Sunday, October 23, 2016

Dear 20 Years Old Osla

You might have been a total dork, and you were so honest to the point of being inappropriate.

But you've got good eyes for good ear pumps.

These pair of black dipshits definitely wasn't for you at your age. They sucked elephant dick.

They made you ears hurt, they always come off your friggin' ears while you jog and made you feel like less of a human piece of shit.

So you stowed it away in a crappy synthetic casing that the same black dipshits came with. The casing was FREE naturally.

You knew it was crappy because... it kinda decomposed. Well, now at least. You didn't actually know it was that crappy then. In fact, it looked cool back then. Now it's probably more dead frozen than anything.

And the black dipshits - the rubber started gooing up too. It was disgusting; dipshit. Apt term ain't it.

But i looked past it as how i did when my McNugget falls to the floor and i immediately pick it up and pop it happily in my mouth regardless

Lets just say the sounded tasted like McNuggets - which was pretty damned good considering that it was in a pretty shit of a case.

Now, i enjoy them very well while i'm on the bike. They are the only pair that doesn't protrude like some kind of sick freak of nature and don't fall off my quirky ears while the helmet is on.

Sure - it doesn't come with a microphone. Who knew it was necessary, considering i have pretty narrow attention span today.

So thank you you 20 year old idiot. You might not have used your brains correctly, and you probably didn't really think that far ahead.

But you didn't throw them away. As disphit as they were back then, i've tried a few other ear pumps - they don't make them the same anymore.

Best part of all, i didn't know i could hear my heartbeat so well when everything fell silent with the dipshits on!

Thanks man. You're the best.
25 years old Osla

P/S : Sonicgear makes some pretty good dipshits of ear pumps.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Bayar Saman PDRM - Paying PDRM Summons

Uh. This isn't exactly the kinds saman I had in mind,
but hey, thanks anyways Google.

I mean, I laughed.

That counts for something, right?

Sorry, if you're just looking to pay the saman, please
ctrl + f  samansamansaman. I have a tendency to get
verbose - so... yeah.

Anyways, so I got into this mess because I parked my
motorcycle outside of Pavillion this one time for an
entire night, and well - I found this cute little ticket
lying on my motorcycle basket.

It's unfortunate that I got one, but I guess I was lucky;
considering that it never rained for the entire duration
while I was out enjoying movies and.. yeah, it never
even flew off when the winds were pretty strong.

I don't even want to think about tracing back the saman
just to pay it off. That'd be even more agonizing.


So here are some things you should know about
PDRM saman's.

1. No discounts. nada. Sorry, if you want discounts,
go bark up MBPJ's saman. Not PDRM.

2. You don't have to pay them at the only Balai Polis Trafik
at KL.

Seriously, you don't have to.

But, if you still wish to do so, please forgive Malaysia
for being exceptionally confusing since you need to
pay at Balai Polis Trafik Kuala Lumpur which is
at Jalan Tun H.S. Lee, not at Balai Polis Tun H.S. Lee
which is at Jalan Loke Yew.

They are 2 different places - and yes, I went to both,
so I know for a fact. You can go ahead and make
the same mistake I did for the sake of adventure though.

3. Uh.. pay them at a the post office or something. That's
a lot faster.

4. You can pay online too! Please login to MyEg. I really
still have no idea how you can register an account with that
confusing website. So if you already have an account, don't
sweat it, just pay online man!

5. Check the myeg website regularly. Sometimes they have
some promotions for saman's and kompaun's. And that's
pretty much the only way you can pay less for the saman.

6. Sorry, there really is nothing else. Just pay it.

Well, hope this information helps someone. Even if it's just
a little bit.


7. To motorcyclist who go to KL -

Just park your motorcycle somewhere legit. Paying RM3
for parking for 30 days still only costs you RM90.

The saman is RM100. In addition to you have a stupid
record in their system and you having to spend time to
clear the saman. The RM100 is money - we can always
make more money. Time - that's something we cannot
afford to waste.

