Friday, January 24, 2014

Fatter Days Will Come

Fatt-er days will come.

Because Chinese New Year is like next friggin' week.

And fatter days will really come to me.

Because I just got my Honda EX5 motorbike today.
Which also means that I don't actually have to cycle or
hop into the LRT to go to work in Bangsar anymore.

Which also means that I won't have to worry about having
a backache anymore.

But that'd also mean I'll be active a whole lot less compared
to before, so I probably have to compensate the lack of body
activity with some form of intense workout.

Or I can eat less...? Don't think this oughtta work, but if I could
go back to my bowl of oats for lunch, I donno, maybe. *shrugs*

So my dad paid the motor in full, so I'm gonna have to return him
the money over a certain period of time. (which also means less
money for me, so I'm gonna be even more pauper from now on.
I have a loan to pay anyways.)

But whatever it is, it's always better than a regular store loan anyways.

Store loans are usually affordable no doubt, due to it's attractive low-priced
installments, but lets just be frank here; business is all about money, and no
business runs on a loss. So as attractive as those repayment schemes may
sound to you, they actually work in favor of the merchant.

In most repayment plans, usually you'd be charged around 50%+- more
than the original vehicle value.

So lets say if my bike costs RM4000, after like 4 years paying off
in installments, it'd be around RM6000.

Such details are usually not stated in the pricelists. But they always
expect you to be savvy enough to calculate your own math for vehicle
value against the loan repayment plan's total.

smart buggars those people.

Original value RM4000
10% deposit RM490 + (24 x RM233) = RM5842
10% deposit RM490 + (30 x RM186) = RM6070
10% deposit RM490 + (36 x RM161) = RM6286
10% deposit RM490 + (42 x RM143) = RM6496
10% deposit RM490 + (48 x RM130) = RM6730

15% deposit RM740 + (24 x RM207) = RM5708
15% deposit RM740 + (30 x RM172) = RM5900
15% deposit RM740 + (36 x RM148) = RM6068
15% deposit RM740 + (42 x RM132) = RM6284
15% deposit RM740 + (48 x RM119) = RM6450

So as you can see, even the lowest loan is like
RM5708/RM4000 x 100 = 142% = 42% higher than
the original amount.

And that isn't even inclusive of your road tax, insurance, grant,
and... helmet + other stuff you need for your motorcycle riding needs.
Everything in, mine costed around RM4600+

But sure, repayment scheme always aim to make two parties happy.
So if you're happy paying RM150 a month for 4 years, by all means.
Because the merchant will be more than glad to take the extra cash.

I purchased my bike from this place. Their price for a Honda EX5 is
actually pretty low already if you survey around the PJ area for the
same model. And their level of service isn't bad. So if you're in need
of a new bike, you can try them.

The shop is a little elusive on Google Maps though. You don't really need to
turn into any actual junctions. It's just out there with a huge Kawasaki signboard
(seen on the 24th Jan 2014) and in smaller Bold font as  Kee Kee Motors Sdn. Bhd. 

It's right before the traffic light junction that turns into Jln. Templar/Assunta on
Old Klang Road when you come in from Federal Highway. It's a lot on it's own
disconnected from other rows of shoplots. So if you stopped at a row of shoplots,
you probably aren't at the right place.

Oh, also a little blast from the past. I actually helped one of my juniors
do some Form 3 Math homework last night lol. The chapter was about
Circles. I just realized how easy the questions were after I read back
all the theories about chords, arcs and whatnot.

And damn, I missed saying quadrilaterals. That word was like soooo cool.
Like Trigonometry. Then there's also parallelograms and rhombuses and
complimentary angles and all those other terms.

Haha. Sure reminds me of the better days in high-school where I was 
depressed as fuck like a decaying body of s-


But if you ever wanna refresh your memory on some Form 3 Circles,
feel free to read a slide filled with Mickey Mice.

Nice day today hehe.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Off Day

Haha, it's funny how glad and grateful I am for this one day
of rest despite how determined I was to keep working non-stop
for the next 3 months.

I guess it's nice to be able to relax again. Sure could do a lot
of catching up with lotsa stuff.

