Friday, January 24, 2014

Fatter Days Will Come

Fatt-er days will come.

Because Chinese New Year is like next friggin' week.

And fatter days will really come to me.

Because I just got my Honda EX5 motorbike today.
Which also means that I don't actually have to cycle or
hop into the LRT to go to work in Bangsar anymore.

Which also means that I won't have to worry about having
a backache anymore.

But that'd also mean I'll be active a whole lot less compared
to before, so I probably have to compensate the lack of body
activity with some form of intense workout.

Or I can eat less...? Don't think this oughtta work, but if I could
go back to my bowl of oats for lunch, I donno, maybe. *shrugs*

So my dad paid the motor in full, so I'm gonna have to return him
the money over a certain period of time. (which also means less
money for me, so I'm gonna be even more pauper from now on.
I have a loan to pay anyways.)

But whatever it is, it's always better than a regular store loan anyways.

Store loans are usually affordable no doubt, due to it's attractive low-priced
installments, but lets just be frank here; business is all about money, and no
business runs on a loss. So as attractive as those repayment schemes may
sound to you, they actually work in favor of the merchant.

In most repayment plans, usually you'd be charged around 50%+- more
than the original vehicle value.

So lets say if my bike costs RM4000, after like 4 years paying off
in installments, it'd be around RM6000.

Such details are usually not stated in the pricelists. But they always
expect you to be savvy enough to calculate your own math for vehicle
value against the loan repayment plan's total.

smart buggars those people.

Original value RM4000
10% deposit RM490 + (24 x RM233) = RM5842
10% deposit RM490 + (30 x RM186) = RM6070
10% deposit RM490 + (36 x RM161) = RM6286
10% deposit RM490 + (42 x RM143) = RM6496
10% deposit RM490 + (48 x RM130) = RM6730

15% deposit RM740 + (24 x RM207) = RM5708
15% deposit RM740 + (30 x RM172) = RM5900
15% deposit RM740 + (36 x RM148) = RM6068
15% deposit RM740 + (42 x RM132) = RM6284
15% deposit RM740 + (48 x RM119) = RM6450

So as you can see, even the lowest loan is like
RM5708/RM4000 x 100 = 142% = 42% higher than
the original amount.

And that isn't even inclusive of your road tax, insurance, grant,
and... helmet + other stuff you need for your motorcycle riding needs.
Everything in, mine costed around RM4600+

But sure, repayment scheme always aim to make two parties happy.
So if you're happy paying RM150 a month for 4 years, by all means.
Because the merchant will be more than glad to take the extra cash.

I purchased my bike from this place. Their price for a Honda EX5 is
actually pretty low already if you survey around the PJ area for the
same model. And their level of service isn't bad. So if you're in need
of a new bike, you can try them.

The shop is a little elusive on Google Maps though. You don't really need to
turn into any actual junctions. It's just out there with a huge Kawasaki signboard
(seen on the 24th Jan 2014) and in smaller Bold font as  Kee Kee Motors Sdn. Bhd. 

It's right before the traffic light junction that turns into Jln. Templar/Assunta on
Old Klang Road when you come in from Federal Highway. It's a lot on it's own
disconnected from other rows of shoplots. So if you stopped at a row of shoplots,
you probably aren't at the right place.

Oh, also a little blast from the past. I actually helped one of my juniors
do some Form 3 Math homework last night lol. The chapter was about
Circles. I just realized how easy the questions were after I read back
all the theories about chords, arcs and whatnot.

And damn, I missed saying quadrilaterals. That word was like soooo cool.
Like Trigonometry. Then there's also parallelograms and rhombuses and
complimentary angles and all those other terms.

Haha. Sure reminds me of the better days in high-school where I was 
depressed as fuck like a decaying body of s-


But if you ever wanna refresh your memory on some Form 3 Circles,
feel free to read a slide filled with Mickey Mice.

Nice day today hehe.

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