Thursday, September 25, 2014

Moved Down

When cleanup was still in progress at Inside Scoop DJ

...from Bangsar to Damansara.

Ha. Haha. Hahaha. Yes.

So Inside Scoop has a second branch now. And I'm kinda deported moved
there from Bangsar against my free will, so... I'll be permanently posted at
Damansara Jaya for the time being.

Until another branch appears
*fingers crossed*

As for my life updates:
1. Inside Scoop DJ closes on Wednesdays. So technically I'm usually off 
on Wednesdays. But I must say that Wednesdays are usually busy days
for me to catch up on personal matters and extracurricular activities for
my company.

Please do click See More to check the opening hours for the DJ branch just
in the event you forgot the address and whatnot.

Please do forgive me in advance if I ever turn down any of your
offers to meet up an whatnot rather rudely. There are always a lot
of things on my mind these days, and distractions always make me
sidetracked into more things to think about the next day, week or month.

Suffice to say every minute I spend less solving a problem here and there,
those said problems will keep haunting me tenfold. It's a difficult issue.
But hey, I'm trying to manage it. So help me out here haha.

So... please do inform me in advance if you'd like to meet up.
Catching up with sleep is something very uniquely rare for me
so it'd be great for you to give me a good reason to spend one
of my 48 precious off days in a year with you.

And if I ever do, well, gee ain't that something haha.

Also, I'm kinda the busiest every last week of the month and beginning of
a new month because I need to deal with more paperwork at those times.
So please avoid scheduling me during those times.

2. I've finally finished paying up for my bike this month!

Which also means honeymoon period is over for me. I'm
gonna start thrifting like mad this month onwards, to make
sure that I can pay back my peeteepeeteean loan on time.

So for those of you who wants to yumcha and whatnot, please
do understand my financial and time constraints. Ask me out,
but you're gonna have to be a little more patient with me actually
replying and accommodating your request.

Please be forewarned that if you hustle, I'll most likely ignore your
request forever due to compounded annoyance. So please do everything
within your power to refrain from doing so. (I'm sure some of you still
will anyways, but since this is out in the world, I think it's fair to say I
have every right to be pissed at you if need be haha.)

And be rest assured that I'll be sure to always add your appointments
to the list in the future when my financial obligations a lot more flexible.

But here here, let me just give you a timeline.

Best time to even think about having a casual dinner with me,
December 2015. (Unless if you're buying. But nah.. that's totally
not cool. I don't like the feeling of owing other people.)

Until then, I need to maintain a discipline. Thank you
for your consideration.

3. I have a Hongmi S1 now thanks to my boss. I still like my old qwerty
keypad from the Nokia Asha 210 a whole lot better though,

4. I also.. kinda have Instagram.

Anyways, now onto some more.. minor things in my life.
Like this:

Let me just clarify that this definitely, absolutely isn't my doing.
If you thought it was me, then clearly, I'm not someone you know
very well.

And since you probably know jack shit about me,
here are 100 random trivias about me:
1. I never misspell my own name. It's just 4 letters. And it's also spelled
backwards. I don't even know of a way to misspell such a thing. Donno,
maybe reverse wizardry might.

2. My name means bow from bow & arrow in a language called Pali.

3. I got my name from a Burmese temple in Penang. The hint is that it's
a pretty popular temple.

4. My name is apparently an incarnation of my previous lifetime.
I was a son of an archer then.

5. I quit using emotes/smileys. I just find it kinda disrespectful when
people use emotes as a crutch to express what they really mean to
say in proper constructed sentences.

6. I don't post senseless things on my social media accounts.
Well. I haven't been for almost 3 years now. I suspect this
trend will last indefinitely.

7. Because of that, I have decided to deactivate my Twitter account
as I found it really redundant. But someone hacking into my account with
Google's leaked passwords helped to trigger the decision. I only noticed it
was hacked when I saw some activity I didn't do at all from my account,
with my friends calling me spammy.

So for those of you out there who's been bothered by my Twitter, I
apologize. But it no longer exists, so be rest assured that you'll
never get any random tweets from me ever again.

8. I always try to project my thoughts with properly constructed
sentences. In the event that I don't, there are only 4 reasons to it:
a. I'm half asleep when I texted you.
b. I have a lot going in my mind and I'm trying to balance
all the thoughts out while not forgetting any of them in the
process of taking time to properly respond to your queries.
c. I wrote too damned much.
d. I typed in a hurry.

9. With 8 being said, I'll do an epic K or OK or Sure or any other
kinda one-liner if I feel like I just need to provide affirmation that
I acknowledged your message or I don't feel the need to reply any
further than that. Thanks.