I can like finally:
1. draw some shits
2. cooks some shits
3. hang some shits
4. wash my bag
5. exercise
6. drink more water
7. have more sleep
8. go to a shop and not expect to be closed
9. turn off my alarm
10. rest my back
11. rest my feet
12. read some newspapers
13. meet some friends
14. Listen to music properly for once
15. Do some maintenance with my bicycle
16. Visit the bicycle shop
17. Scout for a motorbike again
18. Sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep

So for those of you out there who hasn't figured it out yet,
I won't be in the shop every Thursday effective today. So
if y'all wanna pay me a visit or whatever there, sorry. Thursday's
off for me haha. But I should be at home if ya need me hehe.

Also, I've been listening to a lot of Tegan and Sara lately.
Especially the songs GoodbyeI Was A Fool and
Now I'm All Messed Up.

I personally think Heartthrob is an amazing album on its own.
If I ever need someone to understand how I feel about relationship,
I really just need them to listen to all the tracks in the album.

And the fact that all the songs here sound great already adds
so much value to this timeless piece of awesome.

I just made a trip to 2 music stores today just to get
the album too. Sadly, my efforts were all for naught. *sigh*
Both told me they were sold out.

Why is it so hard for me to get my hands on the first album
I actually really wanna own? Sheesh.

Oh well, some other time then.

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Awesome Run

Normally a walk to/from Bangsar LRT station to/from Bangsar Village Mall takes about 14 minutes.

Then I realized that we managed to clear everything up early today.

And the clock read


So I just blurted out:

Wow, it's only 11.22pm? I could probably catch my last train back home!

So my boss overheard it and she was like,

What? Really? GOGOGOGO!

...and I ran out :D

Ran past Village Mall into the other side of the carpark, checked the time, and it says


Inside my head I just kept chanting

You can do it Osla. Just a little more.

Reached the entrance. Ran to the escalator, said 'scuse me to a stranger and shouted a biiiiiiiig


rushed to the token machine, heard the sound of the last train, put in my RM2, grabbed the token and left knowing there was RM0.60 change left in the dispenser, rushed to the scan counter, tapped the token, ran up the flight of stairs, saw people coming down, ran even harder, heard the sound of the door closing with the sound of




ran into the closing door and blocked it with my hand.


ran in and... 

Touch down.

And the look of the surrounding pedestrians face when I sat as I rained sweat down on the floor, huffing heavily with a great sense of relief:

Friggin' awesome.

If there was anything that could encompass the formula of direct effort =  results,

this was one of those moments.

So good to have experienced this haha. Looks like I won't have to look back and regret not ever getting to finish 100m first anymore in secondary school. Because that was just a competition between people of different physical abilities. Today's one was a personal challenge against the escaping essence of time, and although I've never beated it myriads of times before,

this one time alone just manages to cast this tremendous shadow of glory over the past stuck-ups with time haha. And if I could ever choose between a plastic gold medal and this feeling of triumph tonight, I'll choose the latter anytime.

*the last train is supposedly at 11.30pm. Maybe I got really lucky haha.

Very good day, very good night, and tomorrow will always be a better day.


Monday, January 06, 2014

Pangasius Hypopthalmus - Pacific Dory isn't Dory Fish

Just read man, for your own fucking good.
ctrl + f WHAT FISH IS THAT in ^ link.

 infectious disease campylobacterwhich can cause diarrhoea, abdominal pain, fever, nausea and vomiting.

Jesus Christ, that completely fits the bill for my current symptoms.
No wonder I feel like shit.

So if you're all gonna just tl:dr, then whatever man. Your loss if you aren't educated about this issue. And I'm writing this post also in hopes that you won't have to go through what I did. So if you still think you're pretty much better off than I am and immune to any form of bad in your life, sure man, just skip this post and have a nice life. If you don't think you're that fortunate, then just bear with me and please read through with an open mind, then conduct your own further research if need be. That's all I ask.


Because I sincerely hope you won't have to deal with the symptoms I've been having since Friday night, 03-01-2014. Man, what a way to start the new year. I wouldn't wish anyone to be lashed just as much as I don't want anyone to be inflicted with the symptoms I'm having.

