Tuesday, July 07, 2015

New Look

So... after a few years, I finally realized what was wrong with my logo.

The existence of a 3rd colour matters. Before this I was so blinded of the
notion of pushing for 2 colours that it went to the point of becoming

Yeah, design-incoherent.

Well, I think you'll understand what I mean when you see this...

*sigh* can't believe I actually thought this was good
for my graduation exhibition. So hard to read.

If I could redo my namecard now, I'll do it like this:

Clean and simple.

And I also finally found a basic template that doesn't start the image
all the way from the base at the left. Makes all the difference.

So that's how this post happened I guess. Heh.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Sticky Reminders

Well, at least if you went through design classes, and your lecturer told you not to combine letters that aren't meant to be combined;

You now know her grounds for it.

Friday, June 05, 2015


It's funny how it feels like my shoes are actually depicting my current life.

Well, I do have the exact same spare pair.

Just not that ready to change into them yet.

I guess you could say I love these shoes too much to change into a new
same ones. I mean, they are gonna be the same friggin' shoes.

But they aren't gonna be these shoes.

I mean, I've bought many different shoes before, just waiting for me to find
the right one to continuously buy. The right shoes to fall in love with.

And call me lucky, I've found them. These. Particular. Pair.

I think I'm gonna call Power to see if I could privately get them to tailor
and manufacture these just for me exclusively.

Because I have a feeling they have already stopped producing this
particular design.

I guess I'm just one of those people who never get sick and tired of
the things I enjoy.

Like Paleo Chicken Burger @ Awesome Canteen, Double Cheeseburgers @ McD's,
Brinjals, Rojak Pasembor, Tau Fu Fah, Cendol, Same ol' black tees that I wear to
work, good Chap Fun, jogging alone in the dark, playing Magic The Gathering
against myself, building decks, watching Beyblades knock into one another
until they stop spinning.

And boy, aren't I glad I found these shoes.

Repetition doesn't scare me for some reason.
I donno. I guess repeating things I enjoy is what
I really consider as my kinda fun.

Well, I did mention before that I was the kinda guy who never gets
bored easily with anything.

Life changes all the time. Me?
Well, I still love my shoes.
These shoes.

and Up we go...

And nothing's ever gonna change that fact.

Thanks Power. I'll keep buying this design for as long as you've got this
particular design available.

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Surat Pelepasan Hutang

It's official.

in my e-mail




Don't have to worry about PTPTN anymore.

To those of you who managed to pay off with
20% discount, please make sure you call PTPTN
periodically until you get the release note.

I waited 3 weeks+, and it finally came. 

... after I made a complaint.
...at the helpline.

Your fight is only truly over after you receive the e-mail.

don't get comfortable with something like this. Chase after your debt release letter.

So don't stop. And after you receive the email,
check your account one last time.

Make sure there's no outstanding amount.

Aight. Have a nice PTPTN-free day!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

How to Get PTPTN 20% Discount

Yes. I'm finally cut loose from PTPTN. (Saved a lot of money too!)

And I know many of you out there are just itching to pay it off ASAP too.

So y'all have another... [no more time left actually. Pray for the next one]

I suggest you do so soon if you haven't already, and have the means to do so.

Really, you can decide to delay repayment as much as you want in hopes
that maybe some time in the future, you'll get another discount.

Just know that's a risk that there won't be any discounts (in fact, there might
be premium increments too) if you don't take advantage of the opportunity now.

And I was recently kinda extorted from PTPTN RM4k with a court order
and an RM120/month commitment out of the blue; in which failure to remit
payment will result in blacklisting (Peminjam Ingkar), a fine, lock up or
any combination of the three in one instance.

I finished studies in 2013. 2 years later, got bombed. *shrugs*

So if you're gonna delay, I hope you think twice after reading this.

For those of you who just want to settle this entire thing, here are the steps:

No. 1 - Acquiring your Payment Confirmation Slip

To know how much you need to pay for real, you first need to get this:
Note the part bordered in red? That's your official repayment amount.

So to acquire this Payment Confirmation Slip, you need to do the following:
a. Go to anjung and look for Borang Permohonan Baki (Individu)
**links provided just in case you feel extra lazy.


b.Fill up the form and hit the SIMPAN button at the bottom.

If everything goes well, you should get this:

Upon receiving this, please c. print and d. sign it e.fax to the number in the letter.

After that, you should receive your Payment Confirmation Slip within
7 working days. I received mine a day later, so I guess I was lucky.

Any period before 2pm is considered early for faxing and should have a
high possibility of being looked through on the same day itself.

Ok, now that all your official paperwork is done, please print the
Payment Confirmation Slip to be brought to the PTPTN office
(I'll give simple directions with pictures later).

Again, your final amount payable should be the one in the red border:

Note the part bordered in red? That's your official repayment amount.

