Saturday, December 14, 2013

Wow Wow Wow Wow

Xandria Ooi was just right in front of me today. And we
managed to shake hands! Man, and she had those awesome
purple highlights at the edges of her hair. So awesome.

I also met her husband, Yuri Wong and yes, he shook my hands too!

AAAAh I was so nervous when they were looking through
my portfolio. Jesus, Bangsar is just so awesome.

And little did I know that I was amongst a Youtube celebrity
all these time. Geez. So embarassing. @_@

Didn't know my former classmate's playing for her band too.
We weren't close, but hey, I think that's a great feat man.

Chelsia Ng was also present today. Such a shame that a lot
of people there didn't recognize them for some reason. Kopitiam
was glorious back in the good ol'days of Malaysian humour. And
there was I just silently fanboying over their existence until the
magical moment came for me to make ET contact.

Gosh, I'm so weird.

And no, I didn't manage to get a handshake from Chelsia.
It's alright I guess. I forgot her name there and then anyways zzz.
I just remembered that it started with C in front.

Man, bumping into celebrities like this also reminds me of the
other time I bumped into Jason Lo at Tedboy Bakery a few
days after I caught wind of one his old smash hits, Operator, 
The Line Is Dead from a good friend. I also recalled that I wasn't
that fond of it when I first heard it, but after giving it a second listen
after my friend popped it up on his feed, it just felt really different
and good.

Wanted to say hi, but.. I guess he seemed like he had a
rough day. I've met quite a few Malaysian celebrities
before this anyways, and they kinda have a record of
not wanting to be in close proximity with strangers.

I got scolded and shooed of once anyways. Ever since
then, it's just lesson learned and stay clear from whatever
they wanna do. After all, they are just normal people too.
And I didn't wanna impose anyways...

Well, there's that. Today's a great day overall.

Today, I'm grateful that:
1. I met so many local celebrities at one go
2. I shook Xandria Ooi's and Yuri Wong's hands!
3. I also showed them my portfolio!!
4. I brought back lotsa ice-cream ohohoho.

14-12-2013 I'm Grateful 065

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