Fucking RM5 Dory Fish. Guys, please do yourself a favor and not be too cheapskate. RM5 for a dory fish is not worth hundreds of medical bills, days of suffering in sickness and hours of not being able to be useful. Please get something with a reasonably higher altitude in price. Like RM7 above just to be safe.

Or even better, just please read Pangasisus Hypopthalmus or anything that reads pangasius as a prefix to the name (It basically means Asian shark catfish which isn't even actually a shark.) on the label and don't even think about buying it for consumption. If you still want to, be my guest man. Good luck. See you in your next life if you don't survive.

I'm making this post today because there was this other time 2 years back, I got this so bad from some Tesco (sorry, not to bash on Tesco, because Tesco is actually not bad by itself and I love some of their products, it's just coincidentally both fishes that were my bane were bought from the same place so..) bought fish that my entire family got inflicted with the symptoms of diarrheoa, abdominal pain, fever, nausea and vomiting. Then we found out that the fish grew slimy over a few hours after defrosting. The cooked one tasted really bad too. They had these sorta strange mucus oozing out of it. And no, it definitely did not make the fillets taste good. If anything, it was something close to bile. It's just so fucking disgusting man.

My mom then decided it was best to throw away RM50 worth of those fish into the bin immediately after that, because what turned out to be the most economical fish'n chips became a weeklong nightmare. It definitely wasn't easy recovering from that bitch of a sickness. You really donwanna be there.

This time around though, it's only me affected. But I was pretty positive I tasted that "something funny" taste again when I ate it. True enough, an hour after consumption, my stomach started bloating, I started having severe flatulence, my tummy felt like bursting, I wanted to shit, but couldn't, and it was as if I could vomit at any moment.

And the next day, I purged all day, with all my wastes looking gray as cement. I don't think that's even natural for a human being. Continued till today. I'm so glad I had an awesome colleague who could very well man the shop better than I do. If she wasn't here today, wow, I hope the good lord blesses me or something. Because in the shop alone, I purged at least once every 2 hours. It was terrible. And if I actually gave myself the chance to properly regulate, I'd have to purge every 15 minutes. But since I had to work... ugh. I tried to hold it in as long as could. Definitely not the best thing to do for my body, but hey, work ethics are everything right?

And I'm pretty sure my grey stools ain't fat. I highly doubt me cycling to Bangsar from Kelana Jaya for 45 minutes could warrant such fat-burning effectiveness. If it did, wow, my abs would probably show already. And ok, I do 2 trips a day. So that's like one and a half hours worth of cycling. And I only did this 3 times ever since I started working, with today being the 3rd. If anything, these crappy way of transportation only dehydrates the fuck out of me. Because I had urinary tract infection (UTI) before, and I know how fucking painful it is to urine with urea-saturated liquid. It feels like someone threw spikes into your kidney and let it flow out into your urethra. 2 days ago, I wasn't too careful with my drinking, and my urine colour hit blood orange.

And it was fucking painful.

Either way, I'm talking about the fish, not urine so I shall digress.

And no, fat-burning ain't that easy. I wish man.

What Are The Growing Conditions For Basa?
Basa are grown in one of the most suitable environments for fish farming found anywhere in the world. The Mekong River (from which drains much of the Himalayan snow melt) has one of the largest consistent flows of fresh, clean water on the planet. Australian environmental scientists working for the Mekong River Commission, which monitors water quality at over 50 sites, confirm that testing over the past 15 years shows no serious contamination of the river - partly because there is little industry in its catchment, and partly because of its large flow. It is one of the cleanest of the world's large rivers. Claims that the Mekong River is seriously contaminated have been overwhelmingly refuted by those Australian scientists working in the region.

Great, loads and loads of bullshit. Alright, maybe it's partially true. I'm pretty sure some parts in the Mekong and Chao Phraya rivers are pretty much showing no signs of serious contamination of the river and could probably also be some of the cleanest of the world's large river. Sure, that could be be true.