No. 2 - Paying Up The Loan

Ok. There's FPX and whatever nonsense. Just don't bother. Do it face to face.

So there's only one other option: Bank draft.

Why not cash? You mean why not get robbed in broad daylight right?
Unless if you're as badass as Blade, I'd strongly suggest you not to bring
cold hard cash.

Blade is badass.

I tell you this because everything else will take about another 7 working days
(or longer) to process (cash alone). Trust me, you're pressed on time.

Just don't bother. I don't even want to bother knowing if you're still entitled to
the discount when you pay on the 31st of March itself. (let alone a week
before 31st.) It's not worth the risk. 

Look, I know you may have Malaysian blood coursing through your veins; but 
fuck Malaysian timing for once ok? 

For yourself. For your future. For your wallet.

So go to any bank that you already have an account with, ask the receptionist
that you want/need to purchase a bank draft (RM5.50 - RM10, depending on
bank. Maybank was RM5.50)

You'd need to queue for any sort of business at all in a bank. So don't go too late,
and don't go during lunchtime. Be savvy about it. And please note most banks
close around 4pm. So go before then.

For the draft, you can either pay cash through the counter to be put into the draft,
or you can just directly debit from your savings account. I debited by the way.

But if you're getting someone to transfer funds for you from his/her account,
(most likely parents) tell them to change the Transaction Limit in the online
account before transferring. Funds should normally be transferred within the
same day, but can take up to 3 days.

If he or she doesn't know how to change the Transaction Limit, then multiple
transactions are necessary to get the full amount, which will also stretch your
repayment time.

Or you can also get him or her to issue a bank draft from his or her account
directly too.

For the payee detail, PTPTN doesn't need an account number apparently.

So just write in


in the Penerima/Recipient box.

Getting the bank draft can be as swift as 15 minutes or a dreadful hour long wait.
So do what you need to do in order to avoid the shitstorms.

No. 3 - Getting to the PTPTN building.

Perbadanan Tabung Pendidikan Tinggi Nasional
Lot G2, Tingkat Bawah, Wisma Chase Perdana
Off Jalan Semantan, Damansara Heights
50490 Kuala Lumpur

(u.p: Unit terimaan)


Now, with the hard copy of your Payment Confirmation Slip and your
Bank Draft ready at hand, you're now ready to walk into the PTPTN
building and settle the payment like a boss.

To cut thing's really short, it's just right after Help University College
in Jalan Semantan/Bangsar/Off Jalan Maarof. Fastest way to get here is
to take Sprint from Damansara Jaya. Keep going after Eastin, staying to
your left. Go over the underpass and turn right into Help.

If you see a turn that says Jalan Dungun, fuck that and move to the other one.
You'll see a left turn before the underpass. Yes. Turn left there.

It should say Pintu Alternatif ke Istana Negara or whatever.

If you went to the right place, you'll see CIMB, Subway and O'Brien's on the
other side (your left side)

If you're on the wrong lane, you'll see many chicks wearing shorts that could
very well pass as their undies and guys who.. uh. Always wear t-shirts.

They put on cool shoes though. Kinda hard to miss HELP students when you
spot them.

And God Bless you. You'll be stuck in a one way street and you'll have to loop back
from Jalan Pudu/Bukit Damansara/Bangsar or something. Haha.*thumbs up*

CIMB/Subway building before Wisma Chase Perdana.

Keep going down until you see Wisma Chase Perdana on your left. There 
should be a big signage saying Koperasi or something on the building. 

Either way, the entrance into the carpark looks something like this:

After you park, there's apparently no lift or staircase going up. (at least for me)
So don't waste time and just walk back up where you came in.
The PTPTN office is in the Left Wing. (from the entrance when you come in)

You'll see Secret Recipe at the front entrance if you're walking into
the correct building.

Then once you walk in, look to the left of the Reception Desk and...


Proceed to the Karma Terminal and hit Pembayaran. You'll get a number.

So terminally ill.

Wait for your turn, ready your IC, Payment Confirmation Slip and your Bank Draft.
Produce them to the attendant at the counter and she'll ask you to fill in one more form,
do thumb print scan etc.

Once you're done, she'll ask you to wait to be called over to counter 13 or 14.

Counter 13 or 14. 

So once the processing is done, you'll be called. Make your payment via bank
draft at counter 13 or 14, get the receipt, and go back to the same attendant
who attended to you earlier with your documents.

She'll get you to sign a few more things, declare that you're off debt, and inform
you that your Debt Release Letter (Surat Pelepasan Hutang) will be e-mailed/
mailed to you within 7 working days.

**Please do note that the longer you decide to delay this repayment, the longer the queue will be 
in direct link to how close it is to the final day of repayment. We live in Malaysia after all. 

Who knows, we early birds might be even pissed (very) by the government if they suddenly 
announce for an extension for repayment.

