Thursday, May 29, 2014


For every spike of intense motivational intent, 
there's always a time where everything just feels 
like it is down and under, even when we know fully 
well everything's perfectly fine.

At least, that's what I'd like to believe.

And oh boy, today was such a day.

The past few weeks; months in fact, was all smooth sail.
Then today, after an accumulation of self-frustration and
disappointments, my brain/heart finally kicked meself in
the butt and went all assholey inside me.

Made me feel depressed for no fucking reason, when I know
damned well everything's perfectly fine and life goes on as usual.

But I was still depressed nonetheless.

Then I took a nap and it all went away.


*sigh* just wished I'd done this a little sooner before I decided
to apologize to a certain someone about... stuff.

ANYWAY, now that I know this, if I ever feel depressed again,
first order of conduct is to get a compulsory good nap.

... Or at least pretend I'm ok with big juicy smiles until
I get a nap/sleep.

Haha, worklife. Now, for some proper sleep.
Love off-days.

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