Friday, March 28, 2014


Eva Argent. Just felt like painting.

Days pass by rather quickly now that I have a full-time job.
I can even count the number of free days I have to spend
in the entire year, and what I would want to do with those
free days.

And this has made me realize how limited time is to me, and
it's really important to make them count. Especially with people
who actually gave a shit for me, and people who I really give a
shit about.

With that being said, I'm kinda glad that I'm now learning the
art of making time for myself as opposed to the opposite before
I had a full-time job.

Gotta say that it's a pretty fulfilling feeling.

And every now and then, my head will just turn off and go
into a blank state of limbo. When this happens, I'll usually
just go about doing the first thing that comes to my mind.

And usually it's either these 3 things:
1. reading through my own blogposts
2. following my workout routine
3. singing

So while I was trying to consolidate my blogposts, I found
this rather old post which I thought nobody read, and I was
dumbfounded by the fact that it even had 100 pageviews.

And when I read it again, I could kinda understand why. Because
every single time I run through it, what was once an empty head is
filled with something again. And those somethings are all good things.

I suppose some people felt the same way. Maybe they don't and
I'll probably never know. But at least I know it helps me every
once in a while when I have nobody to turn to.

Sometimes it feels like someone else wrote them all down and
I'm pretty much just nodding away to everything there is to say
from this split soul from another universe.

The post was actually a list.

A collection of all the epiphanies and mantras that I've learned,
kept and upheld as my moral code, ethical guideline, and most
of all, the belief that adhering to them will make me a better
human being in my own understanding.

Even when I forget some of them, I realize that all of them are so
in-grained in me that I don't even need to know the words to behave
in a certain way. I simply did them because I believed in them.

And I genuinely believed that if I continued being that way,
I'd be living a life with little to no regrets.

You can read them here. But just in case you're wondering where to
find it again, it's up on the tabs that says Stuff I Pick Up As I Grow.

Have a nice day.

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