Saturday, April 26, 2014

Dumb FB

I don't think a lot of you might have noticed this, but
all images uploaded into FB, be it through a status
update, album or through 1-1 FB chat, they all go
through this magically dumb conversion system.

Basically even if you have a RAW camera image and
you upload it into anywhere on Facebook, it'd turn it
into a heapload of crap for you.

Free of charge, no questions asked, and no, you can't
change this stupid degenerate setting.

To put things simply, Facebook crappifies every single
piece of awesome you have in your images. It's a toilet
bowl for images that comes in great, but always nasty
on the other end.

And you see what the biggest problem is these days?

When you're in business, and you need images with
proper fucking resolutions, you don't get it when people
decide to do things the convenient way and send you the
images through Facebook.

Facepalm more like it.

Please people, when other people are asking you for photos,
or any sort of image whatsoever, for the purpose of printing
or new media publication and etc.

don't use Facebook.

For the purpose of see here, see there, look here, look there.


But when you really need it to be print-ready or crisp, it's a major pain
in the ass with all the pixels, unusually small image size, and all other
instances of idiocy coming from Facebook's image processing system.

And if it is involving work, can't you just have the common courtesy
to just send through e-mail? After all, you won't have a stalker
FB account without first having an e-mail, is that not right?

So send it through an e-mail. It takes just a few more seconds,
removes the entire hassle of having to double work, and for
once, you'd actually prove to be pretty reliable when it comes
to image quality, aside from giving yourself the opportunity to
showcase your courteous e-mailing skills.

Anyways, life isn't void of all hope.

You can still send the images anyhow you need, outside of Facebook.
Use image hosting sides like if need be. Or
upload into a Deviantart account or your Google thingamajingies.

For as long as it isn't in Facebook, I'd reckon the image quality
will always be as crisp as the original.

I know probably a lot of you aren't educated about this. But test
it for yourself. Everytime you upload an image into FB, the image
will have it's own code, and not the original filename of the uploaded

Like maybe

Compared to

...which kinda still retains a portion of it's original filename, along with
it's resolution, size(MB/GB) and whatnot.

So now that you've read this, and you're informed of this, I hope more
of you can have the sanity to just shy away from Facebook images for
the good of all working mankind.

Pretty frustrated guy.

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