Monday, December 09, 2013


Nick Cheung's transformation. Image from here.

A skinny 45-years old man just wanting to do his best
for his role in the movie. Results? Look above.

How did he look like before this?

Okok, maybe this is a bit too fit.

yeah, something close to this.

Whatever la, anytime better than this right?

Why Andy Lau. WHYYY.

How long did Nick Cheung take do get that form?
12 fucking months of lifestyle torture, I can say that much.

Either way, I'm putting him on my pedestal of hero along
with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Because when you're
past the middle-age life and still have the determination
to change, really, nothing's impossible.

And if you wish to show him support and respect for his
efforts, maybe you might wanna consider looking through
your nearest cinemas to catch his movie Unbeatable. If it
isn't available anymore through cinemas, then get a DVD
or something haha.

Should you be looking for Dwayne Johnson rocking shit out,
well, I'm afraid you can't find it here, but I can definitely direct
you to this article over here.

Okok, maybe before I end this post, I'll share you some good'ol
humour that's been going around FB since forever.

Yeah.. don't train too hard. You donwanna end up being a rock lol.

Ah.. and here's a final treat for you. I remember saying I
was waiting for the cue to post my project. Well, here it is.

My previous versions can be found here and here. I'll let you judge for yourself if I've improved
or not. Also, if you haven't read Alluro yet, and you wanna know about it, you can find the
story here.

Finally today, I can really sleep in peace after a very long while
without ever needing to pretend that I'm ok.

Today I'm grateful that:
1. I can finally post my artwork @_@
2. I can stop holding back from posting it.
3. I've reconnected with some old friends for business reason 030
4. I watched Ichi. If you don't understand Japanese then... haha, good luck.

09-12-2013 I'm Grateful 060

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