So I won't tell you to not park where you're already parking.
If you've got sweet spots that you know that are off the PDRM
radar, and you donwanna share, that's completely alright man.

You found it, you keep it.

But for those of you out there who don't, then you do the math,
weigh your risk and decide whether it's worth the RM100.


Saturday, September 10, 2016

Stuck, Not Even In The Middle

Middle finger maybe. Ever heard of the 7 Up joke?

Anyways, I'm at this point in my life where I'm 
finally free from debts, and I can basically do 
whatever the hell I wanna do.

That is - until I realized that doing whatever I 
wanna do isn't as easy as it may sound.

Freedom of choice is supposed to excite you.

...I think.

But for some reason, all I ever feel is this weight.
This burden of responsibility for pretty much 

Any choice I make, there's a cost to it.

And I guess you could say that the only reason
why I can feel the weight so well is because 
the costs are just so painfully obvious to me.

When I know I cannot justify the dilemma that
will come when I do it, I know it's a bad decision.

I know.

And that's the hard part. Knowing how bad I
want something but I have to keep holding myself
back from pursuing it.

It could be as simple as buying an FZ150-i, plans
on renting a room, whether I should get a car and
whether I should go after that someone who makes
my heart ache for the dumbest reasons.

And I've made my own share of bad decisions.
Following your instincts isn't always a free ride
after all.

Actually, it's never been a free ride.

I'm not even certain if I'm actually getting wiser
or more scatterbrained by the by. Because it
always seems like I'm trying to be "mature."

But if in the end of the day, nothing gets done,
and I'm still stuck in the same spot, then it
probably isn't "mature" don'tcha think?

What's worse anyways?

Making more bad choices that could be good
choices, or staying in the exact same spot embraced
in the comforts of my own bubble waiting for death
to take me?

Maybe it's just a matter of time when the answer
becomes obvious to me - that I should just run
down that fucking hill and do it anyways. That
it's tons better than being stuck in the same
damned spot.


What if it isn't?

Until then, well, at least these thoughts are out there.

Some part of me yearns to go back to those days
where I actually posted more, if not once every...
I donno. 6 months?

Fuck, it's really already been 6 months since my last post.

Maybe I can and I know how. It's just that time
is such a fickle commodity now. I spend my time
with this and that, and the next thing I know, I'll
need to get some sleep - and then it's tomorrow.

I have to balance my time between doing things
that keep me positive, and actually like working
to figure out finances and how I'm actually
getting out of the rat race along with all other
things life will throw in my face against what I 
really want to do.

And the cycle repeats over and over to the point
where I know 365 days a year is a pretty short
span of time.

It's not like I have infinite brainpower and
inexhaustible body energy. Few people can 
operate like Eddie Morra.

After he's found the drug by the way.

How much time do I have left I wonder?
How much more opportunities will I miss?

I wouldn't know that of course, since I'm no
psychic, and I haven't tried enough.

But I do know this one thing though;
I'm sick of having nothing to post about.

I can't post about work because it's... work.

I can't post about other ordinary people because
it's... invasive.

I can't post about my most honest thoughts
because my thoughts can sometimes piss the
living shit out of people (and myself).

I can however, post about ambiguous
things that will always just remain ambiguous.
And that's that.

Misteri Nusantara. Boo-hoo.

Really though. What's the point anyways?


Maybe there's fun in that which I fail to see.

I guess I'll just have to make do with being 
ambiguous until I earn my right to be open.
Whenever that may be.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

A 3.142 Thing

Just a few days back, I was at A Pie Thing.

I ordered Thai Green Curry Chicken and Cheesy Chicken
with the usual Mashinator set.

Man, feels good to have good pie once in a while.

Alternatively, if you want to savour something cheaper,
go visit La Manila at Taman Megah haha. Their gravy
is awesome, and you get it for under RM12.

For those who know Bake With Yen KJ, Sunlik and
Ming Tien food court, shouldn't be hard for you to find.