Done! Sit back, relax and go on with your life while you wait for the letter.
(Be very vigilant about it. Make sure you get it. I actually wanted to wait to
get the letter before I post this, but if it really took 7 days to process, gosh. 
You guys might as well don't stumble upon this post at all)

Secret Recipe's just outside. Celebrate with a slice of cake or something.
Apparently cakes are 50% off from 3pm - 6pm with a purchase of a cup
of coffee or tea. *shrugs*

A 50+ years old makcik at Secret Recipe did this man. I'm ashamed of any
young individual who tries producing coffee art and gives up before
getting any results.

If makcik can do it, it's highly likely you a lot of people can too. 

Aight. Godspeed on clearing your debt.

Hope this helps.

[Edit 27/03/2015]

PTPTN will now be open till 8pm on weekdays and 9pm on 
weekends to enable the majority of the public to pay after 
regular office hours.

Expect it to be very crammy and jam-packed.

My Debt Relase Letter is delayed. I should be receiving it after 
another 7 days apparently. I guess this is understandable with the 
amount of work they are put through this entire week.

Everybody at PTPTN will be a little cranky because they are all 
doing a overtime. So while you attempt to pay off your loan, I'll 
encourage you to stay calm and respect them for trying to do their 
job for you.

But I'm sure there won't be a problem with this part; since most 
of the employees at PTPTN Jalan Semantan are actually quite friendly.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Simple Pleasures - Having Enough; Again.

This year... started a little awkward for me.

From my motorcycle being stolen at Paradigm 6 days after its
road tax and insurance expire, to my PTPTN bomb not too long
after, it's kinda funny how life still goes on as usual.

So.. my new motorcycle was around RM4k. Then this. Haha.
I heard for as long as you pay RM50 every month, they won't
even bother doing anything to you.

I mean, things are shit right now; no doubt about it.

Savings all disintegrated to next to none.

But by some small miracle, despite a loan in advance from my
company; I still somehow have enough.

Ugh, I don't think I'm even gonna get any salary next month after deduction.

It may, or may not have something to do with CNY. But I did
deal with this issue before CNY decided to drop into the scene.

I mean... life does suck at the moment. But I still have a 3DS, a room
that gets exceedingly comfier the more exhausted I am, a stable job and..



I kinda bought it on the way from getting groceries at Aeon earlier, and
then I rode through a storm, and.. the pizza kinda got soggy. (my clothes
had it worst of course.)

I was pissed at the weather then, but the pizza was still good despite being
a little.. uh.. wet. So. Yeah. I mean, it did cost me thirteen bucks.

Funny how my colleague just waltzed into the back kitchen where I was
eating hungrily and just decided to comment,

Oh, no wonder you suddenly disappear la. I thought what.

Well.. yeah, it's still pizza. Dropped it a few times on the way, then the storm. 
*Shrugs* *munch munch munch*

Aww, that sucks. But hey, look at you, you make your own luck!

Lets just say the smirk on my face has yet to disappear, even till this very moment.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Have You Renewed Your Road Tax/Insurance?


Happy New Year.


Gosh, 2015. Hi.

So. Have you renewed your road tax and insurance yet?

If you haven't, just check your validity. If it's expired...
Just go renew immediately.

If it isn't... take note of when you need to renew.

Who knows. Maybe one day, you'd just drive to Paradigm, go up to
Daiso to grab a couple of timers, come back down 15 minutes later
only to find your vehicle nowhere in sight.

Oh, the splendor.

No CCTV, just one type of lock, why not just steal right?

Actually, what irked me the most was not because the fact the my vehicle
was missing, but with the amount of security personnel and CCTV signs
everywhere, they could have at least caught a glimpse of something. Right?

What made it worse was the response I got from people.
Question 1
So, did you lock your bike?

Question 2
So, did you lock your bike?

Question 3
So, did you locks your bike?

Suffice to say my dad was the 7th 8th person to ask me that spastic question.
I exploded at long last. I must admit that it coming from my dad made the
eruption come a hell lot earlier.

Sorry dad.

You guys always told me to contain my anger, but just this once,
I feel like I have every right to remain angry, dontcha think?

It's probably never gonna be found. But hey, it's W9512M red Honda EX5 with a dented
metal basket on the front, a plastic one in the middle and a regular Givi carrier box at the
back of it. Call me? 010-252 3451.

So anyways, by then, a police report will be worthless.

And sure, you can cry and wallow yourself in deep misery. But seriously though,
all you're doing is wasting all those precious resources at your disposal.

Might as well just keep working.

So yeah, stay insured. 

I'm not sure how you'd be as punctual as you'd be without taking
care of extra safety (like 7 locks).

But oh well, I've got so many things stolen from me already.
I'm not sure what I should care about anymore.


Hm. Should I be care?

Oh, who cares, I'm not a pharmacy.

Life is wonderful indeed.

*thumbs up*