycling downwards, hoping to be able to maneuver
to the leftmost side of the road in the coming traffic light.

On my way down, 3 good people warned me about how dangerous it was to be
on that side on the road. I appreciated the gesture and thanked all 3 of them. But
their concern wasn't helping me to cross the road, so... I was already there, I had
to keep going.

Then I finally reached the ramp up that goes into Universiti Hospital. That's when I
tried to take a chance and cross, but Cheesus, the drivers aren't giving in at all. Then
I looked to the oncoming direction of the right lane, and I realized that the cars were
a whole lot slower and they were somewhat sluggish.

Why not cross the other side? I thought. And so I did, in which to my surprise, the
drivers there were more understanding to my situation. Seeing me stuck there, 2 of
them just stopped to let me pass. But I'm guessing that they aren't gonna move much
anyways, so they decided to do that small act of kindness, in which I was incredibly
grateful for, since had I not receive that, I'd probably be there for another full hour
or so, stuck in between crossroads, literally.

I finally made it back home around 1.30pm. I was fried head to toe. When I finally
slept, God, that felt like the best sleep I've had in a million years.

So here's me waking up recounting the memory haha. I'm gonna try and do this
again. Hopefully I won't make that wrong turn again after experiencing it once.

Today I'm grateful that:
1. I got back home safely
2. I didn't get hit by a car
3. 3 drivers cared about my safety enough to wind down their window and called out to me
4. 2 drivers slowed down their car enough for me to pass through a 3-lane traffic.
5. I explored a new area

4-12-2013 I'm grateful 055

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