Saturday, June 21, 2014

Enough Is Enough

Pecan something at Awesome Canteen. You really gotta try it.

It's strange, shifting from a serial poster into a once-a-while poster.

Anyways, today's post is about being blatantly frank with my life
so far. Because since 6 months basically just happened to me
after serving customer after customer, scooping ice-cream over
ice-cream, interviewing new part-time staff here and there,
designing this and that, making sure the machines are all cleaned
opening up the shop as fast as I can every Wednesday, and
thinking of what needs to be done every Thursday.

Oh right, there's the weekends too, which are like super awesome
because the wave of customers flooding in just doesn't stop. I'd be
lucky to even think about what I could have for dinner. I'd usually
just go to the usual spot and spend around RM5-10 on a dish and
trot back to the shop within 20-40 minutes haha.

Sorry for the verbosity. But I also apologize in advance that
it doesn't end there. Yikes!

So yes, after 6 months of doing that, I'm finally here today.

A lot has changed since of course.


1. On my first payday, I was so nervous about the dress code that
I went to the supermarket and made sure I had enough for a week's
supply of black shirts and jeans. So yes, I definitely have a lot of
clothes to wear now. Can't say I look great, but it definitely seems
a lot better than wearing classic XXL hand-me-downs.

2. Second payday, I felt a little unproductive, just doing in-shop stuff
like cleaning, and cleaning and more cleaning... Inventory! And cleaning
and cleaning. I thought there was definitely more than that to taking care
of a store, so... I bought a laptop, and it's still working great! Now I can
even deejay around with music, do part-timer's schedule, look up product
information, competitor research and deal with suppliers without having to
wait until I go home to do it.

Definitely more productive ever since.

3. Sometime in between the purchase of the computer, my back-ache
started hitting me real hard again due to my daily trips to work on a
bicycle. I tried commuting by the LRT, which was pretty fast and took
me 40 minutes with the cycling to Taman Bahagia, the transit to Bangsar
and walking to the shop from the station.

And when I cycled, it only took me 45 minutes. So after the first 2 weeks
of LRT, having to go home after 11.30pm meant that I couldn't take the
LRT home, so I either had to hitch a ride back home with one of my bosses,
or I call up home and see who can pick me up, which sucked big-time.

So.. one day, the accumulated stress on my back just exploded on me.
Then I called me dad telling him that I'd die the next day if I cycled
another day, which meant that I needed a motorbike pronto.

He said yes and bought me the motor the very next day.

And yes, I have a motorbike now.

4. With ownership of the bike, comes ownership of a reliable jacket too.
So yes, took me a while, but I bought more comfy trousers and also a
pretty nice jacket. It's damned hot to be in it, but it at least makes up
with it's look and better-than-nothing-on-at-all mindset.

And no, I've never worn the jacket backwards, even as of yet.

5. Lent some money, treated my family and some good people.
A little payback to the community around me.

6. Finally found the right gym to be a member of. So I signed up!

7. I was sick and tired of worrying about whether I should ride through
a rain or not. So I looked for a bag that was both waterproof and of
Deuter quality. And I found Hypergear.

8. Decided I needed to get a DSLR. So I found one and bought one.

9. I've been thinking of this for... 6 months now, but I think it's about
time I scheduled a scaling appointment for my teeth! And then maybe
I'll think about getting those new pair of glasses...

10. donno. think later.

So... I'm not earning a billion-dollar job or anything. But something great
sorta happened to me from the start of the job till today; and it's the part
where I felt, thought, knew and realized that I had enough.

My salary is enough. My work is decent enough. I'm fulfilled enough.
Enough enough enough. I had enough.

Everytime I think that way, everything else in my life suddenly turns into
this extensive stash of bonuses that I really really enjoy. And that's
really fantastic I must say.

But knowing that I have enough and also having a direction to go to
definitely puts my mind at ease.

You see, I was never too ambitious about anything in my life. Call me
weird, but I think that kinda side-effect is only natural when one has
been oppressed all his life for an extensive amount of time.

So with that being said, my dreams are not set in stone yet, but it's
definitely gonna be hanging around the idea of having enough.

Enough is good. More is better. Abundance is awesome.

Doing what I do sometimes day after day sometimes can get a little
mundane and boring. I say sometimes because.. I actually don't really
feel all that mundane nor boring.

Oh, I'm sorry, it's not my fault I was born innately curious with things
and have a hard time trying to be bored at something. Sad to say that
this isn't really a joke, but a matter of fact statement. What a bummer.

But just in the off chance that I might, I always find ways to keep
myself sharp with things and strive to improve myself in any aspect
whatsoever in every passing day.

Because being in one place and acclimating to your habits isn't a
really good place to be. Creating and improving new habits that
make you more efficient regardless of where you are as a human
being might be a better place to be.

I feel better when I do better anyways. So it's kinda like a why not
sorta thing.

You see, failing college and realizing that sometimes the things I'm
interested in doesn't exactly work out the way I want it leaves me
with two options:

1. to keep pursuing that interest no matter how long it takes for
me to be better at it or
2. detour into something else, make something out of it, then maybe
go back to that same interest later.

I love art. I love studying art. I love everything that has to do with
pretty things, beautiful landscapes and nitty-gritty details of what
is made in certain textiles and all these information!

But art as a job is pretty damned stressful. And my work ethic
won't allow me to commit to a company until my art skills are
on par with industrial standards. Some bull about me wanting
to contribute my unique set of skills instead of going there to
gain some experience. And... that was enough to stop me from
sending in my portfolio to a company, amongst other reasons.

So I already took 2 years off to focus on art. And.. I think it's
just taking too damned long. So here I am now doing what I
do today.

I don't really mind if people look down on me or anything when
it comes to my job. I mean, I don't carry the glam like doctors,
professors and maybe even law-degree holders, but y'know,
every job comes with their own specific set of circumstances
that will be tied onto their very own unique set of stresses,
rewards and consequences.

So I don't envy people with a "better" job. A job is a job. There
is no such thing as a better job or not. If you don't have to work
at all in a job, then... I'd suggest that you never let that job go.

Because that can only happen in very few circumstances like:

1. you actually don't have to work because your money is just
working for you already.
2. a work so fun that you're practically playing everyday but
that's sorta your job scope
3. you get paid to sit around doing nothing. It's rare, but...
yeah, it exists, somewhere.

Like I said, I have enough. I mean, you can earn RM12k a
month, while I earn around RM2k a month, and I'd still be
not envious with what you get.

Because life and careers really aren't about the paychecks.
It's about what you do with it that really counts.

Heck, getting a lot of money means more financial management.
And when people know you earn more, you're also targetted
unnecessarily, both for the good and bad.

More money is only good when you know how to manage it wisely.
Otherwise, more money is just gonna make your life miserable. You'd
probably be better off when you were more pauper than wealthy.

Anyways, what will come will come. I'm just gonna work hard
and pay up my study loan as soon as I can. Till then, I know
I have enough.

Because having enough is awesome.

Doesn't mean I should stop trying to be better though haha.
Being complacent and knowing you have enough are two
different things. So keep working hard!

Thanks for reading btw.