Anyways, as I was eating, I found myself repetitively 
Soundhounding the songs in A Pie Thing's playlist 
because some of their songs were pretty interesting.

Yeah. Interesting enough that I wanted to Soundhound
out of curiosity. But not add into my playlist immediately.

And then...


it hit this one particular song that made me go,
Shit I need this in my playlist!

I got the song and I've been in love with it ever since.

In fact, I loved it so much, I went to do more digging
into the artists because there was one really cute girl 
on the album cover the people looked completely Asian
on the album cover, which didn't make sense, because
I immediately felt like it was some kinda Irish Indie Pop
or something.

I donno, sometimes album covers are jokes and they don't
put pictures of the real people in the band. 

But yes, they are all Chinese, and they are from Singapore.
And.. yes. Their English is on par with international standards.
In their singing in the very least.
Yay. Pretty girl.

So regardless, I believe that good music is meant to be shared
around, so here's the link to All Time High again in case if you
missed it earlier.

And do check out their other music as well.

I remember Take Love.

There were some other music videos and covers as well,
but I didn't bother looking them up yet.

After all, I did Spotify them, not Youtube them. So the
exploration experience has significantly changed haha.


Thursday, March 03, 2016


A Chiu Film

[Backdated post 01-03-2016, Tuesday]

So... today started out pretty normal. I finished my work, went
back home to have dinner, and I was on DIVA with an episode
of The Good Wife showing.

I finished my fried rice, the episode ended, and then there was
that advertisement again about Ola Bola.


I've been meaning to watch it forever. But somehow I ended
up watching Deadpool first. Peer pressure perhaps? Hmm.

*don't get me wrong though. Deadpool was awesome. I'll post another
one just for Deadpool hehe.

So anyways, I looked at the time.

10.28pm or something.

Googled up the showtime at GSC Paradigm.

Today's showtime

10.30pm 12am

Oh shit! (The good kind, I assure you. Like rainbow shit.)

Haha, rainbow poop cookies! There's an image for everything these days.

So, after some rough calculations, I decided that I could
make it for that 10.30pm show and I found myself literally
darting out of my house on my bike, and the next thing I know,
I was already in the semi-closing Paradigm complex sprinting
from the entrance cinema only to be blocked by one pesky red
line at the final escalator.

Ye. It's called a stanchion btw.
I googled velvet rope dividers. 

... I observed the security guards, and they weren't really
looking, so I kinda just silently slid myself through the red
line and went to the counter.


Then I idiotically followed the empty queue line like a
sore dumbfuck and this girl just overtook me by walking
straight to the counter.

I was like. Owh. Yeah.

I blame high school, but lets leave that for another time.

So... I walked up to the counter, and... 2 tickets came out?
The cashier was like


And I kinda just waved back at him


while shaking my head profusely until the girl finally
realized she paid for her tickets and forgot to... uh...
take them along?

Of course she took the tickets.


Anyways, yeah, my turn.

Hi! Is the ticket for Ola Bola 10.30pm still available?

Looks at time. 10.39pm. Nice. Advertisements should still
be running right now.


H8 please! (Yessss, empty row aalllllllll to myself!)


Ah, consistent unbiased service. Good job bro.


Went in. The last ad was showing. The Dolby Surround
Sound ad. That's usually one of the last ads before they
start movies anyways.

Gets on seat. Movie starts about 5 seconds later.



Watched it till the end of all the credits.

I must say that all the excitement I felt on the way to show
was well justified at the end of it. I actually felt that way in
the first 15 minutes of the show. But to maintain that thought
throughout the entire 150 minutes of screentime?

Wow. I mean, for a Malaysian show.

What are the odds right?

I donno. I watched Ip Man 3. I cried a lot.

I watched Ola Bola. I cried about as much.

Yeah, it's not kung-fu. You don't whack the shit out of people
and still have life remind you that you're a worthless meatbag
and all you're ever good for is giving a good ass-whoopin' if
not for your tight moral codes.

