Sunday, December 15, 2013

Ugh.. so Tired Today

Such a loooong day. Been up till 7am. Slept til 10am,
woke up and accompanied my mom to meet her specialist,
drove back down for lunch only to find out I was supposed
to attend a meeting and it has already started, rushed to the
location on my bicycle in Mutiara Damansara, with... HILLS
and.. touched down in my normal sweat shorts even when I
even prepared myself change of clothes.


Then went to Curve for a short walk. Thought I'd bump into
my brother there or something, but instead I bumped into 2
familiar faces that might have, or might have not sensed my
presence. And man, there sure were a lot of events going on
at Curve. So much singing and dancing and stuff.

At around 8pm, my brother texted me saying he was in KLCC
working today. -__________________-

Nevermind. At least now I know Ikea moved another canteen
to right outside their payment counters. Such smart buggers
this Ikea people.

I got back home around 5.30pm-ish, talked to someone about
career choices and options. Then helped draft a new paraphrase
for a product, and... well that was when my eyes started burning.

Seriously thought I was gonna fall asleep. Luckily my mom made
light dishes that were both tasty and easy to munch on, so they
lifted my mood a little enough for me to stay awake for the next
2 hours waiting for my food to digest properly.

10pm... Yeah, it's 10pm now. I think I can sleep now.

Today, I'm grateful that
1. Oh.. I remember to buy my new razors. yay.
2. Attended a meeting for my future prospects
3. Rediscovered Curve after my last visit in February.
4. I know Mutiara Damansara has a dead end, but there's one fork that
turns into the back of Curve.
5. I think I've helped someone today.
6. Had two good meals today. My tummy's very happy.
7. I can sleep right after finishing this post.

Ok.. sleep. SLEEP.

15-12-2013 I'm grateful 066

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