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A Chiu Film

[Backdated post 01-03-2016, Tuesday]

So... today started out pretty normal. I finished my work, went
back home to have dinner, and I was on DIVA with an episode
of The Good Wife showing.

I finished my fried rice, the episode ended, and then there was
that advertisement again about Ola Bola.


I've been meaning to watch it forever. But somehow I ended
up watching Deadpool first. Peer pressure perhaps? Hmm.

*don't get me wrong though. Deadpool was awesome. I'll post another
one just for Deadpool hehe.

So anyways, I looked at the time.

10.28pm or something.

Googled up the showtime at GSC Paradigm.

Today's showtime

10.30pm 12am

Oh shit! (The good kind, I assure you. Like rainbow shit.)

Haha, rainbow poop cookies! There's an image for everything these days.

So, after some rough calculations, I decided that I could
make it for that 10.30pm show and I found myself literally
darting out of my house on my bike, and the next thing I know,
I was already in the semi-closing Paradigm complex sprinting
from the entrance cinema only to be blocked by one pesky red
line at the final escalator.

Ye. It's called a stanchion btw.
I googled velvet rope dividers. 

... I observed the security guards, and they weren't really
looking, so I kinda just silently slid myself through the red
line and went to the counter.


Then I idiotically followed the empty queue line like a
sore dumbfuck and this girl just overtook me by walking
straight to the counter.

I was like. Owh. Yeah.

I blame high school, but lets leave that for another time.

So... I walked up to the counter, and... 2 tickets came out?
The cashier was like


And I kinda just waved back at him


while shaking my head profusely until the girl finally
realized she paid for her tickets and forgot to... uh...
take them along?

Of course she took the tickets.


Anyways, yeah, my turn.

Hi! Is the ticket for Ola Bola 10.30pm still available?

Looks at time. 10.39pm. Nice. Advertisements should still
be running right now.


H8 please! (Yessss, empty row aalllllllll to myself!)


Ah, consistent unbiased service. Good job bro.


Went in. The last ad was showing. The Dolby Surround
Sound ad. That's usually one of the last ads before they
start movies anyways.

Gets on seat. Movie starts about 5 seconds later.



Watched it till the end of all the credits.

I must say that all the excitement I felt on the way to show
was well justified at the end of it. I actually felt that way in
the first 15 minutes of the show. But to maintain that thought
throughout the entire 150 minutes of screentime?

Wow. I mean, for a Malaysian show.

What are the odds right?

I donno. I watched Ip Man 3. I cried a lot.

I watched Ola Bola. I cried about as much.

Yeah, it's not kung-fu. You don't whack the shit out of people
and still have life remind you that you're a worthless meatbag
and all you're ever good for is giving a good ass-whoopin' if
not for your tight moral codes.

Real tight.

But here... You whack the shit out of balls.
And you whack the shit out of yourself.
And you whack the shit out of circumstances.

Well, it's not kung-fu. But its an everyday human struggle
for us Malaysians no?

I like how all the stories I've heard from my makciks,
ah sohs, ahnays, uncles, atuks and members kinda
converge in this movie.

The old Malaysian life; the rubbertapping,
the coconut plantations, the sewing factory.

A piece of evidence that the true Malaysian struggle
was real back in the day. Things like working 3-4 jobs
to make a living, giving up dreams to support your family,
having family treat you like shit because they don't understand
the shit you're going through for the dreams you are chasing after.

And also some finer things, like true racial harmony, nasi lemak
sembang sessions, combined tv sessions,

The honorary mentions of cinapu, ah cheng, thambi and
malay slangs.

Oh, they didn't forget to included banana too!

Anyways, it's really nice to see it on screen, with believable,
decent acting by all the cast for a change.

I mean, I grew up with TV3, RTM 1 and 2 and...

...Ah whatever.

I just can't help but laugh scorn at a lot of their trashy acting
that at the end of the day, even if they were trying to evoke
a core moral value from their already equally dumb scripwriting,
we can't feel the impact at all because the acting quality is so
damned poor.

I might as well go watch Senario. They served as a base for my
already poor sense of humour since childhood anyways.

But I do have one drama exception. Look up Gemilang?

So TLDR; I like Ola Bola. And I honestly don't mind
re-watching it again and again with people who actually
appreciate films like this.

I also foresee that it'll become a regular staple in our local
Merdeka movie selections on local channels.

But you don't want to watch them on local channels. Trust
me, the ads in between will kill all the momentum of the story.

Especially the Yuusof Taiyo- Ah FUCK! I still remember.

It's always a fun trivia to know that Malaysia is home to the
concept of

"the advertisement is so bad, 
it works because people can't 
forget how bad it is"

Yeap. Can't really blame people for wanting to leave the country
sometimes. Of course, for most people, shit like bad ads are the
least of their concerns. I mean, there's people like me and I grew
up with Senario.

I mean, who'd have thought the Ola Bola would garner enough
attention to warrant a lawsuit, right?

I donno lah, but clearly some people haven't been reading the
disclaimers properly.

Things like, based on real events and resemblances are purely 
coincidental as story is fictional.

Maybe they read the first one, and didn't read the rest.

Oh well, most people only have an attention span of only 3
mere seconds to digest information.

Which'd technically mean that you guys didn't actually
bother to read all the way to the end right? HA!

...But if you did, okay, I'll end with some music.

Ye. Bye.

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