10. I love brinjals. Yum. And pumpkins. Double yum.

11. My FB chat is always turned off by default and it's on hide sidebar
mode. So if you ever see me online, it usually means that I'm on because
I want you to know that I'm on and that I've made time to be available
for you online.

12. I'm not comfortable with physical contact with the opposite sex.
Just trying to be careful. Must never forget no matter what, I'm still
a guy in the end.

13. So if I warn a girl that I'd smack her back if she ever touches me again,
and she still does, calling for gender inequality and using the feminist card
on me will be way too late. Padan muka.

14. Chivalry to me is always honouring your word and never giving out
empty promises. I'm pretty dedicated to both ends. Only thing is that
the first can never come without the latter. So.

15. I'm lame. Not with crutches if you know what I mean.

16. I'm no longer as afraid as I was with cockroaches. I kill them now
on sight. But that doesn't mean I enjoy killing them.

17. I dislike the very idea of ending a life.

18. I believe in karma. It's hard not to when I feel an itch whenever I
kill an ant, insect, moquito or any sorta bug.

19. I always respect dead things. If I killed them, I always make sure
they are disposed of with respect. And I'll pray for them my own way.

20. I don't like owing people anything.

21. I believe that every good turn deserves another in return.

22. I take everything in life very seriously. Especially when it's not
about me.

23. I'll beat myself down very hard when I fail at something. And
when that happens, there's nothing you can do to make me feel
happy. Distance and time are all I need. So leave me be.

24. I believe in only one religion; being nice. I think God will only
help people who help themselves. Why do you need to pray and
praise your God out loud when you can just live with God in you
and walk with him as a human being every single day?

25. I'd rather sleep than pray. Praying solves nothing. I have faith
in action. Miracles don't happen without effort.

26. I will absolutely not tolerate bullying of any kind.

27. I used to hate people who smoke. Now not so much.

28. Girls are an immediate turn off to me when the following are present:
1. Below 21 years of age.
2. Smokes (even shisha)
3. Bad work ethic.

29. But then, it's not like just any girl can attract me. I just don't
buy into pretty so easily.

30. The more I look at pretty girls, the more flaws I see in them
over time that makes them more average day after day.

31. I think girls look best in casual wear and with no makeup.

32. I'll always have high respect for anyone who has the mindset
to properly dress for an occasion. Dressing up takes a lot of work
to pull off, yet alone maintain throughout the rest of the day.

33. I'll always prefer to have an open relationship with my partner
with her parents being made aware of our situation. I dislike having
to hide things behind any parents' back. Because one day, I'll be one too.

34. I'm always impressed with girls who walk fast and take long strides
while walking.

35. Guys who take very small steps irritate the living shit outta me.

36. I have no problem with cussing and with other people cussing in
front of me. It's all about the fucking context.

37. When I type, I always control my paragraphing so that the
flow of text is more easily readable. It's all about the kerning,
avoiding orphans and controlling the river.

38. I'm always against food wastage. I'll only condone it if I
myself cannot finish it due to me nearing constipation. If not,
I'll finish them all if I can. (Unless if the food is really really
horrendously horrible.)

39. I live a very transparent life. I won't do things that I wouldn't
want others to see. So whatever you see on my Facebook is as
good as the real me. Not that there's much to see anyways.

40. I always live with responsibility and I bear every consequence
of my actions with all my heart and soul.

41. I like having long hair. But out of convenience, I always keep
my hair short. Easier to maintain. Less itch to handle.

42. I have a teddy bear the size my of my brother.

43. I have a collection of Magic the Gathering cards.

44. I love jogging.

45. I used to be really afraid of the night and darkness. But after
I went out for my first jog out at 3am, everything changed. I love
the time past midnight now. So empty, so quiet. Just what I need
to put my mind into focus.

46. I'm a very nocturnal being.

47. Once I post up a post on Blogger, I'll never delete them, regardless
of how stupid I was when I wrote them. This is to serve as a reminder of
who I was before, and who I currently am now.

48. I believe in the fight or flight subconscious.

49. I always thought my first choice would be to fight, but I fled
instead when I was mugged for the first time. Whether it was the
fear of death or the will to survive another day so that those close
to me remain unaffected, I don't really know. I just know that if
you're in a crunch, follow your first instinct. It's not easy to think
when you're all high with adrenaline.

50. I'm a very practical person. I prefer function over form.

51. If I had a choice over comfort or good looks, I'd always
go for comfort first.

52. If I can't run in a certain outfit, I'd consider that a bad
choice of clothes. You'll never know when you're gonna
have to run for your life. I have to always prepare for the
possibility of it happening.