But to how much the extent of exported basa that's actually from those said regions is something worth questioning, because trust me when you don't want to be hit with campylobacter 3 days straight. It's a lot worse when you need to work. You won't recover if you keep feeding yourself with shit food unfit for human consumption while even taking Amrita water. I kid you not. Even miracle elixirs can only do so much.

^ Read page 5, 8

Anyways, I'll let y'all judge the information for yourself. If y'all have no problems consuming this pacific dory then sure, continue on eating then. Good for you. But if you're like me, then God bless you. If you're not sure because you've never tried it before yourself, well, maybe you should just fall sick and understand the situation for yourself or just avoid risking yourself by being a chronic skeptic. Because you really won't feel the need to protect yourself from this until you're met with a severe state of urgency to shield yourself from this unnecessary phantom of a threat.

Ohkay, I need to rest. Thanks for reading.


To me friends who were expecting me on 04-01-2014,

I'm really sorry I decided to eat the dory fish my mom made in respect of her efforts to make a meal for me the night before. And because of that, I fell really sick the next morning ever since I woke up at 8am. I really wanted to make it, but I had no energy to move and I was stuck in bed till 4pm or so before I could finally make myself walk to have lunch, which was also terrible because each bite I took made me feel like vomiting them all out again.

It felt the same way today even at work and.. somehow I managed to pull through. Well, I'm just really sorry I couldn't be there.

Hopefully next time we can meet again under better circumstances, if there even is a next time. If not then.. well, I guess it's just my luck.

Yeah. Thanks for the invite. Sorry I couldn't make it.

Sunday, January 05, 2014

Everything Fucks Up After A While

Sooner or later, everything will have it's very own expiration date.
Nothing is exempted, and everything will hit it's fuck-up point.

I say this because

1. I've got a Deuter bag, which is rumored to be indestructible. But somehow, it
ended up like this:
the zipper came off. awesome.

Well, I guess they just didn't tell you where exactly it's supposed to be indestructible.
But hey, the straps are still in tact after so many years of abuse, so that's gotta be
the one they're talking about. I mean, most of my other bags can't even last a year
with me jogging around with only my 1 litre water bottle. So this bag actually making
it this far is an amazing feat by itself.

And this  managed to like stuff in my laptop and everything else important when
I needed it to too. Wicked stuff.

Thanks for your service ol' Deuter. I'll make sure I let you collect dust in honour some
place while I look for a suitable replacement. Till then, please don't self-destruct. Thanks.

As for the lifetime warranty... well, there should've been one, but since it was a gift 
from a dear friend who didn't exactly handed me the receipt, 4 years down the road, 
I'm pretty sure that queer piece of parchment is already lost, so I'm not even gonna bother.

We aren't even close anymore. So it's definitely not worth the trouble.

2. My Twinmate laptop.

This good mate of mine suddenly decided to shed it's own skin a few days back. Dayum
what a glorious day it was. At least now we all know where this laptop will be going. 


With it's current shape, I think it unwise to transport it anywhere anymore. So I hereby declare 
this laptop on permanent house arrest with strictly limited mobility. This would also mean that I 
can't do works for people on the spot anymore since my laptop can't be brought to the places 
for me to do the work on site. So I'm gonna have to make do by graciously turning down every 
job I can ever have for the sake of my laptop.

I'm sorry, but this guy served me well even though he knew well I was his second-hand
owner. I won't selfishly greed for money as this guy bites the dust. Never. I'll preserve
this guy as long as I can for as long as I can afford to.

3. My Sansaclip + 8GB

Image from here.

So at first, my earphones got killed first because I had a habit of always pulling my
earphones hard when it irritates and gets in my way while I cycle. 

Don't really have a choice. It's either I get them off pronto or I lacked enough concentration
to make myself vulnerable to an incoming vehicle. Either way, the earphones finally snapped
and that day was indeed a very tragic day. Because those earphones were so much better 
than Apple earphones and anything I've ever heard before.

And before I had these earphones, I thought Apple's were by far the most decent. (oh boy, I
sure was wrong) But for any of you who still insists on spending RM80 for a pair of earphones
that you can get similar sound quality with for about RM30, be my guest lol.

