Sunday, January 05, 2014

Everything Fucks Up After A While

Sooner or later, everything will have it's very own expiration date.
Nothing is exempted, and everything will hit it's fuck-up point.

I say this because

1. I've got a Deuter bag, which is rumored to be indestructible. But somehow, it
ended up like this:
the zipper came off. awesome.

Well, I guess they just didn't tell you where exactly it's supposed to be indestructible.
But hey, the straps are still in tact after so many years of abuse, so that's gotta be
the one they're talking about. I mean, most of my other bags can't even last a year
with me jogging around with only my 1 litre water bottle. So this bag actually making
it this far is an amazing feat by itself.

And this  managed to like stuff in my laptop and everything else important when
I needed it to too. Wicked stuff.

Thanks for your service ol' Deuter. I'll make sure I let you collect dust in honour some
place while I look for a suitable replacement. Till then, please don't self-destruct. Thanks.

As for the lifetime warranty... well, there should've been one, but since it was a gift 
from a dear friend who didn't exactly handed me the receipt, 4 years down the road, 
I'm pretty sure that queer piece of parchment is already lost, so I'm not even gonna bother.

We aren't even close anymore. So it's definitely not worth the trouble.

2. My Twinmate laptop.

This good mate of mine suddenly decided to shed it's own skin a few days back. Dayum
what a glorious day it was. At least now we all know where this laptop will be going. 


With it's current shape, I think it unwise to transport it anywhere anymore. So I hereby declare 
this laptop on permanent house arrest with strictly limited mobility. This would also mean that I 
can't do works for people on the spot anymore since my laptop can't be brought to the places 
for me to do the work on site. So I'm gonna have to make do by graciously turning down every 
job I can ever have for the sake of my laptop.

I'm sorry, but this guy served me well even though he knew well I was his second-hand
owner. I won't selfishly greed for money as this guy bites the dust. Never. I'll preserve
this guy as long as I can for as long as I can afford to.

3. My Sansaclip + 8GB

Image from here.

So at first, my earphones got killed first because I had a habit of always pulling my
earphones hard when it irritates and gets in my way while I cycle. 

Don't really have a choice. It's either I get them off pronto or I lacked enough concentration
to make myself vulnerable to an incoming vehicle. Either way, the earphones finally snapped
and that day was indeed a very tragic day. Because those earphones were so much better 
than Apple earphones and anything I've ever heard before.

And before I had these earphones, I thought Apple's were by far the most decent. (oh boy, I
sure was wrong) But for any of you who still insists on spending RM80 for a pair of earphones
that you can get similar sound quality with for about RM30, be my guest lol.

Anyway, the earphones are the earphones. Now the mp3 is already acting strange. After playing
1 or 2 songs, the mp3 will sorta go crazy and start having blank screens, cut off audio, long
awkward pauses and just auto-offs itself.

Man, if a machine ever experienced epilepsy, I think it'd be close to what my mp3 is having.
And since this guy's gonna be off limits from now on, I'm just pretty glad my Nokia Asha 210's
sound quality is just as great as my mp3, with the exception of the Sandisk awesome music
equalizer which has been entertaining me since I bought it in 2009.

4. My shoes
Ah.. my shoes. DAMN MY SHOES. Goddamn Aeon doesn't carry the same model for my
size anymore, so I can never find a replacement for it anymore. This fucking sucks donkey
balls man. They were sooooooooo comfy.

Gyah, and their casual and running shoes feels so different. The feeling is almost comparable
to wearing a Bata as opposed to shoes from Nike. Good grief why must the new pair of
shoes I have feel so damned tight, stuffy and suffocating for my feet.

No choice, gotta try it on again later and hopefully it'll loosen up or I kill my feet tomorrow.
Damned Eepro.

5. My relationship.
Well yeah, it ended. But look on the bright side, nobody died right? Heh.

6. Me.
Well, I always wished I was like a super soldier, but I know deep down I'm not. So I had
my first real off day in like the past few weeks and my body decided to shut down on me
by being in recuperation mode. So there goes all my plans for the day. Can't even exercise,
can't even go out and buy something I need for the shop, can't even meet my friends.

Slept at least 16 hours today. By the time I woke up, it was too late for me to do anything.
Man, I hate falling sick. Especially when I have important things to do. (but who am I kidding
anyways? There's always something important to do every other normal day.)

Yeap, and there ya have it, 6 fuck ups. Ah, maybe it'll turn to 7, because I'm starting to
feel like this post is in itself a fuck up.

Oh well, at least Cee Lo Green didn't fuck up with Fuck You.

Ok, have a nice day. Ah nice timing for my Whatsapp to go down again too. Yay.

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