Sunday, February 02, 2014

of Friends, Art, and.. Commenting on Their Work.

Searizeel 2014. See the old one over here.

For those of you who don't know yet, I'm currently working at Inside Scoop as a store associate cum
barista-in-training. This decision was made because I kinda gave up on landing a job with art studios
after failing my own artistic expectations one too many times. As much as I want to keep trying to "better
my portfolio"
, I can't keep doing that forever while not making any money at all.

I've got responsibilities after all. And PTPTN is definitely one of them. The other's my bike loan.
Everything else is purely optional on my own accord.

My current work hours are from 11.30am to 12am-ish daily, aside from Thursday, which is my off
day. Sorta. Truth is, Thursday is supposed to be the day I go for my Unit Trust Group meetings, and
I've kinda skipped on all 3 this month alone because I needed to rest and catch up on so many things
every off-day.

Stuff like tidying up my room, my messed up wardrobe, preparing stuff for the next day, reading up
on ice-cream and coffee, doing some paperwork for the company, washing my clothes, things just
pile up every day. As much as I want to do everything, I've always gotta prioritize. And it's just
luck that art kinda gets the short end of the entire gist of things.

That's about to change though *fingers crossed.* I mean, I do have a motorbike, and I'm less
lethargic already as of late.

Anyways, now, about the topic of my blogpost.

These days, for some strange reason, people have been sorta asking me for comments on their works,
and... I want to make a proper reply but a thought always holds me back from it.

The thought that, "If I could draw and give them a proper visual critique rather than a written
critique, why not just draw it out?" This has been kinda eating me inside out because I know I can
do the critiques and comments with a drawing, but with so little time at hand every single day, I've been
holding these people out with no replies for almost a month now.

So for those of you who're still waiting on a reply from me, I'm sorry I haven't gotten back to you
in proper yet. It just takes time to do something for you to understand the way I understand it. And
I haven't been drawing for quite some time, so my hands need a little push to start working again
before I can start using my artistic instincts well enough again.

Thankfully, there was the Chinese New Year holidays, in which although were holidays, I didn't
get much time for myself until Saturday, when all the reunion shenanigans have finally stopped.
I tried to do some critiques today, but some didn't quite turn out the way I imagined them to be.
So I had to unwind and do something else that doesn't have people's expectations leered all over
at the top of my cerebrum.

And so I have the above artwork. I also can't post sketches up now because my printer-scanner
sort of got zapped one fine day around November and to my despair, there are no replacements
available for it's stupid power chord. So... well, until I get a new scanner, I just can't show shit lol.

It's not easy being torn between needing to work out, being there for my family, and the desire
to give artistic advice the proper way when I'm facing lack of sleep, a messy wardrobe, a shared
computer and.. lotsa other variables that aren't worth mentioning. Like getting fatter.

Either way, I'll do my best to do my stuff. So if you're waiting on a response from me, it's coming!
You just need to wait a little, that's all haha.

Oh right, and Happy Chinese New Year!

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