Anyway, the earphones are the earphones. Now the mp3 is already acting strange. After playing
1 or 2 songs, the mp3 will sorta go crazy and start having blank screens, cut off audio, long
awkward pauses and just auto-offs itself.

Man, if a machine ever experienced epilepsy, I think it'd be close to what my mp3 is having.
And since this guy's gonna be off limits from now on, I'm just pretty glad my Nokia Asha 210's
sound quality is just as great as my mp3, with the exception of the Sandisk awesome music
equalizer which has been entertaining me since I bought it in 2009.

4. My shoes
Ah.. my shoes. DAMN MY SHOES. Goddamn Aeon doesn't carry the same model for my
size anymore, so I can never find a replacement for it anymore. This fucking sucks donkey
balls man. They were sooooooooo comfy.

Gyah, and their casual and running shoes feels so different. The feeling is almost comparable
to wearing a Bata as opposed to shoes from Nike. Good grief why must the new pair of
shoes I have feel so damned tight, stuffy and suffocating for my feet.

No choice, gotta try it on again later and hopefully it'll loosen up or I kill my feet tomorrow.
Damned Eepro.

5. My relationship.
Well yeah, it ended. But look on the bright side, nobody died right? Heh.

6. Me.
Well, I always wished I was like a super soldier, but I know deep down I'm not. So I had
my first real off day in like the past few weeks and my body decided to shut down on me
by being in recuperation mode. So there goes all my plans for the day. Can't even exercise,
can't even go out and buy something I need for the shop, can't even meet my friends.

Slept at least 16 hours today. By the time I woke up, it was too late for me to do anything.
Man, I hate falling sick. Especially when I have important things to do. (but who am I kidding
anyways? There's always something important to do every other normal day.)

Yeap, and there ya have it, 6 fuck ups. Ah, maybe it'll turn to 7, because I'm starting to
feel like this post is in itself a fuck up.

Oh well, at least Cee Lo Green didn't fuck up with Fuck You.

Ok, have a nice day. Ah nice timing for my Whatsapp to go down again too. Yay.

Saturday, January 04, 2014

So Harmless, It Cuts.

Have you ever got cut by a sharp object before?

It could be a knife, and axe, a machete, a chainsaw,
name your piece, as long as it's sharp enough to slice
and looks like an epic murder weapon when you're set
in a thriller-genre movie.

Best effects with a hockey mask on, but I digress.

Now, I want you to name some of the most harmless
metal objects ever that are even meant for cutting.

Ok, just hold the thought and scan through it.

Does a metal pitcher ever come to mind?

Probably not. Who owns a freakin' metal pitcher
anyways? (baristas do actually)

But anyways, remember the feeling of being cut by
a sharp object by accident?

Now, replace that sharp object, with the metal pitcher.

How would you feel?


Not because it hurts a lot physically, but because of the
sheer ridiculous fact that it wasn't even designed to cut
anything in the first place!

How someone can even cut his or her own finger on the
rim of the pitcher really eludes me. But hey, it happened to
me, so I guess I should know.

But I don't so... *shrugs*

Anyways, as if the pitcher incident wasn't insulting enough.
Just earlier today, I was cleaning up an ice-cream display freezer.


It's supposed to be virtually harmless unless Hulk decided
to smash me or you under the entire machine really.

But hey, I cut the same bloody finger again! Only this time,
it was on the edge of the ice-cream freezer, and damn, there
was surely a sight to behold when a blood fountain appeared
for a brief moment.

Either way, it's not like I lost my finger or anything. It's just...
I do...

Oh what the hell, what's next, me slicing my palm with a blunt
metal spoon while wiping cutlery? After all that has happened,
I'm pretty much down for any other possibility.

Life is so awesome sometimes.

And well, I kinda had the feeling Thor already sent Mjolnir to strike
my cranium ninja-style some time ago so maybe I'm only suffering
the side-effects now.

Oh right, and I haven't made my first post of the year yet.
Happy... 4 days after new year?

May Hulk smash you under an ice-cream freezer someday.
Have a nice day.