Sunday, January 03, 2016

Breaking the silence

Because silence is golden.


I've been gone forever.

Well, it's not without good reason; that much I know.

This year was just a series of bad coming one after another,
and I'm kinda glad that it was a good enough year for me
to take in all these bad and not explode into pieces.

I guess it's not yet my Final Destination or something.

For those who haven't seen me in any outlets lately, it's only
because I've been transferred to HQ, and my job scope
has evolved from just outlet supervising to something far
beyond what I thought I'd be doing.

Oh, a quick update on the list of outlets Inside Scoop
has now though:
1. Bangsar (Same row with Dip'n Dip)
2. DJ (Same row with Jin Xuan dimsum)
3. USJ Subang (next to Nando's USJ)
4. Taman Segar, Cheras (...around Leisure Mall)
5. Kota Kemuning (Next to Muhd. Chan, after
6. Jonker Street, Melaka
7. Sri Petaling (3 Little Birds serving coffee here.
    Opposite Coffea Coffee Jalan Radin)

But who am I kidding, you can Waze them all already.
Just search [Inside Scoop] haha.

Anyways, back to something far beyond what I thought I'd
be doing:

To be honest, I'm struggling a lot with day-to-day things
since I miss details on a regular basis. Attention to detail
can sometimes be very easy to screw up when there's too
many things on my plate.

But that issue has been sorted (sorta). I will quote my boss's words
on this one:

Pick 3 things to do today, and focus on
finishing them all. Once you're done,
ask me if you need more work.

And... yeah. That's exactly what I do know.

I usually do a lot more though, unless if all those 3 things take up
a lot of my time in general.

Good news is, I screw up less now.

Bad new is:
Till today, I still can't guarantee that I won't screw anything up
again in the future. But I do know with each mistake I make,
I make those mistakes less frequently; if I make them at all.

And in the unfortunate event where I do make them, I do know
how to tackle them effectively without causing more collateral
damage to the people around me.

In the event where I can't solve them, I'd have to suck it up and
ask someone for help. Because it's honestly not worth the trouble
to create a fuck-ception (a fuck up within a fuck's up fuck up)
from one screw up. I'd rather face the fire than get my entire team
in trouble for a mistake they could solve much faster and better
together than I could ever do alone.

I guess those lessons are the ones I learn on a daily basis. That
every repetitive screw up I make makes me feel more and
more silly with myself - and I'd dig my hardest to stop being silly,
even if there is no answer at the end of the digging.

What else can I say? Stress.

But I must say it's a good kind though. Stress not worth going
through is the kinda stress that doesn't make you into a better
person. If it does, then I'd always look at that as good stress/
healthy stress. Whatever you guys call it.

So, why the silence?
Err.. Because I have nothing else better to say?
Because I've been busy.

With not just work, but like actually living kinda busy.
I do have a 3DS after all. My friend code is 5301-1291-3900.

After really going through what a real busy life is like, I just found no
need to keep telling the world what I'm doing. I mean, it's nice to update
regularly, but hey, why waste time updating all the time when you can
focus on things that make you happier and more alive, right?

Like. Playing Pokemon XJogging.

Lately silly things like missing 500m
to rounding up to the next km has been
happening a lot. Ugh.

And as you can see, sometimes jogging can take out
quite an amount of my time. I'm targeting 20km for my
next long run anyways. Donno when is that happening.

But I've ran for 2 hours before. They never had apps like
Sports Tracker then, let alone a smartphone. So I don't
think I'll ever know.

Well... unless if I go do that exact same route again. that's an idea.

Some time this year, I've decided that to not jog, is to betray myself.
Maybe I've always felt this way, only this time, I'm actually owning
up to the words and actually taking action on it.

I've always felt most alive when I'm just on my two feet, pacing
past pavements after pavements on and endless trip to nowhere
like a game character, gritting the pain from my cramps, listening to
my heart pounding like a mad drum until all the pain is no more
and all there is left was the pure solid will of how far I wanna go.

I'd say it felt almost like riding a paraglider - since that's kinda my
only experience with actually flying; aside from falling off from bikes
and stuff.

So yes, I'm gonna continue jogging for a long time to come, for as
long as my body can handle it.

I never intended this post to be done after New Year, but since it's
the new year, uh, Happy New Year?

But really though, I think I should put out these reminders instead:
- Is your road tax dead? Have you renewed?
- Is your insurance dead as well? Have you renewed?
- How long has it been since you've seen the dentist?
- When was your last medical checkup?
- Have you declared your income tax yet?
- Is your IC expiring soon?
- Is your Credit/Debit card still valid this year?
- Have you started repayment on your loan(s)?
- Are you happy with the way thing are now?

Speaking of loans - Yes. I've finally finished my payment in full.
So technically I'm now financially free.

...Now, to pay for my insurance, family and personal investments.

Well, you're not exactly financially free until you have too much
money to spend with an amount so great, you can quit your job
immediately and even create a Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, but
still have excess to spare till you go to your grave.

And probably get married and have a baby in the process.
And really just focus on non-financial stresses really.

Time to really plan where my life pans out from here.
Healthy stress is always good to have methinks.

Aights, till my next post. Whenever that will be.