Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Awesome Run

Normally a walk to/from Bangsar LRT station to/from Bangsar Village Mall takes about 14 minutes.

Then I realized that we managed to clear everything up early today.

And the clock read


So I just blurted out:

Wow, it's only 11.22pm? I could probably catch my last train back home!

So my boss overheard it and she was like,

What? Really? GOGOGOGO!

...and I ran out :D

Ran past Village Mall into the other side of the carpark, checked the time, and it says


Inside my head I just kept chanting

You can do it Osla. Just a little more.

Reached the entrance. Ran to the escalator, said 'scuse me to a stranger and shouted a biiiiiiiig


rushed to the token machine, heard the sound of the last train, put in my RM2, grabbed the token and left knowing there was RM0.60 change left in the dispenser, rushed to the scan counter, tapped the token, ran up the flight of stairs, saw people coming down, ran even harder, heard the sound of the door closing with the sound of




ran into the closing door and blocked it with my hand.


ran in and... 

Touch down.

And the look of the surrounding pedestrians face when I sat as I rained sweat down on the floor, huffing heavily with a great sense of relief:

Friggin' awesome.

If there was anything that could encompass the formula of direct effort =  results,

this was one of those moments.

So good to have experienced this haha. Looks like I won't have to look back and regret not ever getting to finish 100m first anymore in secondary school. Because that was just a competition between people of different physical abilities. Today's one was a personal challenge against the escaping essence of time, and although I've never beated it myriads of times before,

this one time alone just manages to cast this tremendous shadow of glory over the past stuck-ups with time haha. And if I could ever choose between a plastic gold medal and this feeling of triumph tonight, I'll choose the latter anytime.

*the last train is supposedly at 11.30pm. Maybe I got really lucky haha.

Very good day, very good night, and tomorrow will always be a better day.


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