Friday, June 05, 2015


It's funny how it feels like my shoes are actually depicting my current life.

Well, I do have the exact same spare pair.

Just not that ready to change into them yet.

I guess you could say I love these shoes too much to change into a new
same ones. I mean, they are gonna be the same friggin' shoes.

But they aren't gonna be these shoes.

I mean, I've bought many different shoes before, just waiting for me to find
the right one to continuously buy. The right shoes to fall in love with.

And call me lucky, I've found them. These. Particular. Pair.

I think I'm gonna call Power to see if I could privately get them to tailor
and manufacture these just for me exclusively.

Because I have a feeling they have already stopped producing this
particular design.

I guess I'm just one of those people who never get sick and tired of
the things I enjoy.

Like Paleo Chicken Burger @ Awesome Canteen, Double Cheeseburgers @ McD's,
Brinjals, Rojak Pasembor, Tau Fu Fah, Cendol, Same ol' black tees that I wear to
work, good Chap Fun, jogging alone in the dark, playing Magic The Gathering
against myself, building decks, watching Beyblades knock into one another
until they stop spinning.

And boy, aren't I glad I found these shoes.

Repetition doesn't scare me for some reason.
I donno. I guess repeating things I enjoy is what
I really consider as my kinda fun.

Well, I did mention before that I was the kinda guy who never gets
bored easily with anything.

Life changes all the time. Me?
Well, I still love my shoes.
These shoes.

and Up we go...

And nothing's ever gonna change that fact.

Thanks Power. I'll keep buying this design for as long as you've got this
particular design available.

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