Thursday, January 29, 2015

Have You Renewed Your Road Tax/Insurance?


Happy New Year.


Gosh, 2015. Hi.

So. Have you renewed your road tax and insurance yet?

If you haven't, just check your validity. If it's expired...
Just go renew immediately.

If it isn't... take note of when you need to renew.

Who knows. Maybe one day, you'd just drive to Paradigm, go up to
Daiso to grab a couple of timers, come back down 15 minutes later
only to find your vehicle nowhere in sight.

Oh, the splendor.

No CCTV, just one type of lock, why not just steal right?

Actually, what irked me the most was not because the fact the my vehicle
was missing, but with the amount of security personnel and CCTV signs
everywhere, they could have at least caught a glimpse of something. Right?

What made it worse was the response I got from people.
Question 1
So, did you lock your bike?

Question 2
So, did you lock your bike?

Question 3
So, did you locks your bike?

Suffice to say my dad was the 7th 8th person to ask me that spastic question.
I exploded at long last. I must admit that it coming from my dad made the
eruption come a hell lot earlier.

Sorry dad.

You guys always told me to contain my anger, but just this once,
I feel like I have every right to remain angry, dontcha think?

It's probably never gonna be found. But hey, it's W9512M red Honda EX5 with a dented
metal basket on the front, a plastic one in the middle and a regular Givi carrier box at the
back of it. Call me? 010-252 3451.

So anyways, by then, a police report will be worthless.

And sure, you can cry and wallow yourself in deep misery. But seriously though,
all you're doing is wasting all those precious resources at your disposal.

Might as well just keep working.

So yeah, stay insured. 

I'm not sure how you'd be as punctual as you'd be without taking
care of extra safety (like 7 locks).

But oh well, I've got so many things stolen from me already.
I'm not sure what I should care about anymore.


Hm. Should I be care?

Oh, who cares, I'm not a pharmacy.

Life is wonderful indeed.

*thumbs up*

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Happy walker said...

harlos, happy new year, i dun have car so no road tax lol~

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