Real tight.

But here... You whack the shit out of balls.
And you whack the shit out of yourself.
And you whack the shit out of circumstances.

Well, it's not kung-fu. But its an everyday human struggle
for us Malaysians no?

I like how all the stories I've heard from my makciks,
ah sohs, ahnays, uncles, atuks and members kinda
converge in this movie.

The old Malaysian life; the rubbertapping,
the coconut plantations, the sewing factory.

A piece of evidence that the true Malaysian struggle
was real back in the day. Things like working 3-4 jobs
to make a living, giving up dreams to support your family,
having family treat you like shit because they don't understand
the shit you're going through for the dreams you are chasing after.

And also some finer things, like true racial harmony, nasi lemak
sembang sessions, combined tv sessions,

The honorary mentions of cinapu, ah cheng, thambi and
malay slangs.

Oh, they didn't forget to included banana too!

Anyways, it's really nice to see it on screen, with believable,
decent acting by all the cast for a change.

I mean, I grew up with TV3, RTM 1 and 2 and...

...Ah whatever.

I just can't help but laugh scorn at a lot of their trashy acting
that at the end of the day, even if they were trying to evoke
a core moral value from their already equally dumb scripwriting,
we can't feel the impact at all because the acting quality is so
damned poor.

I might as well go watch Senario. They served as a base for my
already poor sense of humour since childhood anyways.

But I do have one drama exception. Look up Gemilang?

So TLDR; I like Ola Bola. And I honestly don't mind
re-watching it again and again with people who actually
appreciate films like this.

I also foresee that it'll become a regular staple in our local
Merdeka movie selections on local channels.

But you don't want to watch them on local channels. Trust
me, the ads in between will kill all the momentum of the story.

Especially the Yuusof Taiyo- Ah FUCK! I still remember.

It's always a fun trivia to know that Malaysia is home to the
concept of

"the advertisement is so bad, 
it works because people can't 
forget how bad it is"

Yeap. Can't really blame people for wanting to leave the country
sometimes. Of course, for most people, shit like bad ads are the
least of their concerns. I mean, there's people like me and I grew
up with Senario.

I mean, who'd have thought the Ola Bola would garner enough
attention to warrant a lawsuit, right?

I donno lah, but clearly some people haven't been reading the
disclaimers properly.

Things like, based on real events and resemblances are purely 
coincidental as story is fictional.

Maybe they read the first one, and didn't read the rest.

Oh well, most people only have an attention span of only 3
mere seconds to digest information.

Which'd technically mean that you guys didn't actually
bother to read all the way to the end right? HA!

...But if you did, okay, I'll end with some music.

Ye. Bye.

Sunday, January 03, 2016

Breaking the silence

Because silence is golden.


I've been gone forever.

Well, it's not without good reason; that much I know.

This year was just a series of bad coming one after another,
and I'm kinda glad that it was a good enough year for me
to take in all these bad and not explode into pieces.

I guess it's not yet my Final Destination or something.

For those who haven't seen me in any outlets lately, it's only
because I've been transferred to HQ, and my job scope
has evolved from just outlet supervising to something far
beyond what I thought I'd be doing.

Oh, a quick update on the list of outlets Inside Scoop
has now though:
1. Bangsar (Same row with Dip'n Dip)
2. DJ (Same row with Jin Xuan dimsum)
3. USJ Subang (next to Nando's USJ)
4. Taman Segar, Cheras (...around Leisure Mall)
5. Kota Kemuning (Next to Muhd. Chan, after
6. Jonker Street, Melaka
7. Sri Petaling (3 Little Birds serving coffee here.
    Opposite Coffea Coffee Jalan Radin)

But who am I kidding, you can Waze them all already.
Just search [Inside Scoop] haha.

Anyways, back to something far beyond what I thought I'd
be doing:

To be honest, I'm struggling a lot with day-to-day things
since I miss details on a regular basis. Attention to detail
can sometimes be very easy to screw up when there's too
many things on my plate.

