Tuesday, March 15, 2016

A 3.142 Thing

Just a few days back, I was at A Pie Thing.

I ordered Thai Green Curry Chicken and Cheesy Chicken
with the usual Mashinator set.

Man, feels good to have good pie once in a while.

Alternatively, if you want to savour something cheaper,
go visit La Manila at Taman Megah haha. Their gravy
is awesome, and you get it for under RM12.

For those who know Bake With Yen KJ, Sunlik and
Ming Tien food court, shouldn't be hard for you to find.

Anyways, as I was eating, I found myself repetitively 
Soundhounding the songs in A Pie Thing's playlist 
because some of their songs were pretty interesting.

Yeah. Interesting enough that I wanted to Soundhound
out of curiosity. But not add into my playlist immediately.

And then...


it hit this one particular song that made me go,
Shit I need this in my playlist!

I got the song and I've been in love with it ever since.

In fact, I loved it so much, I went to do more digging
into the artists because there was one really cute girl 
on the album cover the people looked completely Asian
on the album cover, which didn't make sense, because
I immediately felt like it was some kinda Irish Indie Pop
or something.

I donno, sometimes album covers are jokes and they don't
put pictures of the real people in the band. 

But yes, they are all Chinese, and they are from Singapore.
And.. yes. Their English is on par with international standards.
In their singing in the very least.
Yay. Pretty girl.

So regardless, I believe that good music is meant to be shared
around, so here's the link to All Time High again in case if you
missed it earlier.

And do check out their other music as well.

I remember Take Love.

There were some other music videos and covers as well,
but I didn't bother looking them up yet.

After all, I did Spotify them, not Youtube them. So the
exploration experience has significantly changed haha.


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