Thursday, May 08, 2014

(My) Printing Etiquette

stolen from here.

... I'm pretty sure all of you have printed something before
in a print shop at least once in your entire life.


I'm quite certain you've noticed that all almost all print shops
protect their awesome PC with a certain kind of Antivirus.

Doesn't matter if it's Kaspersky or Norton or AVG, they
just have an Antivirus to protect themselves from the shit
your bring into their territory.

So with that being said, if you've been in queue before
waiting to print, you'd definitely love to bash people who
brings his or her entire 2TB hard fucking disc just to print
one, ONE.


godforsaken document.

And I gotta tell you, I feel for the printer, the person behind the
guy with the 2 Terrafuck, and every other person behind that
person. Because that numbskull made everyone wait half an hour
to complete his Antivirus scan. (usually a lot longer. To the point
where the printman just goes bonkers, stops the scan midway,
takes the risk of exposing his pc to virus and just prints it anyways.)

So much for trying to do a rush print.

Anyways, this is what I do when I bring a thumbdrive.
With very special emphasis to thumbdrive. Think thumb.


In every sense of the word. 

You see, when I bring a thumbdrive to print, I keep the
size small. As small as possible.

200mb is not a big deal. 3 full GB is still sorta tolerable.
Above 10gb and.. boy, you could take your time to shit,
come out of the toilet and still find out that the virus scan
isn't complete.

What can I say, not all printing companies are equipped with
gamer's specs or 3d animating prowess. Their processing power
is usually just enough, but you just can't cram virus scan man.

With that being said, please don't even bother with 100gb.

You see, everytime I wanna print something, the printer
will ask me what I want to print.

What do I want to print ah?

So I make it painfully obvious for that person.

The person behind the pc would stare at it for a while,
raise her eyebrow and before she could say something,
I'd cut in and say

See print plz thx? Yeah, just
print that.

No need to search for this, and that and whatever. It's just
there. Please just print it thanks.

Need to scan? No worries.

Go ahead, scan scan.

I'd be amazed if anything of viral origin would crawl out
of my pristine mp3 files. It's just my workout track for
Pete's sake.

... no, I don't know anyone by the name Pete unfortunately.

Now, for the file itself. She'd start asking... well about to ask,
until she double clicks the file. Again, I make it painfully obvious:

And I'm pretty sure the printer wouldn't need to ask anything
else when it comes to what's inside that folder.

Of course, this is where I just smile at her.

If only everyone did this for print shops lolz.

Wouldn't the printing universe be such a lovely place if everyone
did this? Just imagine a world without 2Terrafucks.
(or any Terrafuck for that matter)


So yes, if you agree with this, please share this. If you don't...
may Thor strike you with his mighty Mjolnir straight through
your cranium it's okay.

Yeah, now, if only I could still get a student discount...

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