But that issue has been sorted (sorta). I will quote my boss's words
on this one:

Pick 3 things to do today, and focus on
finishing them all. Once you're done,
ask me if you need more work.

And... yeah. That's exactly what I do know.

I usually do a lot more though, unless if all those 3 things take up
a lot of my time in general.

Good news is, I screw up less now.

Bad new is:
Till today, I still can't guarantee that I won't screw anything up
again in the future. But I do know with each mistake I make,
I make those mistakes less frequently; if I make them at all.

And in the unfortunate event where I do make them, I do know
how to tackle them effectively without causing more collateral
damage to the people around me.

In the event where I can't solve them, I'd have to suck it up and
ask someone for help. Because it's honestly not worth the trouble
to create a fuck-ception (a fuck up within a fuck's up fuck up)
from one screw up. I'd rather face the fire than get my entire team
in trouble for a mistake they could solve much faster and better
together than I could ever do alone.

I guess those lessons are the ones I learn on a daily basis. That
every repetitive screw up I make makes me feel more and
more silly with myself - and I'd dig my hardest to stop being silly,
even if there is no answer at the end of the digging.

What else can I say? Stress.

But I must say it's a good kind though. Stress not worth going
through is the kinda stress that doesn't make you into a better
person. If it does, then I'd always look at that as good stress/
healthy stress. Whatever you guys call it.

So, why the silence?
Err.. Because I have nothing else better to say?
Because I've been busy.

With not just work, but like actually living kinda busy.
I do have a 3DS after all. My friend code is 5301-1291-3900.

After really going through what a real busy life is like, I just found no
need to keep telling the world what I'm doing. I mean, it's nice to update
regularly, but hey, why waste time updating all the time when you can
focus on things that make you happier and more alive, right?

Like. Playing Pokemon XJogging.

Lately silly things like missing 500m
to rounding up to the next km has been
happening a lot. Ugh.

And as you can see, sometimes jogging can take out
quite an amount of my time. I'm targeting 20km for my
next long run anyways. Donno when is that happening.

But I've ran for 2 hours before. They never had apps like
Sports Tracker then, let alone a smartphone. So I don't
think I'll ever know.

Well... unless if I go do that exact same route again. that's an idea.

Some time this year, I've decided that to not jog, is to betray myself.
Maybe I've always felt this way, only this time, I'm actually owning
up to the words and actually taking action on it.

I've always felt most alive when I'm just on my two feet, pacing
past pavements after pavements on and endless trip to nowhere
like a game character, gritting the pain from my cramps, listening to
my heart pounding like a mad drum until all the pain is no more
and all there is left was the pure solid will of how far I wanna go.

I'd say it felt almost like riding a paraglider - since that's kinda my
only experience with actually flying; aside from falling off from bikes
and stuff.

So yes, I'm gonna continue jogging for a long time to come, for as
long as my body can handle it.

I never intended this post to be done after New Year, but since it's
the new year, uh, Happy New Year?

But really though, I think I should put out these reminders instead:
- Is your road tax dead? Have you renewed?
- Is your insurance dead as well? Have you renewed?
- How long has it been since you've seen the dentist?
- When was your last medical checkup?
- Have you declared your income tax yet?
- Is your IC expiring soon?
- Is your Credit/Debit card still valid this year?
- Have you started repayment on your loan(s)?
- Are you happy with the way thing are now?

Speaking of loans - Yes. I've finally finished my payment in full.
So technically I'm now financially free.

...Now, to pay for my insurance, family and personal investments.

Well, you're not exactly financially free until you have too much
money to spend with an amount so great, you can quit your job
immediately and even create a Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, but
still have excess to spare till you go to your grave.

And probably get married and have a baby in the process.
And really just focus on non-financial stresses really.

Time to really plan where my life pans out from here.
Healthy stress is always good to have methinks.

Aights, till my next post. Whenever that will be.