53. I've never worn any suede of leather shoes that felt
comfortable to me feet at all so far. Especially when I
need to stand for 12 hours straight.

54. I believe if someone can sacrifice for fashion, they
can pretty much do anything. So when I ask someone who's
dressed very proper to do a certain something, and they
keep answering with can't can't can't when all the suggestions
are basically beneficial for them, I become very perplexed.

55. I'm actually putting out a trivia here. About myself. Wow.

56. I'm not a selfie kinda guy. You'd notice that I'm very reluctant
to take groupies and things like that. But hey, always take one for
the team right? Blergh.

57. I do love photography though.

58. I got my first DSLR dirt cheap.

59. I'm an avid second hand purchaser. I've bought 5 second hand laptops
now. Glad to say they were all good deals.

60. I'm savvy enough to keep my computer virus free.

61. I prefer remembering routes to a place than relying on a GPS.

62. I have motion-sickness when I read in a car. So it's no like I have
that much of a choice sometimes.

63. I find getting lost pretty fun. Always gives me opportunity to discover
new areas unknown to me.

64. I dislike going to a place I don't know for the first time in a rush.

65. If' I'm ever going to a place I don't know, I'll always plan the
journey ahead, give myself time just in case I do get lost, and
visit the area beforehand, if I have time.

66. I don't like disappointing people.

67. I can't stand disappointing myself.

68. I still draw occasionally.

69. I don't mind going through the rain and getting wet. I just don't
like the things in my bag or my goods to get wet.

70. If I fall sick, everything usually goes away after a good long jog.

71. I'm very talkative and verbose. I won't recommend encouraging me.

72. I enjoy cooking.

73. I enjoy baking

74. I enjoy sewing.

75. I enjoy cleaning.

76. I enjoy reading.

77. I wish I had a little more time for the five things aforementioned.

77. I've got zounds of drafts waiting to be properly consolidated so
that they can be posted. But then again, time time time. *sigh*

78. I don't like the idea of wishing for things. If you want something,
then just work for it.

79. I hate waiting for things to happen. So if I can make them
happen, I will.

80. I'm not the kinda guy who misses people very often. I guess
I just understand that people always come and go and

81. I don't like dwelling in the past.

82. I enjoy impersonating other people's accents just to make fun
of them. It brings me tremendous joy.

83. I'll always make time for things that matter. If I'm not making
time for you, clearly you don't matter too much for me.

84. I find it unfair to do personal things during work hours, so
I'll never do anything non-work related while I'm at work. I did,
before in my previous employment, even with the consent of
my boss. But I was guilt-tripping all over. I'll never repeat it
ever again.

Now I'm not at college anymore. There's no need for me to do
assignments and whatnot. It's rare for me to have nothing to do
for my job these days anyways.

85. If you see me on the job, with my phone, I don't text for fun.
I'm working. I'm contacting for business purposes. It's a serious thing.
So don't disturb me if possible.

86. .. I don't really text for fun anymore.

87. I'll never ask anyone out for no reason. So when someone asks me
if I wanna hang out, I'm always inclined to ask why.

88. I don't like to waste other people's time.

89. I'll always try to wake up as late as possible with just enough time
to prep and go so that I stay as fresh as I can till work ends.

90. It's been 3 months since I was able to sleep without having to think
about waking up the next day.

91. I don't believe in getting tired. That's why I don't get tired easily.

92. I'm easily fascinated by a lot of things. So I find boredom a very
rare thing.

93. I'm happy most of the time because I've vowed to never let myself
fall into depression again. It's just some sorta survival coping mechanism
I came up with overtime.

94. I'm a bit of a hoarder. I'm bad at throwing things away.

95. My room is piling up with clothes. I need to rearrange everything again soon.

96. I don't enjoy being late. But if I am, I make sure things still go as planned
and on time.

97. I'll step down if I know that I'm not capable enough to do something right.

98. I personally think it's unfair for anyone to say they don't like something
when they haven't even tasted or tried out how it's like beforehand. People
like that really irk me to no tomorrow.

99. My right ear lobe is smaller than my left ear lobe.

100. I actually wear specs. But I don't because my power hasn't decreased at
all for the past 9 years ever since I was 14. I dislike the idea of having a pair
of accessories threatening to fall off my face everytime I need to be fast
anyways. If something's not helping in making me efficient, I'll just trim it away.

And I shall conclude this post with cake.

Chocolate cake.

Chocolate cake. Baked by my bro.

Thanks for reading.